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  1. hi, do you deliver in London ? how mush is the kit ?

  2. ¿cuál es la capacidad de la batería
    podemos ordenar el kit,
    ¿Desde qué fecha

  3. Wow… just discovered you guys and have been reading and getting excited with all your fun journeys and impressive developments.
    I was just wondering … why didn’t this design make the battery detachable so that it has the flexibility to be charged without needing the Brompton to be near the charging station as well. This new battery also seems to be calling out for a solar panel to support the powering of the lights or small devices.
    Anyway, what you guys have done has been incredible and amazing and I am very happy to have found your company and team, and I am sure I will be your customer real soon.

  4. Como siempre en Ecycles, el mejor trabajo posible, que increíble limpieza de montaje. Enhorabuena.

  5. Does it have a throttle? How far can it go before it need to charge again?

  6. Excellent , depending on the price of course.

  7. I’m interested and had already sent your an email! Thanks

  8. Una pasada de trabajo como siempre!! a ver si toman nota los de brompton….la única pega que le veo es no poder llevarte la batería como en el mkx

  9. it’s real fantastic job!👌🏼 Can you send in Athens Greece?

  10. Tern is better.

  11. Buenas! he entrado en tu blog para hacer presupuesto y no hay respuesta al formulario de contacto. Puede indicar un telf. o dirección?

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