China's 11/11 Shopping Holiday – save $$$ on e-bike parts!

China's 11/11 Shopping Holiday – save $$$ on e-bike parts!

Learn how to make your own battery with my book DIY Lithium Batteries: or check out my second book – The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide:
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Bafang BBS01 kit:
Bafang BBS02 kit:
Bafang BBSHD kit:

250W complete e-bike kit:
500W complete e-bike kit:
1,000W complete e-bike kit:

36V 13Ah Hailong (shark) battery:
48V 15 Ah triangle battery:
52V 17.5 Ah triangle battery:
All ebike batteries:
All 18650 cells:

Xiaomi QiCycle:
500 Wh folding e-bike:
Weird suspension folding e-bike:

Segway ES2 scooter (AliExpress):
Segway ES2 scooter (Gearbest):
Xiaomi M365 scooter:

100W Flexible solar panel:
100W Folding solar panel:

18650 cells:

The parts that I use for building batteries:
18650 cells:
18650 positive insulating washer:
Nickel strip:
Spot welder:
Silicone wire:
Black 18650 cell spacers:
Vruzend cell spacers:
Large heat shrink tubing:
Small heat shrink tubing:
Foam sheet for protecting battery:
Kapton tape:

350W hubmotor:
36V/48V controllers I used:
Cycle Analyst:
350W Bafang BBS01:
500W Bafang BBS02:
750W Bafang BBS02:
1000W Bafang BBSHD:

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  1. Good tutorial

    How would I charge 24 volt of 18600 batteries that are constructed in series, which kind of charger would I use?

  2. I checked it out but I am scarred of it ! aliexpress is too sketchy

  3. No one in the video or in the comments is acknowledging the biggest risk of buying from a foreign company: They aren’t bound by the laws in your country, they could just keep your money and ship nothing if they want and you have no recourse. More often what I hear form my e-biking friends is they batteries built with crappy used cells on the inside and their returns are refused. I like to use an American company that I can sued if they do that or something like it.

  4. Hi Mikey

  5. Awesome info thanks 馃檪

  6. Hi, How can I know the maximum AH that my bike can resist? If there is such a thing

  7. Thank you a lot for your contribution man. You鈥檙e the reason and your DIY power wall book, that I am gonna build my own DIY powerwall. And I鈥檓 looking forward for getting your DIY solar book for next read. They are amazing.
    Thank you 馃檹 so much again. Keep up the good work. Peace out 鉁岋笍

  8. Singles day. The price is right. Come on down!

  9. Tim鈥檚 Trims in Maryland December 5, 2020 @ 7:57 pm

    Did anyone order anything on 11th….how much were the discounts.

    Thanks for another informative clip.

    Well done Micca

  10. Hi. I bought a bbshd with 52V 17.5Ah on 11.11 :).
    But, I need an oppinion about my current ebike with motor on the back hub. Today my battery died and… it’s just to hard to peddal it. The engine is breaking to strong. It’s normal? It’s a 250w from Panasonic.

  11. Francisco Guevara Koo December 5, 2020 @ 7:59 pm

    Hi, greetings from Peru, really like your videos. I wonder if we add a flexible solar panel to an ebike, it will extend the range in a way that worth it.
    In a shiny day.

  12. Awesome videos.. Never knew about that chinese singles day.. I bought a couple flashlights that day and wondered why they were so cheap.. Now i know!

  13. Yo Yo my great brotha Micah you da man! Thank you so much for your advice on ebikes. I want to buy a extra electric bike battery can I get your advice? What is the best way to contact you all.馃拑. Peace out. Thanks God bless you all.馃拑 from your brotha WILLIE from California USA

  14. Thanks man, great tips, Ali Express is awesome 馃檪

  15. I like the Ebike book.

  16. Hi, you didn’t seem to take into consideration any import duties/taxes. If I were to order something over 拢20 from AliExpress, I would ‘technically’ have to pay 20% of the value to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (the government). Perhaps it’s different for people living in the US.
    It usually isn’t an issue because Chinese vendors tend to get around it by declaring the value of the item below 拢20 – even though it is higher. But it is still a risk that some people aren’t willing to take! Just wanted to point that out for people who live in the UK and were thinking of buying these items! Thanks!

  17. Thanks for the reminder about the discounted Sales.

  18. hey, great work, keep it up

  19. I like books! I like bikes! I like batteries! I want to win a book that shows me how to make a battery powered electric bike!!!

  20. frank will

    im just after some info im doing a custom build ill be running a 12kw peak 15 kw hub motor with a sine wave sabvoton controller phase max current 450amp dc max current 200amp iv been looking into batteries for the build im not sure if id like to go with lipo is there any alternative iv been told id need about 300amps and most of the plug and play batteries only have 50amps any help would be great cheers frank

  21. I had no idea, thx for sharing

  22. How do they send liions internationally from China?

  23. Christiaan Baron December 5, 2020 @ 8:13 pm

    i bought a kit like that at 3:15 and the vendor was really supportive and pleasant to deal with. took a long to receive the kit but it installed fairly easily. i didnt use the PAS because i couldnt fit the sensor so i just go with the thumb throttle.

  24. Nice offers.
    Just to add that sometimes local stores have deals cheaper even than Ali and you’ll get it the next day. For example the 365 El Scooter now is cheaper locally.

  25. Earthway Experience Permaculture - 艦omartin December 5, 2020 @ 8:15 pm

    can’t wait to get your was ordered last week…want to build a Powerwall and el longboard 馃檪

  26. Thanks! Gonna have to put a list together for next year!

  27. I’m so distrustful of shopping online. Recently Amazon sold me a counterfeit SSD that only worked for a few months.
    Om Ali ad some other websites I can tell they are just going to rip me off, others look like they might do it by accident because they aren’t communicating their offer very well because of the language gap. Then there are rip off people that are actually good at ripping people off that have burned some of my friends, they have great looking websites with not the cheapest prices and great English on the page that just sell the crappiest batteries ever.
    I bought a battery from Sun-ebikes that lasted 2 day!
    Like many companies out there, Since they aren’t an American company, they can do whatever they want 9including just taking your money and not shipping anything and can’t be sued.

    Anyway I appreciate the recommendations from you! Maybe I will be able to break away from the slightly higher prices of the place that NEVER lets me down and I know has great products: Luna Cycle, an american company. They do have some awesome bikes. Service is awesome, and they only have top quality motors, batteries and stuff. Maybe I won’t switch after all.

  28. UNITPACKPOWER Store isn’t shipping to Israel… Can you recommend a seller/store/site that ships to Israel?

  29. Marko Turunta拧 December 5, 2020 @ 8:22 pm

    E-bikes are great thing! Would like to have one, for my daily run to school. Do you have any security lock, or tracking device on it, and what do you think about that?


  31. By increasing the battery size or amp hours , and decreasing the voltage (Can you make it run for longer then 4-9 hours) at around 20mph for the entire 4-9 hours? if so how would u build it?

  32. leonardo severiche mozo December 5, 2020 @ 8:23 pm

    Hola amigo soy seguidor suyo tiene Buenos videos.amigo podr铆a si es tan amable de mandarme 2 bms de 13 celdas 35 0 40 hamperios es para 2 bater铆as de 48 voltios que estoy haciendo lo que pasa es que ac谩 en colombia no se consigue yo le consign贸 el valor de los 2 dispositivos por wester uni贸n alguna cosa le agradezco bendici贸n

  33. BTW your 500 Wh folding e-bike link sends you to the wrong bike

  34. Alberto M. LeGresley December 5, 2020 @ 8:24 pm


  35. Thanks for the video. I bought some 20ah batteries from your recommended seller.

  36. Cool stuff, looks like I’m a little late sadly.

  37. Mike Charlottetown December 5, 2020 @ 8:34 pm

    have you check out or know anyone who has bought from HobbyKing
    they have a PAS MYATU X7 Electric Mountain Bike 26" (Fat Tires) (PAS) (US Plug) for $400.00 I am assuming this is in US dollars

  38. good advice. I like the 18650 flashlights.

  39. "Anything you want."

    But seriously, I’ve been wanting to electrify my heavy mountain bike ever since I got it, but the batteries I’ve seen so far have been prohibitively expensive. This might be just the ticket to put me in business. Thanks for all your tips!

  40. Hello Micah , My name is Golie I enjoy your channel very informative , just my testimony on Saturday ll – 10 -2018 the big 11-11 sale and I was able to to purchase a BAFANG BBSHD 48V1000w Mid Motor for $540.00 .. I also purchased 15 other things all for a total of $624 .. The sale a real gold mind .

  41. learnonvideo2018 December 5, 2020 @ 8:36 pm

    Great vid Micah! Although the ebike you showed at 5:33, the one that fascinates you? I actually have one, and I tell you it’s not bad at all… its fun to drive, fast 30 – 35 kph based on my garmin. And the best part it folds and I can take it in a cab, bus or even the train, not during rush hour ofcourse as its still bulky. I say give it a try man and tell us what you think!

  42. Any one please help. I have Propehete Rex Graveler 6.9 mid drive 48v, 250watts, 8.8ah ebike. I want to upgrade my battery for more mileage. I have checked one on ali express. Seller states its 48v 20ah 1000watts would it be compatiable for my ebike has i have spend nearly $2000 on this bike and dont want to ruin it?

  43. The battery that I have for my bike is a 48v 13 amp battery that takes forever to change. Is there a charger that I could use to speed up the charge without damaging the battery?

  44. Why are ev batteries in "series" welded/soldered and not just stacked (plus) to (minus) like a flashlight/torch?

  45. Thanks for creating and posting. I like your patience and style of presenting the information.

  46. Hugh Mc – I came across your videos, fantastic, Really learned a lot. My Question involves my 48V 1000W BBSHD fatbike that I ride in winter in Winnipeg. I ride till around 20 below Celcius and have wrapped the battery in 3/8" foam, the blue stuff used for camping mats. I,m doing this to help the battery retain it,s warmth and extend my cold weather range. It has a velcroed tab on the side to allow the charger to be plugged in. What do you think about this – is it a good idea? The bike is stored in my heated garage so it,s in the back of my truck for the 15 min ride to the local winter trail, ridden usually for 2 to 3 hours then back home.

  47. 5.5 mm nuts!!!!! why just why. what is wrong with the 5 mm nuts. Hard to find a 5.5 mm screwdriver

  48. Speaking of flexible solar ETFE panels last longer than PET

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