CUBE 20" Compact Sport Hybrid Review – $3.5k Premium Compact Ebike

CUBE 20" Compact Sport Hybrid Review – $3.5k Premium Compact Ebike The CUBE 20″ Compact Sport Hybrid is one of the most powerful, adjustable, and high-quality compact electric bikes I’ve ever tested. Available in two colors but only one frame size… the extra-long seat post and telescoping height stem provide good fit for a range of rider heights. Low-rise handlebar, adjustable angle stem, ergonomic grips, and memory foam saddle all improve comfort. The handlebar can swivel 45-degrees to line up with the bike frame, making it easier to fit into closets and other tight spaces. It’s not a fully folding ebike, but still very portable. The X style frame provides strength and stiffness that improves ride quality and supports heavier riders and larger cargo loads. Wide 2.4″ Schwalbe tires improve stability, increase the effective diameter of the wheel which lowers the attack angle, and increase air volume which adds comfort. The tires are puncture resistant and have reflective stripes for safety. Integrated Herrmans lights run off the high capacity Bosch PowerPack 500 battery, and the headlight has side windows to keep you extra visible. It’s perfectly mounted high up on the handlebar vs. low on the fork. Powerful hydraulic disc brakes are reliable and easy to use, requiring less hand effort to stop. The 10-speed drivetrain is excellent, and CUBE specced a short-cage derailleur to reduce curb strikes… same thing with the shorter crank arms that reduce pedal strikes. Long sturdy fenders provide great coverage but the front one can scrape on curbs. The bike is fairly expensive given the nicer components, comes with the slower 2 amp Bosch charger, suffers from pedal lock because the kickstand is center mounted, and uses the more basic Purion display with limited readouts.

0:00 Introduction
6:31 Lights overview
8:39 Ebike controls and display panel
10:44 Cheryl takes a test ride
11:35 Lights demonstration
13:25 Drivetrain details, derailleur and cassette overview
14:16 Brakes overview
21:07 Fit and ergonomics discussion
27:38 Off-road ride test
28:53 Ebike class discussion (Class 1, 250W)
30:58 Advanced display discussion
36:34 Key and lock discussion
37:35 Charger, battery details, unlock and removal
38:52 Drivetrain closeup ride shots

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  1. Thank you for this review! It’s the only one I could find on this bike. It’s very indept and I was hesitant to watch it at first but so glad I did! Cheryl had so much valuable advice and insight! I hope to see you review the Earth Antebike and other foldable compacts!

  2. January 7, 2021 @ 10:43 pm

    6:31 Lights overview, 8:39 Display walkthrough
    10:44 First test ride, 21:07 Fit & ergonomics
    30:58 Advanced display details, 36:34 Key & locks
    37:35 Charger & battery removal, 38:52 Drivetrain

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  4. How does it compare to a Tern or Tinker compact bike? I’m going to get a couple of compact ebikes for our RV eventually.

  5. Got mine recently and love it so far! It hasn’t rained yet and am wondering if I’ll need to cover the Ebike controls and display panel or the connector for the lights from heavy rain?

  6. “Woah, finally a review of my ebike”, well that was my first thought, but this is clone of the Isy bikes;

  7. She’s really nice!

  8. First, let me say your reviews are objective, thorough and informative ….. but every time I see these prices, especially on these smaller frame e-bikes, I get triggered. I am not an engineer but I have some design and manufacturing experience and the only thing I can conclude is that the profit margins are substantial. What are the real benefits and value of a $3000+ bike (@ 250w) ??….. frankly, I prefer a Bafang-ish Motor I can repair/replace/upgrade rather than the Bosch mid-drive as well as a more classic bike frame that will except lots of off-the-shelf bike accessories…… My $ .02 …. consider a second channel reviewing new e-bikes under $1500…. including real-world testing as well as head to head comparisons……If budget e-bikes go more mainstream ultimately it will create a bigger pond for these pricey boutique bikes to splash around in…….. hmm?

  9. Yes, German e-bicycles are way to expensive. This is just a simple bicycle, no complex suspension and still crazy expensive. The cheapest kickstand for such a bicycle. Same for the paddles. The wiring looks very silly, they seems to be longer then the bike itself. Really bad example of engineering. No lock. Not even a Intuvia display. No, bad bicycle for this money. I look how much this bicycle cost in The Netherlands, well it cost 2499 euro. That is 2.947,57 dollar. I would not buy this bicycle, but the price is now reasonable. The 500 watt battery makes it a normal price. Cube has some other nice bikes:!sorting=3

  10. Can you review The Fiido m1

  11. Skúli Arnlaugsson January 7, 2021 @ 10:57 pm

    Thanks for the review! I just got two comments, since I recently bought one 😄

    The back rack is rated to 15Kg (it’s noted on it), and after trying to fit a full size pannier, I can safely say that it doesn’t quite fit. It clamps on alright, but the bottom fixture doesn’t grab anything. So I’m expecting Cube to release their own size.

  12. You should have this lady on more. The combination review of yours (technical details and understanding ebikes) and hers (advanced mountain bike ridership and ergonomics) was very illuminating. Always better to have more than one point of view.

  13. Hi from New Zealand! Your thorough reviews + a mtb rider’s practical impressions would be really useful when reviewing e-MTBs.

  14. Shorten your videos. Pithy, works.

  15. good review. bike looks a little small for adults. would consider if thay lowered the price.

  16. the tube above the motor is a carrying handle for going on trains and things.

  17. I’ve followed your reviews for some time now. This in my opinion was one of your worst. Three grand for a Mini EBike? No suspension, cheap display, CUT the seat post if it’s too high but wait… It has mounting points for a front basket !!! Give me a break. Get real or you’re sure to lose subscribers.

  18. BadBehaviour Sage January 7, 2021 @ 11:07 pm

    Love your channel! love how thorough you are with your reviews!!🦋

  19. I think the RAD Mini is just as good or better than this one for less than half the price. That’s hard to get past.

  20. Looks like a fun ride • Cheers from The Detroit & Mackinac Railway 🚂

  21. Which MTB shoes do you like/recommend for flat pedals..?

  22. 3.5k?! I would just DIY.

  23. I appreciate the perspective of body dynamics on a bike. I have a 21 spd Specialized now and want a bike that doesn’t leave my shoulders and neck sore. I am 69 and 5’2" and would appreciate a review or perhaps comparison of bikes for smaller women. I like most of the bikes reviewed but without testing them I am hesitant to buy. Pennsylvania shops do not offer as many aternatives in eBikes. I am in the market, but wanted something lightweight, which at this price and size tire I expected something I could put inside my Pacifica, eliminating need for the bike rack. Thanks for your thorough reviews!

  24. Nice houses.

  25. In Europe there is a version with Shimano Nexus SL-C7000-5 gearbox, active line plus motor and 500 battery. I think it is a more balanced version that works for any city, any user and at a price of € 2,200 is not bad. For me the key if I bought this bike is that I can keep it inside my work and at home, not any other normal size.

  26. The motor in Europe, as far as I can tell, is 65Nm.

  27. Thank you. Great review.
    Im currently in the market for another Compact bike. These bikes are great for commuting, can access all sorts of little off road tracks and pathways, carry loads with the rack systems and most importantly fit easily to the back of my little Volkswagen Campervan when touring around Europe. So versatile…

    I currently own an old Kalkhoff Compact and its substituted 80% of my old short car journeys. Which means less money spent on Fuel, Insurance, Car-parking and most importantly less time sitting in traffic. 
    When you consider how much new cars depreciate over a 12 month period. Electric bikes pay for themselves within that time period and will last many years after…

  28. ChizzlesLand GameWorld January 7, 2021 @ 11:21 pm

    i like this channel but i honestly am really discourage by the little man he makes getting an ebike unattractive i can’t tell if he is reviewing some bikes or just generally talking down on the products he is reviewing i used to watch to be informed now i see him and i know he is going to generally tear the bike down and complain he sounds like a weak needy small man everything is heavy not child friendly he just makes getting an ebike seem very scary and very intimidating and extremely overwhelming again HE ABSOLUTELY MAKES GETTING AN EBIKE VERY UNATTRACTIVE I DON’T KNOW IF HE IS REVIEWING OR COMPLAINING ALSO FLAT OUT CALL THE HARD WORK OF THESE COMPANIES CHEAP IS ALSO VERY UGLY

  29. Are those names Eco, Turbo etc. similar to the Tern D8 Bafang’s level 1, 2, …5? The Tern D8 is rated at 80nm of torque, so this is only available at level 5, I guess. Don’t know the Cube’s power rating.

  30. Yes I’m wondering if I have a electric bike but I need the I need the control box that the battery slides into the little square it’s electric torkeranybody can help me with the control box for that torquer let me know

  31. Michael Kinsella January 7, 2021 @ 11:28 pm

    Great review as always, but looking at this possible 48 Tooth crank….every else looks good. Town bike, light weight person.

  32. Gary Fujioka Sr. January 7, 2021 @ 11:28 pm

    Very good review, I learned much. Thank you. That will find a receptive marketing with buyers drawn to the compact form factor like the Radrunner but that eschew Chinese commodity ebikes with rear hub motors, and prefer German engineering and a mid-drive. It looks quite well done. Her height of 5’6 might be the minimum with that seatpost though.

  33. if every bike is limited to 20 mph what is the point of paying over $1,500 for one.

  34. what’s that bike on the back of the red car?

  35. Whoopi Silverdust January 7, 2021 @ 11:31 pm

    Really not worth the money. Much better bikes with suspension out there for a grand less

  36. This bike is a scam

  37. Small tires, more difficult to control, and visibility to cars is poor. Not practical for more than a city commuter. $4000, really? Looks more like a $2500 bike.

  38. Fleet of foot demonstration in this video including camera stabilization which makes it look like you’re on a bicycle yourself but you’re not. My prediction is that Bosch is going to offer an integrated charger in the future commuter battery system. That would mean a very very lightweight AC cord likely standardized opening within the battery for such a chord. If you have multiple batteries you want to be able to charge them simultaneously anyways and you can definitely integrate the electronics and you want to be able to remove the materials within an e-bike battery that wear out.

    Hobbyists that things this price is morally hazardous somehow might appreciate the following suggestion, Buy computer server power supplies which sale brand new for less than $20 including in some cases shipping and are capable of several times as much wattage read up to thousands of Watts of DC power. I think some start of ebike company should take advantage of this essentially Unlimited Supply of barely used infrastructure. The value of reliability in computer servers has been so high that they swap out working power supplies continuously and apparently at locations where reliability is not Mission critical they are continuously running them to failure because they are so cheap they don’t mind doing that.

    It’s not a typo though what I said about the potential to charge at near the capacity of an electrical outlet if you choose your battery chemistry correctly and charger only at home without having to pay anything to speak up for the Chargers that have never been used. I don’t know why those power supplies were obsolete before coming out of their factory boxes but there are a lot of them available.

    Finally for an e-bike to cost more then a car to operate it would have to cost many many times as much as a car in the case of a used car tens of times as much. we shouldn’t expect a 30 mile commuter grade bicycle to cost less than the car it should cost more any used car and that means that the price of used cars will continue to plummet causing additional hating comments in reviews like this. Get over it America. Cars have been overpriced a long time and a 30-mile range joy to ride machine has been overdue. the air freshener in your car is what allows you to get lung cancer from the car exhaust while this bikes rack system allows you to carry your own healthy air which is actually a thing to come in the near future just watch!

  39. Its been 5 years since last Grin Technologies HQ Tour about time for new video.

  40. Review ZuGo Rhino

  41. I don’t like that it has plastic pedals I did not see the price but I bet it’s pretty high

  42. Copper Beckville January 7, 2021 @ 11:37 pm

    I’d never consider any type of bicycle over $3k that didn’t have at least a rear suspension. These e-bike parts bin companies really need to spend their money developing rear suspensions and abs before they get put out of business by companies selling bikes with those and better batteries for less.

  43. Robert Throssell January 7, 2021 @ 11:38 pm

    Top man Court, love ur reviews..

  44. Hi Court, Great that you did a review of this bike, as I’ve been have not seen any reviews online yet, I thought it was great to have Cheryl give her impression of the bike too, given here bike background, I’d love if you could elaborate on your impressions of the ‘squirminess’ / ‘nervousness ‘ of the ride given the 20" wheels etc – and also if you could compare it to the Winora Radius tour which you reviewed some time ago, I thought the Cube shared many of the original features of the Radius, so it would be interesting to compare the two.
    The Cube compact also comes with a Nexus 5 speed hub, did you get a chance to test this version.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for your review 🙂

  45. Antonis Sarantakis January 7, 2021 @ 11:39 pm

    Just a minor correction : the handlebar can swivel 90-degrees (not 45)

  46. Antonis Sarantakis January 7, 2021 @ 11:40 pm

    Are you sure the generation is 4?

  47. Hello Court, nice interview and review… Just to let you know, i am subscribed with ALL notification with the bell icon. And i haven’t received any email notifications from youtube about new videos from ElectricBikeReview.. I physically have to go into your channel and search for new videos. Sorry it took me so long to realize that i’m not getting notifications.. I tried logging out of my youtube account and logging back in to see if that would fix it.. No luck, still don’t receive any notification on any of the channels i’m subscribed to.. Any ideas to correct this..? bigHUG and ride safely, robb

  48. Antonis Sarantakis January 7, 2021 @ 11:40 pm

    I see that there is a brother of this, called Compact Hybrid Iridium with 5 internal gears and a smaller motor but at the same price. Where do you expect this to be better that the Sport ? I am correctly assuming that at places with steeper hills Sport with be better as it has more gears and more power? What are the advantages of the internal gears apart from being able to change at standstill ?

  49. "your boyfriend (he thinks was that a yes or no?)…." – haha

  50. I understand people choking on the $3K+ price tag but…
    The batteries are very expensive. I have much smaller LiFe batteries that cost hundreds of dollars.
    The motor is very pricey and is made to deliver amazingly strong forces and is required to be reliable.
    Electronics are not cheap and R&D for this type of technology is deservedly costly.
    I bought a great bang for the buck bike and the forum on this manufacturer is rife with complaints about quality.
    Thanks for the great job your doing introducing us to a wide variety of bikes at multiple price points.
    “If you buy quality, you only cry once” Geoff Burch

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