E bike Battery Repair – How to Fix and Troubleshoot it

E bike Battery Repair – How to Fix and Troubleshoot it

How to repair a e bike battery when is not charging or it does not send power to the controler . Why some e bike batteries fail and how to easy fix and troubleshoot an e bike battery .

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  1. I need parts schematics board for prototek battery Samsung Phantom X2 parts

  2. do you have a video where i can test the hub motor without a battery?

  3. Hello how can i check the BMS
    Of the accupack

  4. Thanks, my year old light use battery is playing up, I’ll use your tips to investigate. 馃憤

  5. Raphael Reinhold December 11, 2020 @ 9:37 pm

    Hey man! My baterry apparently got wet and it is no longer charging or working at all. Even the battery’s display is not even working. I cycled in the rain a day and left it outside, the battery was fairly full then in the morning it was died. Any tips?

  6. Great video and explanation! My battery just died on my ebike, I suspect it is the BMS and some faulty cells. I opened it up and there is corrosion on the metal strips connecting the terminals and on all the wire soldering points so i suspect the whole unit was messing up the BMS. I am going to test each cell with a volt meter and then decide whether to toss it or try to fix individual cells. Unfortunately I bought a cheaper battery and there is no plastic frame work holding the cells together just paper and lots of hot glue. Do you have a recommendation for a supplier of good quality batteries for my unit.

  7. my battery charges but when plugged to my ebike it doesnt seem to run any power through what could be wrong?

  8. Very helpful , thanks for sharing

  9. Hi, thank a lot for your informative stuff. My 52V battery got wet in heavy rain and my ebike display died. Battery won’t charge anymore. Charging terminals voltage read 45V (same as the display shown voltage at the time of the rainy event), while discharging terminals read 24 V.
    Does that mean that only the BMS is at fault?

  10. Oleg Petelevitch December 11, 2020 @ 9:48 pm

    Oh my god after all that and you have to buy all the equipment ? Costs less in time and $ to buy another ! Sorry !

  11. If battery voltage is good then is for sure the bms?
    Ob the bycicle Nothing changed, engine or wires.
    and it stopped working.
    Even while chargeing the ebike not working…

  12. Hi,

    I got this ebike battery, 4 years old, not used much (less than 100 charge cycles), but recently failed to hold charge after letting it sit for the winter.
    1. After plugging the battery to the charger, the charging light turned from red to green (indicating full charge) within a few minutes. This wasn’t the case before when the battery was charging/running fine.
    I measured the output of the charger with a meter and it’s 41V.

    2. Upon charging (eg 8hrs) the bike would run and the LCD controller displaying full bars for a couple minutes and then shut off all of a sudden, restarting the controller would only get the bike to run for a few seconds and eventually it won’t start again. Battery seems completely drained.

    Any idea on what could be wrong and steps to troubleshoot? Thanks.

  13. Actually didn’t look so difficult. My 18 month old battery just died. Is the spot welder safe to use? Can it be used for the cables too? Little bit worried about using soldering iron near batteries.

  14. Do you offer a repair service?

  15. why can you not bigger amp batterys in more range?

  16. Madhumita Sarkar December 11, 2020 @ 9:56 pm

    Mileage of your e bike?

  17. Angel Manuel Latas Lugo December 11, 2020 @ 9:57 pm

    My ebike battery has a rare problem. It is a 48v 20ah. It works perfectly for a few hours and when the display still reads 75% charged it suddenly dies and turns off everything including the display. When I get home and test the battery with my multimeter it read 36volt. I charged the battery for a few minutes and reads 51v again. Use it for a few meters and turns off again and the multimeter reads 36v. What do you think is the problem?

  18. You should not hit defense less cells like that! They might get you back one day.

  19. When I plugged my battery to the charger it created a spark and burned the area around the connection. Now can not plug the round part of the charger to the slot. How can I replaced that part?

  20. my ebike battery discharge very fast,, what’s the problem of this.. thanks

  21. One of my My wires was dissconected, would have never know if this video didnt exist, thanks!

  22. Hello, what happen for example if my battery has 3300 mah cells and I replace 4 faulty cell with 3400 mah but same voltage? Would it have any problem?Thanks

  23. Mix old cell with new cells is not fix the problem for long time, when discharged old battery discharge fast ,than new cell.

  24. Question– so I built a battery. I bought a 14S 51.8V 45A BMS off eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/14S-51-8V-45A-BMS-PCB-PCM-for-ebike-electric-bicycle-18650-Li-ion-LIPO-battery/112636580964?epid=18009165438&hash=item1a39a9d464:g:MYcAAOSwhmpaBbsf

    This one has only a B- and a COMBINED charge/discharge C- solder pad to hook up ( along with the 14 wires)

    I get good voltage (51v) from the battery terminals but when I tried to charge it, the charger smoked and caught fire. .

    Charger is a 3 prong so I ran: the positive to the + terminal on the battery and the negative to the C- charge/discharge on the bms. The middle prong on the 3 prong I didn’t connect to anything.

    Im no expert but Its as if the battery is feeding back voltage to the capacitor in the charger and frying it. What am I doing wrong here?

  25. Thanks for the video man! But I don’t understand how can you know which batteries are in the same parallel group together! 馃檨

  26. I’ve seen too many videos of batteries exploding to put me off wanting to do this . I have 4 batteries ranging from 36v to 48V . So far so good but if one stops I will just buy a new one .

  27. Very interesting video – You explained very well!

  28. Hello…I didn鈥檛 start my bike around 6months and today I found my battery don鈥檛 take charge any more….before there was no problem at all..just I didn鈥檛 start the bike more than 6months…what I can do at this situation?do you think it can be repaired?

  29. NIce one. Buddy’s wheelchair battery died 拢1400 for a replacement! Would like to have your skill set to refurbish it for him..

  30. Hey ,buddy , can you show us how you balance the cells ?

  31. New cell mah?

  32. Valentine Lefrere December 11, 2020 @ 10:20 pm

    I tried to wire my e bike from an chinese manufactured controller. They don’t tell you which wires to connect the battery to. I think I shorted it. I don’t know where the fuse is either. the battery is dead now and I am not sure whether there is a fuse to replace it or whether to get a new battery. Also the control box wires without a guide to connect them are a problem. Any ideas?

  33. Where is BMS available?

  34. One of my packs is partially shutting down. My throttle display shows that it’s still active but when I trust the throttle, it pulses and then stops. I can maybe get movement of I feather it down a hill but as soon as I have to come to a stop, I can’t take off again. I checked all my connections and have confirmed that it’s not a problem with my controller or motor. Would this likely be a BMS issue?

  35. ooh this is good stuff man – I haven’t had a look into your other videos but you seem to be over looking the step that i need to see, hopefully i do not need to replace cells as my electrical knowledge is no where near your skill level, I will cause fire so I don’t think I would go down that route – however that said my battery, a dolphin case, like yours has something rattling inside and I need to take it apart – please could you do a vid showing the case removal process!

  36. I have a 52V 14S ebike battery that will not charge. Meter says current voltage is 52.6V and max is 58.7V 3.9V per cell current. I by–passed the BMS and using 3 different chargers all with max voltage of 58.7V and still battery will not charge. These are new batteries and battery charged 1st time after building battery and has not taken a charge since. Any ideas? Thanks

  37. Hi my friend. My ebike battery drains pretty fast. Whats the most common cause of that?

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