'Carson Wentz is over!' – Max Kellerman reacts to Wentz being benched for Jalen Hurts | First Take

'Carson Wentz is over!' – Max Kellerman reacts to Wentz being benched for Jalen Hurts | First Take

Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith react to Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson benching Carson Wentz against the Green Bay Packers for rookie QB Jalen Hurts in Week 13.
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Readers Comments (50)

  1. I’m not an Eagles fan but I can’t stand how Mad Max runs his mouth about Carson Wentz.

  2. Max lost credibility when he said Eagles WR were dropping the ball because they didn’t want to catch them from Wentz

  3. Don’t always agree with Max, but yes, Wentz is over…in PHILLY

  4. Carson Wentz can get a starting job with Prince Harry as his body double.

  5. Max saying the eagles have a good O-line is al you need to know. His o-line is garbage lol

  6. Stop Steven A I’m an eagle fan and a Wentz fan but stop ✋ he’s causing sacks by holding on to the ball to long period . Guys are open fulgham was great for 5 weeks and Peterson bring rock em sock em alshon back for what ! He stinks . Watch hurts will find reagor , Ward and fulgham

  7. Even if they got DK Metcalf all that would happen is wince throwing a Uncatchable ball to him too

  8. Wentz is done hes been losing my team’s game.

  9. Max on fire I said the same thing too 3 years ago

  10. Max Kellerman is a wizard!!

  11. I think with Jalen in, at least Pederson probs will not want to pass all the time and finally utilize sanders and their good run game

  12. Bad Panda Fishing December 16, 2020 @ 9:35 pm

    Molly needs to go how about ESPN benches Molly and let’s Joy start. …

  13. I think tha Clowney hit Got him scrambled.

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  15. Hilarious that team won the Super Bowl a couple years ago and now they are looking to clean house lol.

  16. the eagles should trade wentz to get foles back lol

  17. Michael McLaughlin December 16, 2020 @ 9:42 pm

    Wentz’ career is certainly not over Max. The team just needs to rebuild. O- line is horrible and receivers don’t get open.

  18. They literally drafted so many receivers in the past 2 years soooo…

  19. Norman Cornelius December 16, 2020 @ 9:44 pm

    Stephen A sucks almost as bad as Wentz!max is happy because he’s a giants fan who is no good at his job! And Dan Orlovsky only wishes he could have been as good a Wentz! ( who is terrible) what a joke of a crew espn sends out every morning!

  20. TheFunkytownGotcha December 16, 2020 @ 9:46 pm

    " broken beyond repair" that’s low.

  21. I hate how max thinks he has the voice to decide that “ wentz id over “ . I hope wentz can prove his doubters wrong

  22. Pedersen and the gm had to go when they let their SB winning QB go

  23. Wentz is garbage 🗑.

  24. Wentz need a new start. Come to Denver, we have all the talent wentz need!!!

  25. Max really knows how to destroy athletes it’s to bad espn hasn’t learned yet
    Ratings are in the dump

  26. Came and Wentz 😂

  27. Gruden salivating

  28. the hate this man has for Wentz is almost sick

  29. wentz clearly isn’t the answer.. he has way too much talent to be struggling the way he is. when Hurts came in this past weekend he instantly provided a spark. they need to let the kid play.

  30. To the Eagles fans. I live in Alabama and even though I am not nor have I ever been a Bama fan let me educate you on Jalen Hurts. You’re talking about a qb who can extend plays and make plays with his feet. This guy is quick and posseses a strong arm. Could use work on his accuracy with the long throws but that’s the only knock against him. This guy lost his starting job and could have left then but instead stayed and off the bench came in and won ANOTHER ring in the national championship game. Afterwards went to oklahoma learned another system and took them to the playoffs. This guy is coachable and extremely humble. Might I add this QB can squat 500 lbs. What other qb can do that?!? I would have LOVED to have seen him I a UGA uniform. Trust in Hurts Eagles fans

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  32. Max knows nothing. The Eagles have a top 12 offensive line? Carson Wentz has been sacked 50 times this year and Jalen Hurts has been sacked 3 times already in a quarter and a half.

  33. Funny, I’m a Giants fan and I think if you throw that kid out there with that lack of weapons he’ll end up another David Carr. Also don’t hear them calling for Cam to be benched.

  34. The team needs to run the ball. Sanders get stupid carries. Sanders should be getting the ball no less than 20 times per game. Running game may help a broken QB like Wentz.

  35. Bill will get him, Wentz to the Patriots, another SB for Bill !

  36. Carson Wentz needs an elite running back and NFL starting offensive line . Carson Wentz would be a very good QB. Right now he has neither of those things. That’s what helped the Eagles make that Super Bowl run.

  37. Look I’m not a wentz fan but let’s be real he showed more promise than tannehill starting his career and look at him now in the right system he looks refreshed…he’s not broken but wentz needs a different team and not one that has major weapons like the chiefs or bucs ..I think honestly wentz on the bears would be good ..wentz on even the jags ..change of scenery brings good for some ..not just in the nfl in life .

  38. How was Nick Foles not “That dude” when he took the Eagles to the super bowl? Which they won, and he was ultimately the Super Bowl MVP?! Stephen A Smith and Dan O need to STFU! Carson Wentz has been garbage and needs to be held accountable. I’m not normally a Max Kellerman fan, but dude is SPOT ON!

  39. I dont know who didnt see this coming; the Eagles won a SB with Foles because the players respect him more and play harder; they dont respect Wentz. I think he is done and Philly lost a lot of money

  40. I remember max sayn wentz is better than brady

  41. Eagles fan here… have been since i was a kid, ive never seen a QB with mediocre skills be hyped to lead MY team and shown to have soooo much talent that he and the "organization" believes it to be true.

  42. Max kellerman needs fired

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  44. If Hurts struggles against the Saints, I don’t want to hear about bad o-line play, bad receivers, or bad coaching because we said those were the problems that plagued the team but everyone said "stop making excuses." And I don’t really get the spark that the offense got, after Hurts’ first drive it was more or less the same thing that I saw with the offense in previous weeks

  45. Max thinks the world revolves around his opinion.

  46. Max NAILED IT ALL. [11] has regressed SOOOOO bad, he has to earn and REGAIN the respect for me to use his given name again.
    The guy who WON’T be under center this Sunday…just another number. 😑

  47. Bro I think that Clowney hit caused brain damage. It’ll come out one day that Carson has cte. With that being said I unfortunately am not sure if he’s ever going to recover….

  48. My question is how did he regress last year? He threw 27 touchdowns and 7 int while not having a receiver over 500 yards to a playoff game this year he’s horrible but he only regressed this year

  49. Carson Wentz needs to leave Philly, hopefully, he’ll have better success with another team

  50. Lol Max called this all year

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