Bosch CX eBike Speed Unlocker Chip 4th Gen Motor 2019 & 2020 Models

Bosch CX eBike Speed Unlocker Chip 4th Gen Motor 2019 & 2020 Models

Learn how to install the Eplus Speed Unlocker Chip In A Bosch Gen 4 Motor

[IMPORTANT] Watch this video [ ] to see how the chip defeats current anti tuning measures, Important for you to know once your bike is chipped.
-Bosch Standard Chip Activation/Programming [ ]
-Bosch Advanced Chip App Install/Bluetooth Connect/Tuning Process
[ ]

-Instruction Manual Available Here :

-Order Your Chip Today :

0:00 Intro
0:17 Tools Required
0:35 Accessing the Motor Plugs
1:45 Installing the chip
4:25 Testing the chip
5:10 Heat Shrinking & Assembling the bike

Readers Comments (13)

  1. Will this chip work for Bosch Center Motor Performance line CX Gen 4?

  2. Any issues, does it bring up fast codes over 500 miles use?

  3. Frankie Hoosier March 18, 2021 @ 11:08 pm

    Unnecessary to remove crank arm.
    Remove the two screws, that鈥檚 it to access wiring.
    I own a Gen4 Bosch and have done it although not with this speed unlocked chip.
    You鈥檙e welcome !

  4. That’s great! Can’t wait

  5. Add silicon glue inside thermoretractable tube to stop water it鈥檚 mandatory for no water problem.

  6. Bike Trails and Wagging Tails March 18, 2021 @ 11:14 pm

    When you’re using the crank arm tool, how long is that bolt that was inserted inside the crank?

  7. This chip will work on a Bosch gen 4 motor for about 30 miles then your bike will go in to limp home mode, it will need to be reset at the dealers and your warranty will be gone .

  8. Maybe want to tell your followers that there warranty on the there bikes is gone when they do this and that they always remove the battery while messing around with the bike. 馃槵

  9. will chip work on Bosch Active line plus 2020

  10. i have just installed this on my Trek rail 9, so far its awesome (100 km), ill post a review after 1000 k/m’s

  11. i cant open the first plug… i am to weak??? or what im doing wrong

  12. I think I’m definitely going to end up getting one, hate hitting the wall at 26ish kph..

  13. hello, it’s now mid 2020 and Bosch just had an update for the CX that upped the torque. Will this affect the way this device works or not. Thanks

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