So as some of you will know I have been using the Bosch 36V 6Ah coolpacks on my high power ebike build for a while now (nearly a year infact) they are still going strong but I wanted to find out if they had lost any capacity considering I have been pushing them to the limit!

Here’s the results!


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  1. Hi Andy. The batteries should always cut off at the same voltage set by the internal BMS. It’s the discharge time that indicates capacity. Keep up the videos – the Airforce One was cool.

  2. Good tune!

  3. ple of points – is the specified capacity rated at 2 amp discharge – might be at a lower figure, you could always repeat for one battery at 1 amp to see if that gets closer to 6ah. My other point is that, given how much these cost, I would not personally want to take them to 3v/cell unless I was monitoring at a cell level. Must admit I was a bit surprised that they had no built-in bms as the £12 5 cell 2am batteries Lidl sell do have this feature – the internal pcb connects to 6 points so each cell is monitored.

  4. I have had 7 batteries gone wrong on my Nano E bike the batteries were all new and failed to charge after being use for one green light discharge, this was the second charging after fitting. all replaced but still doing it. it is a 250 watt motor and used lightly. the batteries have power still got two lights up, but the charger red light comes on without any temperature problems. It has four connections on my 36-volt drill and two for the bike, it must be some sort of balance for output and charge. Anybody got any ideas about it , I have a drill and the battery on that has no problems YET and it has never been near the bike.

  5. does the voltage regulator before the bms help to keep things in shape you do look after batteries as you should so service life should be long lasting as youve kinda proved . i mean if you max settings or go below lowest rated cell draw then trouble so i can see there dam good batteries an yeah bikes fast enough ,, have you still got the samsong 18650,s pak from jimmy was it ..? again nice trustworthy pack pays dividend, Nice one Andy thanx ,, what about 2 motorized husb set might be a tad OTT it would be NUTS in FACT dont try this anyone not advised tangent ,sorry

  6. family Guy and other great animations February 7, 2021 @ 8:43 pm

    The bms would not let it fully charge and fully discharge

  7. Andy, I’ve lost the key for the down tube battery and it’s locked any advice..? Would drilling work without damaging battery cell..? Here is what the battery looks like….

  8. Data sheet on some cells discharge down to 2.8 volt to get the full capacity accurately

  9. hey Andy , So which battery is best

  10. Thanks love it.

  11. Trucker Franglais February 7, 2021 @ 8:59 pm

    Just an idea, would you be able to do a series on an electric scooter, obviously a diy insane version, maybe something a bit like the cityrover s5 but better power/range?

  12. 10% battery loss in a year isnt bad

  13. Warranty and a cool option for those who cant find a full size pack. I bet the drill packs are built for some abuse too.

  14. What’s the top speed and range on the ebike?

  15. Bit of a pain to have to remove the batteries from the bike for charging, I imagine? Hopefully the benefits of having a modular system outweighs the inconvenience. Is it a much more expensive option though? Those batteries (new) are like £140 – £150 each, and the chargers are about £100 each, so your setup there is about £760 – £800. Is that really worth it over a single large 18650 pack plus charger? Not to mention the wiring nightmare… I think I’ll still be making my own pack out of 18650s rather than using these bricks!

  16. Hi Andy, love your videos. Am building my own high power ebike. I’m looking into drill batteries and have seen some 88v 15000mah cordless wrench batteries. This seems too good to be true considering ebike batteries are so expensive. Anyone got any knowledge on this. Cheers.

  17. Missed this channel, not been watching for a while due to relocating to cheshire from the new forrest but back watching again now.
    Very interesting

  18. No idea why I enjoy watching these so much because I only ever understand about 10% of it.

  19. I converted all of my e-bikes and electric drift trikes to run on Dewalt cordless tool batteries. The main reason I switched was to keep my batteries from freezing during the winter. I did not know how bad cold temperatures are for lithium batteries, and the place where I keep my e-bikes gets below freezing for a few months. The cordless tool batteries are much easier to remove then a single large capacity battery. Additionally the Dewalt battery chargers won’t charge a battery that is too cold or too hot, which can damage the lithium cells. Another reason I switched was because shipping large lithium packs is a nightmare in the US. You cannot travel on an airplane with a giant e-bike battery, but passengers are allowed to have a carry on bag full of the smaller cordless tool batteries (up to 100 watt hours per battery). Interesting note, the largest cordless tool battery I have is a 160 Wh 18V 9.0 Ah too big to travel with, but the label says when shipping it is actually a 3 x 60 Wh. One last reason is the tool batteries are built tough. I damaged a large e-bike battery once just trying to install it on the bike. Whereas I’ve dropped the tool batteries countless times and they work fine.

  20. Robert Tomkinson February 7, 2021 @ 9:11 pm

    What kind of range can you get on your e bike for just one 36v tool battery pack?

  21. currently building a range extender for my scooters 36v 5a battery using 2 of those batteries

  22. Andy I think the capacity on those batteries are calculated down to 2.5v per cell.

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