Q&A style review of the fast cheap DIY e-bike that I built in Oct 2017 from a Motobecane plus mountain bike and a 52v Lunacycle 1500w BBSHD mid drive kit. It will blow the wheels off any store bike under $2000 and is a better value than the Rad Rover. I cover all the major questions I got about it since the RTR.

Two Year Update:
Full review 7 months later:
Build Part 1:
Build Part 2:

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. No need to insinuate that rim brakes are unsafe, they are Not, the difference is minimal, so you are wasting your breathe to pursue that avenue. Get It:?

  2. sure like to see more of your bike rides, please. I have a day 6 mid drive e-bike. It is a very comfortable road bike, big seat, heavy frame. Right now I am not riding because something is wrong with the magnet and or magnet sensor which effects the operation on my mid-drive. I really like this bike, maybe send you some pictures of it.

  3. Built one on a Specialized Roll and was a great bike, sold it as it no longer provided any exercise…

  4. Test gears at slower speeds, wear a helmet and observe traffic laws, just saying.

  5. I love DIY projects, and anytime you can build something yourself, the money you save can go directly to better parts. I have one of those $1500 pieces of junk you talk about in your video. Am I offended? Nope. But why do it? The Radrover is a refined product that offers really good bang for the buck. It also doesn’t scream, "I built this bike myself." Nothing sucks more than someone spreading bad information or slamming other products (bicycle politics!) to boost their cause. You said the Rad has a 500 watt motor and a 12 or 24 volt battery. Facts spread knowledge, so best to stick with facts. You say the value of your bike would be $4000 if purchased through a dealer. Why not compare it to a $4000 Giant Stance model and see how it fairs? I’ve got over 9300 miles on my 2018 Radrover and have only had to replace a controller, 2 sets of brake pads, and one set of tires, and the bike looks and functions as new. When you get that many practically maintenance free miles on your bike, make that video!

  6. It seems like I am always trying to get people to do this instead of the Sonders or Rad Rover. There is no comparison. I personally bought a very expensive Cube Stereo Ebike that I love but for the money you cannot beat Luna cycles and bikes direct!

  7. Where is your helmet?

  8. You said the problem with hub drive motors is they can’t take you up a hill? Definitely not true I have a 500 W rear hub motor and I can climb any hill including mountains with no peddling.

  9. G’day from Boise

  10. I don’t think you can say that hub moters are worse that mid drive, I think it can be preferance.

  11. I contemplated making a bike from a kit and parts but now in 2020 there are so very many models on the market I’m just going to buy one ready made.

  12. How much resistance is there pedaling with zero assist? Do these motors have condensation/ erosion problems from winter use?

  13. Engaging Warp Drive, Michael. Great music!

  14. What part of Idaho?? CDA??

  15. Best review ever. I am picky as hell about reviews. This is top of the line. Not a wasted word.

  16. You should go with the 62 t front

  17. Old video, but still good. I highly recommend people build their own ebike instead of buying ANY pre-builts. I love the BBSHD, but if 1500 watts is not enough for you, just upgrade the controller and make it 3000watts!!!!! Warning, you will need more/ larger battery packs. But man is it night and day. Theres only 2 ways currently to do this: 1)Grin Phaserunner, and 2) LunaCycles Ludicrous controller. I have tried both ways and recommend the LunaCycles route. VERY simple swap vs the Grin takes some tinkering. The Grin is also a stand alone controller while the Luna one fits exactly where the original one comes off. So it still looks stock, and police will only see a 750w stamped BBSHD motor, but your will have up to 3000w!

  18. Revisiting video. The best part of ebikes is losing weight. I lost 50 lbs since mid 2018 by just riding and I’m in my 50s.

  19. Cheap ? I don’t think so

  20. Gotta aim that tail light at your followers, not your tire! LOL. Just pokin’ fun, thanks for the video.

  21. I’d just buy a used Sportster for that price😀

  22. I have a 2019 Trek Roscoe 8. Thinking about getting this. Trying to do research if it will work.

  23. For the electric bike accessories shown in this video visit
    Check out my e-bike series at
    *** ALL HELMET COMMENTS WILL BE IGNORED! I was on the bike a whole 5 minutes to film this bit for you guys. I rode 1000’s of hours as a kid on these streets without any safety gear. Time to land that helicopter, folks. I’m a grown adult responsible for my own safety.

  24. OMG! I lost it when that "NIGHT RIDER" music started!

  25. Do you have a channel called far north bushcraft ?

  26. I am building a 1500watt full suspension fat with hydraulics for under $1100 that will run with this one for sure. And a solar panel…

  27. Disturbing that you admit to buying a diy kit that is not road legal.

  28. Idaho i hid a fork once.

  29. Thank you HOBOTECH, this video is where my e-bike journey began. Until I found this video in 2019 I hadn’t come across any videos talking about the mid-drive conversion kits in any detail. I had been looking at gas engine conversions because they seemed simpler and there were many in-depth how-to videos on the subject. This video gave me all the info I needed in order to find answers and tutorials.

  30. Donald Blanton Jr. December 17, 2020 @ 9:56 pm

    $2000.00 for an ebike when you can make a home made for around $300.00. You can build an Emotorcycle for around a grand.


    Has Anyone Else Been a Victim of Fraudulent Sales Tactics by Luna Cycle?? I sure am!

    On November 16, I had a conversation w a Sales Rep named Joel about the Sur Ron X Bike. Among the topics discussed was the fact that it comes in 2 configurations, 1 with a set of front forks that has a front fender, and one that (as ridiculous as this sounds for a DIRT BIKE) does not have a front fender. I was assured by the Sales Rep "If you place your order today, and pay in full, you can pick up your bike in the version you want on Wednesday, November 18th." Joel even told me what to put in the notes of my order, so that I get the correct version. So I placed the order that afternoon.

    Almost immediately the next morning, sure enough, Joel called back and unapologetically told me "your bike is in the warehouse, but it is buried under other inventory and our staff is NOT going to retrieve it for you!" "You can either take the version with NO fender or just wait indefinitely" He also said to me, and this is a direct quote, "You can attempt to drive out to our warehouse on Wednesday and maybe we’ll fill your order and maybe we won’t!" WHAT?! I’m asking all of you, WHAT KIND OF A COMPANY WOULD DO BUSINESS THIS WAY?!

    This goes beyond Egregious customer service, this is FRAUD and it is Illegal to Bait and Switch consumers in this manner.

    I sincerely urge anyone who reads this to be very, very aware, this company seems to have a toxic work environment and absolutely DOES NOT CARE about helping customers. I still have not received the bike that I was promised and have paid for and it is a month later now. I would NOT recommend attempting to do business with Luna Cycle, and I would not wish the experience I’ve had with them on my worst enemy!


  32. No need to fork out 5500$ or 6500$ when you can use the Allibaba app to easily find 14kw to 16kw rear hub drives and matched controllers for super cheap i wanna see a bastardized e-bike with front hub drive + Mid-Drive + rear hub drive LoL plus a custom battery from Gre-Pow

  33. This is a vanity project, throwing as much money at a project as possible.
    I am just as satisfied with my old beater bike with a 4 banger motor.
    I went with old caliper brakes, I don’t want to look like a shirt lifter from starbux.

  34. Very important… what`s the cats name…? and I think the chain gizmo called a link-splitter…
    Love the vid… and you have a cat… "Dogs have owners, Cats have staff 🙂

  35. I used your build as a guide for my own. I am delighted with my Ebike hot-rod!
    As a disabled person, riding a mountain bike was too strenuous to be enjoyable. That is all over now! It’s like suddenly getting bionic legs! I can ride over difficult terrain, up and down hills, and over long distances with the exact same resistance.
    Maybe not great for endurance but awesome for someone who hasn’t been able to enjoy bike riding for a decade or two.
    Thank you.

  36. Great knight Rider theme!

  37. Thank you for the information, & no thanks on cleaning the litter box, LOL. Good job on the bike.

  38. Hey man I hate to say this what that are you bike is not cheap at all you spent a lot of money on that bike do not fool yourself into thinking that is cheap oh and another thing do not fool yourself and think that is something wrong with hub motors I have one and it gives me nothing but power uphill downhill and flat land I have nothing bad to say about it at all it sounds like you don’t know what you’re talkin you might want to think taking that video down it doesn’t show your best side

  39. I didn’t see it in any comments(yet), what’s the approx gross weight after the conversion and max load capacity??? I live in an apmt where I will be parking it inside and need to clear 8-10" door step….

  40. Honestly In comparison to my hub motor bike thats a 48v 20ah w/1000wat hub motor ur bike is quite expensive. I spent 400 on battery controller hub drive throttle and LCD display. And 140 on a frame that’s has full suspension. It does about 35 mph at most but as long as I hire little hills or inclines at a little speed it’s not really a issue. Very cool to see none the less the extra torque on the hub drive would be cool but for the extra 1000 or so u spent not really worth it imo

  41. Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk December 17, 2020 @ 10:10 pm

    Seems like your front brake rotor is mounted the wrong way 😉

  42. looks like a nice bike…but I don’t know that the mid frame motor is so good for the drivetrain–also it is a bear to mount the motor. I have a front wheel hub drive, which is fun in that when I pedal and the electric motor is engaged I am in a condition you can only call "all wheel drive". But over and above all else, the front hub conversion is easier, to the power of infinity, to install.

  43. Thank you. Been wanting to build an electric bike. Looking around you tube and on line. You saved me a bunch of brain cells. My head smelled of fire burning. You be safe and thanks again

  44. I am 290 lbs and have a rear hub Bafang 500W motor and it gets me up hills without a problem in pedal assist mode. My 20” fat tire bike will top put at just under 28 mph.

  45. you need the the MPT7210 MPPT charge controller, with it you can charge any battery with a higher voltage than your solar panel and you can set the terminal charge voltage to any value you want (80, 90 or 100% and any other percentage)

  46. Thanks for telling people the truth about the rad rover. Pure junk! I was going to go the route you did but decided to pay a little more and get the Sur Ron for $3600.

  47. Hmm rly interesting!…. I have done to a diy build on my channel.

  48. Isn’t this the bafang bbshd, they do a kit based on this on aliexpress. Just looks like it’s rebranded, great kit though. Love to have one.

  49. As you should well know, throwing around of the terms "1000 watts" and "1500 watts" as power ratings is flat Wrong. They are Power Consumption Ratings. To describe the amount of physical twisting force we use Torque ratings. Sure the watts of Power Consumption from the battery is important, but you fell into the trap that all these e-bike people have done. Power Consumption is different from power developed.

  50. what is the weight compacity? I’m in the 300+ club.

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