Check Your E-Bike Is Safe To Ride | A Multi Tool Is All You Need

Check Your E-Bike Is Safe To Ride | A Multi Tool Is All You Need

A maintained E-Bike will ride better, go faster and further and by more fun! Routine safety maintenance doesn’t require much apart from a multi-tool and a bit of time. Most basic jobs on your EMTB don’t need specialist tools. All you need is a decent bicycle-specific multi tool! šŸ”§

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. How do you know you are tightening bolts to the manufacturer’s spec if you are using a hand tool. Normally you would need a torque wrench to do that.

  2. Can I make a suggestion, Chris? (I’m going to anyway, if that’s OK? Good) that you use a torque wrench on the bolts, especially if you’re still at HQ, you can get small, pack-size torque wrenches, Topeak do a good one and Park Tool has one too. You really don’t know how ‘tight’ a bolt is, so using a multi tool to see if it’s tight could mean it’s over tight. I bought one for the bike bag to use when I get to the hotel and build the bike. They are fairly expensive but it’s more expensive when you have to have your bike fixed.

  3. Jurij Rožanec January 2, 2021 @ 10:52 pm

    Hey why would you even need 1.5mm hex key?

  4. Really, you don’t list this Park tool model number or a link to it in your info???

  5. Check your brake bolts good tip mine worked 5 free and snapped the last

  6. Hi do I have to buy my 2nd shimano steps e8010 battery from canyon as I have a nuroen on or will a ebay shimano battery e8010 work fine???? Please can someone help thanks

  7. brother link me up to that multi tool!! that thing is killer i need one of those soo badly!! thanks mate!! god speed and stay safe on that bad boy!!

  8. Topeak hexus, the chain splitter is better than any standalone shop tool I have ever had. Although one of the tyre leavers pinged off in to a field when fixing a puncture not long after I got it never to be seen again… Also just found all my chain ring bolts were super loose . Thanks chris

  9. Electric Mountain Bike Network January 2, 2021 @ 11:07 pm

    Which multi-tool do you have? What features do you like to have?

  10. I bought this tool the previous week, after chinese one broke on first use.

  11. The parts that hold the rear through-axle to the frame may need to be retightened and locked in place (4 screws hidden until you take the rear wheel off)

  12. If you mark the bolts with a bit of tipex or a fine silver permanent marker, you can check all of them visually very quickly. If they do come loose on the trail you can also tighten them back up to the correct torque by realigning the marks.

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