Brompton hub gear setup – Sturmey Archer 3 or 6 speed

Brompton hub gear setup – Sturmey Archer 3 or 6 speed

Sturmey Archer gears on a Brompton – they work reliably with a minimum of effort

But what if something goes wrong?

This short video explains how to adjust your Brompton hub gears easily for best performance

We also show how the gears are actuated using the lever / cable / gear indicator chain

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  1. Thanks that helped me understand how it works. The Brompton Manual don’t mention the part how to adjust the gear indicator chain at all!
    On a 3 or 6 speed gearing, put 2nd gear in and check that 1 mm is showing in the securing wheel nut… Got it!

  2. At 1mm, my bike comes undone in second gear…

  3. Can I just say a HUGE thank you for fixing my brand new Brompton (indirectly), saving a lot of time to take it to the shop!!! Love from London 😘

  4. Thank you for your super Brompton videos. My BWR 3 speed became decoupled today during a (bumpy) ride. Because of your video – I knew exactly what to do. Cleaned my chain yesterday too!

  5. Michael Campbell December 9, 2020 @ 9:26 pm

    Do you have to put it in 2nd on the 6 speed?

  6. kennardi dewanto December 9, 2020 @ 9:27 pm

    Very nice explanation

  7. Really appreciate your Brompton videos. Lovely. Quick question I could use your help on. On my 6-speed, I am finding gear #2 does NOT snap into gear-it requires two touches, unlike #1 or #3. Can you make a recommendation for how I can check out what the problem is, or how to correct this small issue? Thanks in advance.

  8. Brilliantissimo! Helpful with lovely British accent. My pink Brompton is ready for the end of lockdown soon in France.

  9. Thank you for sharing.

  10. The gear indicator chain can if turned in too much will lock before it is directly in line with the gear cable bracket. After inserting fully turn back half a turn before setting as per your instructions. My cable came loose, I lost the locknut and bought the cheapest on eBay to get a new locknut. When I reassembled to the 1mm mark, my gears were hit and miss and very hard to change, I had calibrated it in 3rd gear. Your movie corrected my error. I also used mole grip and plumbers pliers to make the locknut unable to work loose again. Nail varnish, superglue will do but proper threadlock will be best.

  11. I have a question about the internal gear hub. I just made some adjustments and everything looks good. The barrel is exposed about 1mm in the 2nd position. Everything seems to shift as normal. I adjusted the brakes and tested the wheels to see if anything rubs. The wheels do not rub but I noticed the drivetrain would be engaged if I spin the wheel backwards with my hand. Other other words, if I back pedal like for cleaning the chain grime, the wheel spins backwards as well. This appears to only happen when I’m in the 3rd internal gear hub. Is that normal?

  12. This new bolt is better ?

  13. Thank you very much for this video!

    Just a quick question. When the Brompton wheel is in ‘free-spin’ (as you show at around 3:35) or when you are pushing a Brompton along, is it normal for it to make that clicking noise?

    Thank you.

  14. Hello, I have a "Sturmy Archer 3 speed hub pedal break from 1982 Model S3C, Can you please tell me why it can not stay on gear 1(one)?
    I do exactly all you or some other recommends for adjustment but still it can’t be adjusted, pleas let me know if you know what could be the problem?
    I appreciate your help!

  15. Muchísimas gracias !

  16. Extremely helpful, thank you! Feels great being able to do simple bike maintenance myself. Empowered! 😬💪

  17. Referred back to this one today as my hub gears stopped working properly on a short ride home! Guess what the problem might have been?
    Yarp – the lock nut had worked loose and the adjuster was busy working itself free of the thread! Now sorted, degreased, oiled, wiped off, re-installed and adjusted… ✅ 👏🏻
    Thank you much… 👍🏻 💚

  18. This was such a huge help, thank you very much! I’d had a sneaking suspension that my gears were off and was starting to think that I was going completely insane, and sure enough, the chain had slipped and I’d been spending all my time in third.

  19. Hi, why do you leave the indicator exposed 1mm? I read the hub manual ( ). and it clearly says it should be at the same level, not exposed. But all the videos I see they leave 1mm exposed, do you know why this is the standard procedure with bromptons if the hub’s manual indicates it should not be exposed? Thanks!

  20. Brilliant. Clear. Thank you.

  21. Thank you for the explanation. I have just been able to make some adjustments and my new 6 speed Brompton is no longer slipping out of gear 1 into gear 2. Very frustrating on hills!

  22. Which is the best crank for speed what size or Teeth. ??

  23. Backpacker One64 December 9, 2020 @ 9:45 pm

    I just received a raw lacquer S6L "Demo Bike" from Lakeside Bicycles in Portland Oregon.
    I happily got on it but was dismayed to find that I couldn’t change gears.

    Thanks to this video I see that the Gear Indicator Chain is loose from the Cable Anchor.

  24. Hi I just got my first brompton. I am a bit confused. Which gear is the highest gear? Thanks

  25. Is this the same for the B75 hub? Found an article that mentioned it was slightly different and needed to be flush in second rather than 1mm.

  26. Very clear and useful. I love how easy Brompton are to work on. Thank you for the video! 😊

  27. Super video, you need a virtual hug! Changing from 3rd to 2nd, or from 2nd to 1st requires a lot of pressure on my bike… armed with the knowledge from your video I’ll check the setup. Thanks again.

  28. Brilliant. Perfect instructions, clear and concise. Thank you 👍

  29. I love the way you anthropomorphise …’he just goes in finger tight’ etc…does it for me.

  30. Magnifico vídeo muchas gracias he aprendido mucho. Saludos 👍🏻

  31. So this needs to be done everytime the wheel is taken off..

  32. Very nice guidelines, you saved my day!! My brompton now is back to normal after following how you adjust and installed it!

  33. Lol 1930s tech only difference is that’s ig chains n sprockets

  34. I was taught to adjust it so the end was flush, rather than 1mm proud…has always worked for me from my 1st 3-speed (early ’60s) to my current Brompton…so, about 60 years now LOL.

  35. Great Video! I am having trouble lining up the gear change chain to the change cable on a Sturmey Archer 3 speed. The chain is not at the right angle coming out of the axle. According to you video the chain should adjust by turning it ?

  36. Another great video and really clear explanation. I’ve just adjusted my gears -it wasn’t engaging 3rd – so hopefully it’ll work perfectly tomorrow when I ride

  37. Thank you so much for this video!! I’ve been watching your channel for sometime now. I got the dreaded rear wheel puncture this evening. I couldn’t have fix it without this video and the one about removing the rear wheel. Keep up the good work and stay safe 🙂

  38. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you so much for making this video!! Why did no one else make it so simple!?

  39. Brilliant video, lovely lady! Thanks so much for this! X

  40. really helped me sort out my slipping chain , who’d have thought such a minor adjustment to the gear indicator change would make such a difference

  41. I have just changed a SRAM hub for a new Sturmey Archer hub, do I need to change the indicator chain adjuster for a barrel type and a new gear wire and/or trigger?

  42. Thankyou! Been putting it off for ages since I changed my rear tyre.

  43. Well done. What a very clear and useful video. Thank you.

  44. Brilliant video! Thank you. You saved me a trip to the shop in a Belgian heatwave 👏🏻🔥

  45. rasmus svantesson December 9, 2020 @ 10:14 pm

    Should there be some play/movement when the back latch that locks the back wheel is engaged? it seems loose on mine. When I lift the bike up should the back latch have a tight fit with the rest of the bike?

  46. Great video with clear instructions! Hope to see more videos on tech/maintenance/tips and tricks for a smoother bike!

  47. Your videos are so helpful and well presented- thank you! Today I was riding and the gear indicator chain came apart from the anchor. Watched this video and got it sorted! Quick question though, to tighten the gear indicator chain to make sure it’s not loose within the hub, can you do this whilst the wheel is fully attached to the bike? Apologies if this is a stupid question!

  48. You guys are life savers I mean it cheers

  49. Thank you. Simple to understand. Give me better understanding on my own brompton bike parts.

  50. Great tutorial. Would Brompton support Sturmey Archer 5 speed?

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