Boosted Ebike Made with 3d Printed Parts ! Crazy Fast !

Boosted Ebike Made with 3d Printed Parts ! Crazy Fast !


This bike was a side project I me and my buddy started a long time ago.I did the most part, but he helped me with some details. I had this bike laying around broken for ages until I finally decided to fix it 3 days ago and this is the result.

The bike runs on an 12 Cell Lipo battery pack made from quite old ( around 10 years) lipo batteries . Originally the pack had 15Ah, but from a few tests the batteries have only around 12Ah left. The controller is set to 80Amps continous/110Amps Boost ( using the Boost feature I am explaining in the Video!)

Assuming 85% overall efficiency the peak output of the bike is around 110A*48V*85% = 4500 Watts. The full batteries have 50.4V but drop to around 48 under full load. Because the motor is geared rather high ( topspeed around 53-55km/h with a full battery ) , the full power is only avaliable at high speeds. The craziest experience with this bike is therefore just going uphill, it can climb 15% hills without slowing down below 50.

The bike uses in total around 1kg of black ABS plastic which I am getting from Hobbyking, if its on sale you can get it for under 10€/kg there.


I also got fitting 13,14 and 15 teeth sprockets from the same website.

The gear ratio of the motor is 14/304 (the large 3d printed wheel has 304 teeth)


The Throttle was taken out from one of my older bike projects 😉

Aside from that I used some screws, some bearings . Most of the bike is 3d printed. The rest was made from left over scrap metal.

Open Source Controller Website:

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  1. We’re is Minecraft

  2. why do you pedal? dumb.

  3. Can you share the stl files for the different parts printed?

  4. Would love to get the open source for the different parts to make in 3d printing,…

  5. 13:15 when the airplane takes off

  6. Amazing job bro

  7. That`s one ugly bike!

  8. meanwhile you need an insurence plate for any E bike but he 31€/year and no neccesary street legal license needed not yet at least weehee DIY

  9. Hello, well, I’d like to know which engine you used in your project, thank you.

  10. No idea what a turbo is right? Just tell me what exactly causes this to be a "turbo" bike

  11. In Germany we say: ,,nicht Straßenzugelassen“😂😂

  12. Too much Friction – too much Mechanics!
    My advice… Put Magnets direct to the outer Diameter of the Rim (Both Sides)! and 6 to 9 Coils somewhere on the Frame (also both Sides). No Belt, no Transmission – Nothing but Magnets and Coils. A normal Speedcontroler and Accu should do the Rest.

  13. Terence Gawthorn February 23, 2021 @ 9:38 pm

    I would not ride that bike.

  14. I wish I had the skills to reproduce what you have done, The only thing I would like to see done differently is to have the large plastic gear mounted to the hub in place of the rear brake disk so it is perfectly centered and better balanced and have it clamped to the spokes for stability if needed.
    A normal bike wheel spoke tension is tighter on the chain side because that is where the normal pedal power torque is applied. have you addressed this with this build?

  15. Francisco Tshimanga February 23, 2021 @ 9:41 pm

    How can I get one or order from you?

  16. Du bist Deutsch oder

  17. Wow! With this power unit, you will enter warp drive, without needing crystals of dilitium.

  18. Interesting 🤔👌

  19. Mͯ̈́̀yͪo̳͙ͣD͢ I̵m̸ͩm̮ë̢nş̓ͣs̖̍̽e̻ February 23, 2021 @ 9:44 pm

    You just kill all the Colin Furze’s powered jet vehicles

  20. What about autonomy range. Thanks

  21. Well done !!! the bike is a bit shit but the work is brilliant . Put this on a proper full suspension bike .

  22. Volt??

  23. alter 52 sachen^^

  24. It seems that red rear light is not visible for car drivers

  25. Technically appealing but completely illegal.

  26. the spokes of your rear rim will not last long……instead, fix your rear pulley instead of your disc brake……

  27. Where do you buy 1kg filament for 8 dollars🤔 please let me know🙏🙏 I almost spent 20 dollars per kilo

  28. Modern day 1970s moped

  29. So what’s the actual range with one charge? When going 25-30km/h or top speed?

  30. Please do a burnout

  31. you should film it from a distance so we are able to see the speed better.

  32. E-furwee second channel February 23, 2021 @ 9:58 pm

    How much red stone do I need?

  33. 3d printing..good stuff

  34. Where is minecraft

  35. >turbo
    >electric bike


  36. Sell me that bike please name your price

  37. 😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Great engineering !
    I have a question concerning the 3d printed part holding the bearing of the motor; it seems like it’s printed as one part, but you have a horizontal and vertical lines !
    If it’s in one part, could you share how you did it ? 🙂
    Thank you

  39. heyy its the bruder truck company, when i was younger i was obsessed with the toy trucks that they made.

  40. Круто а файлы, и как делал есть?

  41. I’d like to hear this bike from an observer’s perspective. Should be a cool sounding doppler effect. Amazing work, JL!

  42. Holy Cow! That was bad ass!

  43. Can I get a world download for this?

  44. Really stupid design. Who can’t use a battery and motor to run a bike? You And you’ve fucked up the wheel, because the spokes are no longer free to carry the weight in tension like they are designed to do. Just stupid all over. Have fun, just realize not everyone is a sucker for poor engineering.

  45. das ist doch 100% deutscher dialekt

  46. Motor type?
    6354/ 6374/ 6384 /80100. ?????

  47. LORENZO COLALONGO February 23, 2021 @ 10:22 pm

    Great !

  48. Integration Of Man and Machine February 23, 2021 @ 10:23 pm

    Cool bike, don’t forget to put security equipments on! 👊 Good luck.

  49. Где скачать файлы ищу крепление на двух подвес такого мотора

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