Calne from A2B (Avebury to Bowood 2019) (22 min version)

Calne from A2B (Avebury to Bowood 2019) (22 min version)

Calne in Wiltshire, England promoting history, heritage and tourism entitled: ‘Calne from A 2 B’ (Avebury to Bowood).

Filmed in the spring months of 2019 – One TB of footage to produce two videos for Calne Our Place as part of the Great West Way programme. The brief was to produce one long version (22 mins) and one short version (3 mins). Enjoy the 22 minutes version here……..
A HUGE thank you to all that contributed in the making of both videos from the museums, hotels, B&B’s, self catering, restaurants, cafes, bistros, tea rooms and not forgetting the people who were interviewed or went out of their way to make the video special for Calne.

Copyright: of Calne
for commercial photography and video 07715 770244

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  1. I grew up in Corsham from 1994-2012 and then moved to Sussex and then Ireland, and I do miss WIltshire very much. If I came back to Wiltshire in 10 or so years time I would like to live in Calne! I really loved cycling across the black dog bridge to Calne in 2010!

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