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  1. Counting down the days till my crosscurrent S ships. Love the videos. Thanks, Tora.

  2. Will there be an update on how to install this nicer display on an original cross current?

  3. any idea how to change km-mph on a volt pulse bike

  4. Thanks for the info, i’ve just bought an elife cruiser and was having this issue, the display is pretty much the same. Very helpful, thanks again. Pat. UK.

  5. It’s miles PER hour not miles AN hour!

  6. *Loving this bike▫▫>**ㅒ**    I’m almost 5’11" and it works great for me. I’ve been taking it out on the road, pulling a small dog trailer and it is working wonderfully. I only wish I would have spent a little extra money to have it assembled for me, but with a little patience, and some short test rides, it can be done on your own.*

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