Daymak Beast Deluxe Video Review

Daymak Beast Deluxe Video Review The Daymak Beast Deluxe is a decidedly off-road style electric scooter with enormous tires, front and rear suspension and an adjustable saddle. Integrated 15 watt solar panel extends range by trickle-charging the battery, it would take over 55 hours to fully charge in perfect conditions but the gentle ongoing fill should help extend the useful life of the pack by avoiding deep-discharge. Standard 20 mph speed with the option to go 30 mph, heavier build ~221 lbs makes it a bit less agile to steer but the large tires work great on soft terrain, great accessories (lights, signals, mirrors, hydraulic disc brakes). It’s quiet but surprisingly powerful, works great for climbing or cutting through brush (especially with the dual motor option).

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  1. Frederick Moller February 11, 2021 @ 8:45 pm

    F, the birds, the property owner’s Grizzly ‘rocks’, where is the electric Beast doesn’t ‘rock’ at all IMO. I like noise, power, and especially the range with a gas powered motorcycle/atv…I’m old school.

  2. its on its way to falling apart

  3. Daymak em1

  4. this is trying to a moto tractor type bike like the famous rokon. and it is failing in some ways because a rokon is made for long distance adventure and can store massive amounts of gasoline and water inside its sealable container wheel hubs .

    this daymack still has a massive battery to contend with that will run out of juice pretty quickly relative to an atv off roader… the rokon.

    that said, this vehicle is clearly amazing in its handling and performance!!!

    the ideal way to manufacture a day is with a built in gasoline powered battery charger generator. take a 1000 watt honda generator that can do eco-charge at 250 watts, and will give you 3kwh over an entire day with a single gallon of gasoline.

    ultimately , when better batteries come out, you are looking at a silent off road platform. the rokon is like riding a screaming elephant through the woods.

    if you value silence for fun, or for sneaking up on people or wildlife, or just because silence is golden and you can listen to the sounds of nature, you realize that the future of silent ATV’s is VERY VERY BRIGHT!!!

  5. 4:41 "You’re not going to disturb the wildlife" 13:08 "Ptuh! I think I just swallowed a bug!"

  6. can you please test out the 1500w scooter from please let me know if you can or not thanks

  7. get to a sidewalk with that thing man it’s not ready for a trail your not ready for a trail

  8. Great looks but the low range and low top-speed is a HUGE negative for me. If I ever do get one, it will for sure undergo some upgrades to bring up the speed and range. My current bike (Daymak Arrow) destroys the beast in range (65-75 km) and in top speed (56 km/h), however, I will be raising the bar next spring with some major weight reduction in the form of Lithium battery pack which will remain 72v – 30ah. Cool vid! Greetings from Canada.

  9. $3229 is that CAD or USD?

  10. Do you need license?

  11. Love it! 馃槈

  12. What’s the range?

  13. Come See them in person if you are located in St. George, UT or close to our storefront location 946 West Sunset Blvd, #J St. George, UT 84770.

  14. I’d buy this and replace all the steel components with lighter materials. Just to see how munch faster and farther it’ll go

  15. … There are 4 models and you keep saying deluxe which doesn’t have two motors.. on the site.

    Standard 2299 – Deluxe 3299 – Ultimate 3999 – Beast D 4499 (Dbl motor 2 x 500W BLDC/ Controller ASD 60V50A & DDrive 60V30A)

    Unless you can get the Deluxe or Ultimate with the Dbl motor which the official site says nothing about this ain’t the Deluxe…

    I’m interested in the 50Km/h version which the site says is the Beast D [Off-Road]

  16. You sound like Brick Heck

  17. A ride review on the daymak em1 please

  18. With all the ability and speed of a 1975 3.5 HP mini bike from sears.

  19. it looks dope but howcome the peddles move ? that seems a little dangerous.

  20. Can It run 50km?

  21. Can you do a review on the em1 72v?

  22. Guia de Delivery February 11, 2021 @ 9:08 pm

    the problem is that with the <1000W you are dead with any uphill

  23. that thing is an overpriced POS. a bare bones overweight frame, horrible range, no off-road capability to speak of in terms a real off road my fucking electric mountain bike smokes it with my 1500w controller mod (62kph gps speed) and its lighter and $1500 cheaper. Not to mention, the ground clearance is worse than my car from the looks of it. Daymak proves here with the somewht success of the beast how many idiots exist and how effective bullshit marketing is.. . . .Not to mention its still gutless for any real off-road work, but thats a trait of most e-bikes. those tires just soak up power and range, without the power to utilize the tires to advantage whatsoever

  24. Looks like my Ruckus.

  25. 500w? damn, they are like charging you $3 dollars a watt, what a joke!

  26. Please do a review on the daymak em1

  27. How does this do on a beach (not sand dunes though)?

  28. I don’t know. If you were simply riding it around in town and only for a few errands on a day to day basis, I’m sure the trickle charger would keep the battery peaked. Quite nice to never have to charge it yourself. Just hop on and go.

    Would also be neat if you could "peddle" while you’re riding, but actually charging the battery as you ride. That would be a pretty neat feature, too.

  29. Ride review on the daymak em1 please

  30. Im so confused I believe this is the Beast-D? seeing that is the only model with dual motors. But then again the Beast-D dosent have mirrors because its 1000w which is basically off road only. I know it goes from Standard, Deluxe, Ultimate and then the Beast-D which out of all four is the only one that sells with the dual motors unless there are other options.

  31. Clearly no prior permission trespassing..聽 Quieter in case you want to see some birds.聽 Geezzzz..

  32. Practical Tactical February 11, 2021 @ 9:18 pm

    Great review!

  33. Solar charging? Canada is clearly not the market they’re after. 馃榾

  34. You do realize its just a honda ruckus made electric ?

  35. Truly the beast 馃憤馃徎馃嚚馃嚘

  36. You can tell a happy biker by the number of bugs in his teeth.

  37. We need the Daymak EM1 review

  38. I actually want to know how it is to pedal, that’s the main reason I watched.

  39. what is the range?

  40. @ 13:18 "Pedal assist"…. LOL!

  41. Do they sell them in the UK as yet, would love to get one ,as I can use it to get around London, It will work out cheaper then using London Transport.

  42. Can you do a ride review on the em1 please ??????????!!!!!!!!

  43. You make a trike.
    A 3 wheeler….

  44. Only 4k…

  45. Lithium ion batteries are horrible in the cold. If you want a 4 season bike get the acid lead. You can replace the acid lead twice and its still cheaper than the deluxe with the lithium ion.

  46. Don’t buy from this guys very bad cuality
    From a previos buyer

  47. Daymak em1 please

  48. Can you do the Daymak Deluxe Eagle in a future review their is no in-depth review on Youtube on that E-Bike, and I need to know if you can remove the batter like the rest of their models?

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