Brompton Electric Folding Bike Review Roundup – What The Critics Are Saying?

Brompton Electric Folding Bike Review Roundup – What The Critics Are Saying?

While waiting for the official review from BikeFolded, we have compiled a roundup of some early reviews to see if it’s worth the high price tag.
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  1. FloridaGurlForLife February 12, 2021 @ 8:50 pm

    I have a Brompton it weights 27 pounds. I paid a lot for my bike but this one is way out of most people range
    37 pounds defeats the purpose of being able to carry around. The price wow.

  2. Still not available in Switzerland, they continue to promise and not keep. I am considering alternatives such as the Swytch ebike kit

  3. I don’t think it’s good value for money. Poor ride and bad weight distribution. For a similar price you can get the much superior GoCycle which is properly designed as a folding eBike, which has a far more comfortable ride and neater design.

  4. Delfin Delphi Miranda February 12, 2021 @ 8:55 pm

    Im in the Philippines, i like it.

  5. Only tern vectron Bosch middle motor and strong drive

  6. I would expect better ratings for a bike costing over $3,500. Would I consider it – based on the reviews I’ve seen – NO.

  7. You should mention the actual weight since you say “it is heavy”. That would make the review more helpful.

  8. i bought one in may 2020, i only rode it 3 times and the front wheel buckled, the weight with the motor and the battery plus if you average height man it just cant cope, im trying to get a refund or for them to solve the problem, but the company Brompton agents evans cycles in Brighton not coming up with any solutions other than putting another wheel on which will just buckle again and i only use the bike for rare occaisions so it will ride out the warranty and then im stuck with an unrideable bike that cost nearly £3k also the paint work is a but rough, im getting although they claim its English bike Im getting the parts come from china. Im still awaiting a refund or a solution, so it look slike a court case will be imminent. Their ads promise alot, but I did tbh have my suspicions its a nice idea but and if your a woman, then it shud be fine but for men it cant cope with the weight

  9. I have an M6L, wt 26#. I love it. Lots of fun to ride, goes up moderate hills like a knife through soft butter and easy to lift. E version would be more than $2k more. I’ve just purchased a Swytch kit for Bromptons, with motor on the front hub, battery rides up front. Very compact. Bike wt will be about 34#. Specs are about the same as stock E Brompton but less wt and less bulky motor and battery in this years’s updated version. I’m female, over 70 and no athlete, so I’m going to say the physics ought to be manageable for most ppl. Some reviewers say the weight placement adds stability. If the Swytch doesn’t perform as expected within the 90 days, I’ll just send it back and still have my Brommie. That simple. Swytch kit is much less than 1/2 the difference to my door, on sale. Fingers crossed.

  10. Interesting that two of the reviews list ‘lightweight’ as one of the pros, whilst the third review lists ‘heavy’ as a con.

  11. It is way overpriced and not elegant looking. I am waiting for an affordable conversion kit which is integrated in the back wheel, like the Zehus.

  12. Down: battery may last a week if you only use the lowest support. I use it on medium, and it lasts max. 3 days, or approx. 36km

  13. In the US an ebike motor can assist up to 20 mph whereas in the UK/Europe it is only 15.5 mph. I don’t believe that Brompton do a 20 mph version for the US. That may put a lot of potential American buyers off.

  14. I bought one last week and it’s brilliant! I’ve had a normal Brompton for 4 years and the electric is every bit as fun, functional, and well designed but now the hills all but disappear. It’s the perfect compact multi-modal bike for anyone that lives around steep hills like Seattle. I did 39 miles and 2,000 feet of climbing on a single charge with ~20% battery to spare. What other bike can do that while folding in seconds to fit under a desk or carry onto a bus.

  15. Lost me at heavy.

  16. They don’t have it now I guess

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