Building a Custom E-Mountain Bike Frame (Part 2) with Paul Brodie – Framebuilding 101

Building a Custom E-Mountain Bike Frame (Part 2) with Paul Brodie – Framebuilding 101

Some folks say that building a bicycle frame can be divided into three fairly even divisions of labour: the front triangle, the chainstays, and the seatstays. As a framebuilder, I would agree with that. Here is part 2 and the chainstays are going on.🤓🏁

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Readers Comments (22)

  1. Eres un artista mijoooooo


  2. Your good.
    Wish I could sweep your floors and lube your tools for a year or two

  3. G’day Paul, new to your channel and I’m enjoying your content. Love the combination of metric and imperial when they suit best. Must be driving both the Americans and the Europeans crazy, well done.

  4. Nickolai Skriabin February 23, 2021 @ 9:41 pm

    Love those videos ,thanks for sharing!

  5. Extra fiddling with those chainstay. I know I would have screwed up at least one extra stay. Last frame I did I ended up cutting a pair short. Great work as usual, love following along on your projects.

  6. what a jewel this channel is

  7. Thank you! Makes my day.

  8. CinnamonBluegard February 23, 2021 @ 9:50 pm

    It is going so smoothly that I am ready to believe is easy task to do 😀 This treacherous magic of camera and amazing skills! Enjoying show and project!

  9. The Aermacchi 350 is beautiful. Good luck on the racer.

  10. Beautiful job!!!

  11. How’s that for a half inch? You’re a wizard, Mr. Brodie.

  12. I’m loving this channel. I had no idea you could hold something of that shape in a v block. Lots of things to learn here.

  13. Great video and beautiful work! Are there any vent holes in those dropouts? I’m not sure you have any at the boschom bracket end so it might get a bit spitty when you’re welding up the dropouts.

  14. Watching the reaming on the head tube was terrifying…. Idk if I could do that so late in the build. 😱😨

  15. Impressive work!

  16. The new Lance Armstrong special , let’s him win every time instead of muscle enhancing Drugs

  17. Master fabricator. Skills that take decades to master.

  18. How come you brazed that one piece that connects the chainstays? Like i mean why braze that piece when you tig welded everywhere else?

  19. Why did you braze the CS bridge rather than weld it?

  20. when you look at one Chainstay and compare it to the Battery Holder BLOCK you see quite a difference between novice and expert

  21. Yet another enjoyable episode. Thanks guys.

  22. Very nice apart from the Bosh engine, fit a bafang less money more power. Win win

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