Brompton or Gocycle? An Electrifying in-depth electric bike review, featuring a McLaren 600LT

Brompton or Gocycle? An Electrifying in-depth electric bike review, featuring a McLaren 600LT

We love four wheels at but we’re also quite partial to two! Nicki, Ginny and Tom put McLaren and Williams engineering to the test during an electric bike head-to-head review.

Starring a McLaren 600LT, a Gocycle GXi and a Brompton M6L electric bike.

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  1. 0:23 “driven one” what’s that? As a cyclist im really confused

  2. This is not much of a review. No comparisons of weight, range, ride quality, charging time, price, warranty or space when folded. For example I can’t imagine being allowed to take a Gocycle into a restaurant or bar. What about riding with a flat battery? Will the Gocycle transmission function without power?

  3. Awesome video! I love how electric bikes are getting more popular. There is a lot of selection now and it’s easy to find a quality bike for a reasonable price. I’ve had mine for 8 months and have already put about 1500 miles on it commuting to and from work and running errands. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  4. "If you’ve got further to travel, it’s worth to spend more money for the Gocycle" . But without any bag? I guess they mean more commuting distance.

  5. In the matter of fact,after I saw that video sitting in my car, my baby gocycle is in the back trunk resting and waiting for me to ride as often as I can.
    I’m 69 years old, difficult to walk ,but riding sending me I. Heaven! [ I love it so much.
    I bought 100 feet wire extension to plug[ 80 feet away from my parking space. This way no one can steal my baby.

  6. Great video. The folding competition is the most polite race I’ve ever seen 😀
    Ps, I really love my Gocycle GS

  7. They are different bikes. I have a 20" folding bike and love it but it is too heavy and large other than for occasional transport. The Gocycle is lighter but still too heavy and bulky. I have put an order in for an unpowered Brompton because they are lighter and fold smaller.

  8. You neglected to mention the Brampton provides 3 levels of battery assist, or no assistance, user selectable. The Brampton can also be ordered with 3 speeds.

  9. Have to say that the Brompton looks positively analogue compared to the GoCycle. It looks like they have just added a battery, a big one at that to an existing bicycle model. Definitely the GoCycle for me, sorry Nicki!

  10. How much is the gocycle ? 😊

  11. Some call Brompton analogue and the past while Gocycle the future. I just say whatever floats your boat and isn’t it wonderful we have a choice? But I’m a die hard Brompton guy. I’ve had my Brompton electric for a year now and have come to appreciate its refinement. Bromptons have been around for over forty years refined over and over again as the years passed. As an owner, you get to appreciate those refinements which are not always apparent by just looking at the bike. Just one example of many. Noticed the bag on the Gocycle cannot be attached in its folded position. With the Brompton, the bag stays attached so you can roll the bike around a grocery store in its folded configuration using the bike with its attached large city bag as your grocery cart. It doesn’t look like the Gocycle can do that. Also, if your bag attaches to the handlebar or the steering column as it appears is the case with the Gocycle, when you put heavy stuff into the bag like a gallon of milk and a gallon of OJ, the weight of the bag influences the steering of the bike, sometimes, dangerously so. I know…used to have one of those bikes with the bag attached to the handlebars and the steering column which made steering a nightmare when the bag got too heavy. Realizing this, Brompton electric attaches its forward bag to the mainframe of the bike completely unattached and independent from the handlebars and the steering column so no matter how heavy the bag gets, it doesn’t affect the steering at all. And if I couldn’t instantly transform my bike into my grocery cart so It could help me with my shopping, that would cut out a major part of why I love my Brompton…because it becomes part of your life and lifestyle…not just a vehicle to get you from point A to point B. And there are many more subtle refinements that when you discover them as Brompton-only refinements that no other bikes have such as attaching the forward bag to the mainframe instead of the steering column, that’s why world wide people love their Bromptons. I wouldn’t trade mine for anything else.

  12. pixelbasedlifeforms December 10, 2020 @ 9:55 pm

    Brompton hands down. It’s much smaller when you fold it. And that’s the whole point about folding bikes and why Brompton is so legendary in the industry.

  13. Brompton are crap. They are not willing to give you the power curve info on the motor. They don’t like you if you ask in depth questions. Gocycle openly answered all my questions and some. Brompton is like a Fred Flintstone bike and the Gocycle in like a George Jetson’s. Light years apart. My mew GOCYCLE GX blue arrived and it is just brilliant. 100% recommended. Cheers guys.

  14. Had a old bromton changed to electric happy days

  15. I think your test is not very objective, because you each describe your subjective opinion. you didn’t ride and swap the other’s bike at all. During the go cycle, the battery was not removed and the seat post retracted. it has no mudguard or the ability to mount a luggage rack. you also forgot to mention that the brompton has the smallest pack size in the world when folded, you forgot to mention that the brompton has rear suspension which the other bike doesn’t have. your test is for the garbage can.

  16. people tour the world on bromptons. hand built in london, largest cycle manufacturer in the uk. ok im biased have had a brompton for over a year been on road off road no problems. i know bromptons last. i dont know enough about the go cycle. i would not knock it im sure its a very good electric bike.

  17. I love ebikes, I have 2 but no way I would entertain a front wheel drive bike

  18. Or as James May calls it, the Gockicle

  19. Brompton in the Past and Gocycle in the Furure both are beautiful.

  20. I love the design of the GoCycle and would absolutely love to own one, but the battery needs to be detachable for me to charge at work. If the battery was portable I would buy a GoCycle, now I’ll have to buy a Brompton, poor me. 🙂

  21. Super fun comparison! Thank you! 🙂

  22. No wookies were harmed in the making of this video😂

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