CLIP⚡Portable e-motor to Transform any bike into an e-bike | Tech StartUp

CLIP⚡Portable e-motor to Transform any bike into an e-bike | Tech StartUp

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CLIP⚡Portable e-motor to Transform any bike into an e-bike

Attach CLIP to bike to ride effortlessly. Detach, after parking to recharge CLIP on your desk.

By easily attaching it to your bike, any bike, CLIP will provide that extra push when you face an uphill climb or that last stretch of a long commute.

It’s light enough to toss in with everything else in your backpack and compatible with both shared bikes and your personal bike.

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  1. Out of all the electric bikes I’ve seen this is most definitely the most amazing. The fact that you can take it on and off means you don’t have to worry about your bike as much.Also if you choose to not use it one day you can leave it home. Technology is really really changing the world. Only wish the range was better. But that will come with time

  2. Is this available now ?

  3. you need a front mud flap, for rainy days.

  4. Dude, really??? What were you thinking? MUCH less talk about freaking carbon footprints and eco crap and MUCH more talk about the actual product!!!! Videos of it working!!!!

    This is the exact problem with millennials. They can be brilliant at times and have genius ideas but they promote it for all the wrong reasons. Nobody really gives a crap about all that stuff but you millennials keep trying to act like you really do!!!

    Listen to me bro. Bottom line here??? Nobody but nobody but nobody but NOBODY is going to purchase your product for the sole reason of leaving less of a carbon footprint…So why devote an entire video about that!!!!

  5. My non electric bike has shifts that really help while riding a hill, you can try it before “inventing” this sort of stuff

  6. 1 problem.. if i wasn’t looking how to make a engine for my bike i would of never found this. honestly feels like a advertisement and the name CLIP will never catch on. you will need to change the name brand so you can google you’re product very easily

  7. Would be great to see it combined (and hopefully not interfering) with the typical Dutch front carrier with bicycle crate. We Dutchies have 2 secrets for cycling adoption: The infrastructure and the infrastructure each cyclist brings: A solid bike with capacities to carry stuff.

    – As these crates truly enable cyclists to actually carry loads of stuff (~50ltrs / 13 gallons) with ease (while being visible during the ride, which is not the case e.g. with rear carriers), I see them as true enabler in the transition from recreational bikes to utility bikes.

    – The clip to enable mastering hills in the daily commute
    – The crate to enable grocery shopping / other activities within the daily commute journey for the masses and thereby puts the threshold to develop cycling habits very low.

    There are so many "recreational" standard bikes out there, that limit the experience to the recreational part but are useless at dropping parcels on the way, carrying your bag and at the end of the day collect some groceries – This would most likely fix 2 problems at the same time,

    Maybe there is a way to even combine it to one product – the CyberCrate. The modular chunk you’d just smash at your standard bike and slide out the clip part, when it needs to be charged

    Feel free to hit me up 🤙

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