Cover for your Electric Bikes (XXL – Pro Bike Tool)

Cover for your Electric Bikes (XXL – Pro Bike Tool)

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. I may have missed it. Can you confirm? It is water proof?

  2. I鈥檓 stuck between the lmt鈥檇 and the rad rover 5.. Its my desire for torque sensor vs my desire to be able to upgrade later.

  3. I always see folks asking about Bike Covers in the RAD POWER FB Group. I actually considered using an extra large grill cover. If you have a grill cover, how does it compare in thickness to the pro bike toll cover? The Grill Cover does an awesome job protecting my grill and I hope the Pro Bike Cove is of a similar thickness/protection.

  4. The product is marketed as suitable for hitch mounted transport.

  5. Does the other side of the cover, that is against the car in your video, also have their logo? I’m not sure that it’s a wise move to advertise that a "Pro Bike" is under the cover. 馃槈

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