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  1. You are not supposed to stand while peddling…. Every folding bike rider knows this….

  2. is that lawrenceville ga.?

  3. I’m glad the video stopped… That was becoming a tad bit embarrassing…

  4. Thanks for the great post! However I wanted to know 1) Approximately fast could you go on a flat? 2) How fast were you climbing on the hill? and lastly, 3) How good is the stopping power?! thanks! 

  5. don’t stand while peddaling on 20” (folding) bikes, you’re wasting power, take advantage of the forwarded gravity center and high seat. Instead configure better the steer, it must be closer to you, not like a road bike. Since i learned that always change the stem direction so it’s towards me and allows me an upright position, which is more natural, better for the neck and spine and takes advantage of a running-like position which produces more power, because we can use better our whole body

  6. Very good advice, approved by David Hon, whom I was talking to at the Interbike

  7. How does the Dahon x27h compare with a regular road bike? I saw one in a store recently, although I know Dahon discontinued them and there weren’t supposed to be any more in the US. I was intrigued by it, took it out for a test ride and was quite impressed. And it’s a beautiful bike. So I was wondering if it would be worth getting if I wanted to take it on long rides.

  8. dahon es la biciclta mas mala del mundo, no la comren, no ben su plata, tuve una y se rompio la bisagra en alumnio, no es un material que aguante ese esfuerzo, pesimo diseño de la bisagra

  9. What are the consequences? I do it at times and I just feel an additional flex

  10. thanks for the review

  11. Владимир Ласкин February 7, 2021 @ 8:49 pm

    Уморной велик,или Ю.детям само то!


  13. Did I miss something or are you able to fold it with Speedplay Frogs in place of folding pedals?

  14. I’m just wondering why you don’t lock your seat post hinge all the way in like most people do, isn’t it dangerous?

  15. Cool Bike Great Video.

  16. Lol legs gave out lol lol

  17. Linda baik

  18. Have you modify the head stem?why the warning sticker is at the front?

  19. *All in all the best bike I ever owned≖>****     I am debating whether to get another because I hear in other reviews that some of the unique parts are impossible to find.*

  20. Владимир Ласкин February 7, 2021 @ 9:13 pm


  21. yeah, why dont you lock your seat post. huh…

  22. what’s the recommended pressure (p.s.i.) for these wheels?

  23. 😎 bike…are they fast

  24. I use to climb in my foldie that way. Seated! And works fine for me!

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