CAN E-BIKES BRAP? MTB test ride Specialized Levo and Trek Powerfly 8 E-bikes | Singletrack Sampler

CAN E-BIKES BRAP? MTB test ride Specialized Levo and Trek Powerfly 8 E-bikes | Singletrack Sampler

There is a lot of controversy surrounding E-bikes these days:

Is it cheating?
How do they rid?
Do they ruin trails?
Are they still even bikes????

I’m not here to argue any of these things. The way I see it, the answers to these questions don’t even matter until we answer the most important question of all: ARE E-BIKES EVEN FUN????

I’m here in sunny Salida, Colorado, and thanks to Absolute Bikes have gotten my hands on two of the most popular E-bikes out there: the Specialized Levo and the Trek Powerfly 8.

I took the bikes out with my buddy Brian from BKXC to the Rainbow trail on Methodist mountain (a motorized vehicle accessible trail) to help answer this question once and for all for everyone.

As it turns out, these machines are surprisingly fun! Brian and I could not wipe the shit eating grin off of our faces the duration of our ride. Not only could we climb what normally took me 1.5 hours in 20 minutes, these 60 lb machines were an absolute blast on the downhills!! I couldn’t believe how nimble they remained despite the heavy set stature of the bike. I was able to carve corners, boost jumps, and even manual. Then, at the bottom of each descent, I was able to speed right back to the top. Not bad.

By the end of the ride, my answer was clear: E-bikes are FUN. They are probably the most fun bike I have demo’d in quite some time.

Now, would I own this as my only bike? No way!! BUT, I do think that their are some great applications and specific riders that could benefit from these bikes. Beginners and riders trying to get in shape will greatly appreciate the pedal assist technology, and may be the key to getting more people into our amazing sport (always a good thing). I also think that this would serve as a great spare bike for taking out family and friends that have found mountain biking too physically demanding or intimidating in the past.

Otherwise, I am an experienced rider and STILL had a great time shredding this bike around for a day. I think I would love to take some more time to explore the possibilities of riding some epic miles in a day that would otherwise be impossible on a regular pedal bike.

I hope you enjoyed the ride, and as always

– Alexander
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Readers Comments (50)

  1. 38 is a bit fast there mate

  2. Gabe Langer-Osuna February 7, 2021 @ 8:29 pm

    Your not allowed to say braap you hippie jesus

  3. I snagged a Commençal Meta Power and you’d have to chisel the grin off my face.

  4. DALE thebelldiver February 7, 2021 @ 8:32 pm

    I think you and your channel has hooked me into trail biking. I’m starting off with a hardtail 26” 10 spd.

    I’ll play around here in Sw Florida and see what I can get into. I want to try bike camping and stealth camping too. I don’t see the sense in fining a place to ride over and over then leave it because it closes like a damn store.

  5. Not sure if i could handle that level of brapability!

  6. daniel charlie fernandez February 7, 2021 @ 8:32 pm

    E-bikes dont Brrapp, the VVVVOOOOOO

  7. burntrubberballs February 7, 2021 @ 8:35 pm

    Braaaaap is 2 strokes exclusively

  8. ThistleDewOutdoors February 7, 2021 @ 8:35 pm

    BRRRAAAAAAAAAAPPP – The sounds of Snowmobile exhaust notes

  9. brap originated from doritos 🙂

  10. eMTBs are for pussies. Period. Strap on a pair and climb on your own power.

  11. Fuuuuck.

  12. As a motocross rider I’m just standing here listening to a guy going braaap this just makes me laugh 😂 your cool I love your vids

  13. That is what I need to get my gear up the mountain during hunting season

  14. But that’s how fast I ride without pedal assist…

  15. I think ebike lost on people like me riding mostly for exercise but for someone trying to get as much fun as possible ebike should be a priority. Saves a lot of time and energy on climes.

  16. Next riding a dirtbike.

  17. I do get ebikes for people with physical challenges whatever they might be. And I get it their faster for less effort so yeah fun. I ride for fitness so I don’t want one. If I want to go fast on a trail just hop on a dirt bike. But as long as I’m riding for fitness therefore i want my speed tied to my fitness. So yeah I see the speed that you are all hyped about as a danger for traditional riders. You do you right up to the point where you are a danger to others. And I do see them as just another trend for some (not all) to just not ride for fitness, oh well I am just a middle aged guy who also doesn’t want to lead my life looking at my phone all day either. Have fun.

  18. When i have 60 yrs i ll buy one for me!!!! I’m so happy they created…. i ll be able to ride my bike when im an oldie…:)

  19. Singletrailrider February 7, 2021 @ 8:48 pm

    best levo video, enjoy!!

  20. What I love about e-bikes is the uphill can be extremely fun, sure sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on the satisfaction of a climb, but it’s worth it when an uphill part of the trail is almost as fun as the downhill

  21. That was awsome…..i want one now

  22. U need to ride it like a dirt bike and not a mountain bike

  23. E-bikes… If you can’t do yourself then don’t do it all… My thoughts on an E-bikes…

  24. Maybe I’m old-school. I’m all in for being efficient on commutes and the more cars e-bikes replace, the better… but on the trail, no thanks. A mid-price regular bike will be much lighter and maneuverable, plus the suffering uphill is the price to pay to enjoy going down. Also, I’d guess the extra traction of the tyres will damage more trails, roots, etc?

  25. Jesus is back

  26. Defo they can ,

  27. I have a Haibike Sduro Allmtn with the Yamaha motor and love it. I’m old school from the time before "braaaap" and "roost" was the dirt bike cool word. I also ride a Yamaha WR450F and can assure you that my E-bike comes nowhere near the braaap or roostability of the 50 horsepower the WR unleashes on a loamy uphill. Not on the same page or even in the same library. The E-bike is however on the same page as my regular full suspension mtb. The ONLY difference is the amount of effort required to summit the many long and rocky climbs around here in Colorado that would have me at 180+ BPM with pedal power only. The E-bike does not "blast" up hills in a wheelie. It’s still pretty much a low gear affair. Downhill I’m faster and no doubt do more trail damage on my non E-bike. Regular bike is way more nimble and has skinnier tires that skid more. I ride from my house to the trails and back on my E-bike. On my regular bike, I toss it in the back of a 3/4 ton truck and drive 10 miles round trip to do a ride. So figure a gallon of gas saved with the E-bike. The day after a E-bike ride my knees (shot from 35 years of MX and cross country racing) feel fine. Not so much with the regular bike.

  28. SO I am just going to throw this out there, it is absolutely stupid that an electric mountain bike would be limited to "special" trails. What is the reasoning?

  29. I own Levo and I’m not coming back. Ebikes are fooking awesome

  30. That Schwarzeneger A tho

  31. I rode one of these just in a area the bike shop had set up i got up to 30km/h

  32. Wow that was an awesome trail at the start of the video. How fast was that?

  33. Alex, just bought the new Specialized Turbo Levo Expert with the 700ah battery, it’s lighter & can get 3 hours of hard riding in the mountains of N GA all in Turbo mode. Ride in Trail mode I can get 5 hours & of course in Eco I can ride all day. Ebikes rock! They are now legal just about everywhere including all National Forest since October 2019. Hope to see you on one soon.

  34. Dude you looked high AF in the begining of this vid!!!

  35. At then end you said the best thing "this is FUN!!!" that is what biking should be about. Not this nonsense of enjoy the suffering.

  36. ThistleDewOutdoors February 7, 2021 @ 9:09 pm

    You just have to put a carbon fiber playing card in the spokes & you’ll be Brraaapping for sure !!!!!!!!

  37. With my heart desease and asma if it wasn’t for my e bike I wouldn’t be able to down hill

  38. Steven W. Schultz Jr. February 7, 2021 @ 9:11 pm

    What gloves do you use?

  39. BRAPP is a 2 stroke thing dirt bike thing

  40. i want it!

  41. 0:23
    Did he just say “motorcross”? SMH 🤦‍♀️

  42. What people who have never ridden an ebike don’t realize is, it’s ONLY easier to pedal uphill on! The rest of the time you’re gasping for air trying to throw it around, so for an aggressive guy like Alex it’s pretty tiring. Those bikes both have top notch stuff on them though, so I’m sure they were super fun to bomb that Jeep road on.

  43. e bikes suck! If u wanna go uphill fast train or get a proper motorbike

  44. It’s not pronounced brap. It’s brrrap. Rolling the r.

  45. Oh yeah dude they rock…🚴🚴🤙🏼

  46. Just get a dirt bike. Braaap for real instead of being a bitch

  47. i have a levo and i’m back on my rumor – the aluminum 29er. With the Levo, I. love going uphill on it but not going down fast – it is a behemoth !– it’s a fatty plus so i’m getting used to it and if i’m heading to a trail with steep trails and without my husband, who has no ebike, and a shorter time to ride- – i will go with the levo, which I got because of some surgeons said I am headed for knee surgery. If the trail is narrow and has a lot of tricky spots , I prefer one of the regular fsr bikes. – and usually more people to ride with that way.

  48. look like you may have braapted ya pants on a few of those turns.
    You have to try the Australian Stealth Bikes next

  49. Gray squirrel tree service February 7, 2021 @ 9:22 pm

    Wave of the future e bikes like snowboarding ,it will be the way soon 😋

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