Custom Cyclone Coaxial e-bike frame build update

Custom Cyclone Coaxial e-bike frame build update

A bit of an update on the build – excuse the dodgy one handed camera work.
Any questions feel free to ask, this is still in concept/ revision 1 state I’ll be building a second revision once I’ve fully built and tested this one –
Link to the build:

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-This is the hub I have ordered no idea if it’s any good yet

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  1. Maksim Tarasov May 26, 2021 @ 1:48 am

    Not best angle for swing arm, it will fold on start, and suspension will not work correctly. pivot point of swing arm must be a lined with motor shaft or be as much close to it. and cyclone motor need a forced air blow cooling. I burn one, kill magnets.

  2. Awesome metal work Simon.. what alloy did you use for the frame, is it MIG welded?

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