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  1. I have went 60 kph

  2. Hope he got a new camera

  3. Wait…. Transport Canada says an e-Bike is incapable of providing powered assistance over 32 KMph…. it does not say that the eBike is not permitted to exceed 32 KMph. The only limitation is that there is no powered assistance over 32 KMph.. so…. if you using the pedals, even on flat ground the eBike could be exceeding 32 KMph, and still meet the definition of an eBike.
    The point in this video about being charged if exceeding 32 KMph on level ground I propose is not valid.

  4. Not on flat road but on down hill

  5. It was a great video very informative and it was very good to have it straight from a police officers mouth so I can trust this information

  6. Fuck you pig fuck the police

  7. Sounds like some bs about impaired driving…

  8. I think 32 kph is a titch to slow . On a road bike you can blast past that . These regs need some tweaking me thinks , especially with the concern about the environment . We want to make alternate methods of transportation appealing , not difficult . When I got my drivers licence they used to just give you a bike licence if you wanted one . Now , $800 and 24 months later here’s your M licence even if you have a little piddly 80cc scooter . I’m sure many police officers agree with me but are not the law makers .

  9. Dude I love Canada but fuck these laws are stupid. No wonder this generation doesn’t go outside everything fun is illegal. Tried to build a small 50cc bicycle when I was 16 NOPE ILLEGAL. Fuck it I guess I’ll just go play fortnite

  10. The Canadian Gamer ~ Redi ~ February 26, 2021 @ 9:39 pm

    thanks for the info, still bs like a lot of laws now a days. i understand the 35km but that’s about it

  11. Thanks for pointing out the differences.

  12. Electric Motoman February 26, 2021 @ 9:41 pm

    Weird laws in this country. You can’t go 45 but if you’re going down a hill it’s okay? I’ve done over 32 on my bicycle does that mean I need liscense and registration?

  13. Canada the country where the greedy government legislates the fun out of just about everything ! A limit of 18 mph is ridiculous ! a limit of 25 or 30 mph would be more fair. And also ridiculous are those fucking stupid pedals which should be removed ! The Canadian way…you can’t do this can’t do that…you can’t own that…there’s a fee for that, a tax on that…and more than anything, "Out of stock !" We are treated like children !

  14. JDS FLYIN CANUCK February 26, 2021 @ 9:47 pm

    thanks bro nice info on the bike laws…much appreciated

  15. Caerbanog Interrupted February 26, 2021 @ 9:50 pm

    I thought that if an eBike’s power and speed exceed the specifications of the laws set up for them they merely automatically classify as a motorcycle and would then only require a license, permit and insurance to ride like a motorcycle does. Am i wrong?

  16. Fuck Ontario, i cant wait to leave this shithole & not pay these theives another dime.

  17. *Are the rules still the same??*

  18. Welcome to 2020. 100km/h speed Scooters.

  19. If you don’t have insurance you need to fuck off the road I believe we pay a lot of insurance to ride our bikes and these idiots come to street with no training no insurance and no gear

  20. That guy, needs to make a push for more departments to hop on board. Hope Texas jumps on board. These police look for any reason to pull someone over. Also, depending on the style of the e-bike an "e-bike" plate may need to be mounted on the bike also. Otherwise, people will get stopped for no tags.

  21. Laws like this are made to make the police department more money. If they didn’t make these stupid little laws like this cops wouldn’t make enough money in places where there isn’t much crime. Fuckin slimy government! Fuck stupid laws like these ones.

  22. timothy paul peterson February 26, 2021 @ 9:58 pm

    32 Kph , so some asshole in a car can mow me down like grass , because I can’t keep up with traffic in a 40-50 Kph zone , I know guys that road race Tour De France bikes and can petal 40-50 Mph in short stretches on level ground and can go way over that on downhill grades ………. funny there are no laws for that ……….

  23. my friend rides her e bike at 12 years old wat do i do

  24. You will see manufacturers eventually figure a way to hide the motor and battery internally so the law won’t know whats legal or whats illegal.

  25. Listen jackass one way or the other you cant have both its eaither a motorized bike or not

  26. Flat ground, efficient carbon framed fast road ebike. A fit person could go 50kph under his own power no problem….according to this cop – still gets a ticket. Same bike no motor, no ticket….that is just wrong, should not happen.

  27. This is helpful information. I wish Toronto Police had a channel where we could interact with them on various topics to build a better relationship with them so we just don’t see them as abusive monsters. Thumbs up to this officer

  28. Can you say EXTORTION!!!?

  29. Come to New York cops don’t give a shit about ebikes

  30. Matthew Morycinski February 26, 2021 @ 10:14 pm

    The real problem is that legislation was meant to enable BICYCLES to have an electric motor, but manufacturers explore a loophole that allows a scooter to be legally a bicycle. There is absolutely no need to have the dodgy pedals on a scooter; in fact they create a real danger of an accident. The ONLY reason to add them is to explore this loophole. The legislation should therefore be rewritten to close the loophole.

  31. Can ebikes like these be ridden on pedestrian sidewalks? Or only on the roads and bike lanes where the cars are?

  32. Alright!? 🙂

    The sad part of the speed… on my road bike I can easily do 30-40km/h on level road, depending on weather conditions (wind).
    Downhills I clocked 60km/h+…

    The speed limit is not fair for these e-bikes.

  33. Fuck ur job

  34. Insurance and registration over 500 kw??🖕

  35. Bite me!

  36. Yeh govt have a bit to many rules and i know speed limit may seem dumb but i wouldnt want to eat shit on one of these going 45kph you ever seen a bug hit your window at 45?

  37. like 615

  38. Why are we busting poor people who are just trying to feel free, or who commute to work with one? Why are we making the insurance companies rich?

  39. I think laws limiting power are foolish. It outlaws bikes that would have the power to climb hills easily.. which is one of the main reasons people buy ebikes. If the assisted top speed is limited, which I think is more reasonable, then what does it matter if I have 1500W or 250W? It should be about speed and weight of the bike, not power. This also applies to the silly laws banning throttles. What does it matter if I activate my motor using my wrist/ thumb rather than my feet?

  40. Uk have 14 years old driving Norway 0 years old

  41. Brainwashed fool wearing a clown costume lol

  42. Heard some people or bots saying…. what ever… Hey if you have your own land and pay apporpriate taxes and etc etc. You can basically drive and do what ever you want on it. LIke the soverngs . Your basically sovergning on your own land. Everyone in States and Canda still can have the dream of owning enough land your the king kinda of your own earth. Like 1oo achers (omg my spelling today. not on purpose) really gives one a good start on how it feels to live. You can drive on your own trails and make your own dirt roads. make some food and some pigs or what ever. WOrk hard and in a few decades most people should be able to have easily 100 or more achers. Now if you spend it all on the house…. well you get one or two little lots to live on and stuck in the house. Big land even with a trailer and boom. You feel like a human or male sovergn. then you can start to create… life and plants and roads and make others happy you find in the future who like you… love earth and simple truths. LIke fire and heat in winter and food and bbq on summer. Personally i love all people and were constatnly changing. as we age and get more experiences. SO as long as our goverments allow us to constatntly change and not lock us into certain mata data catagories and or pre post crime us in present past presnt and present future.. Humans will figure how how to be happy in the mind and body in the present if they still can dream and plan to meet new expereinces and new conditions. Many are happy how they are now. THats cool too. Everything is cool. Talk to you all. live it up. Dont break the laws. Unless your soverngs. Then you need to to help nudge the world and local places into peace and harmoney sometimes. But us regular towns folks. We waant to cut lawns and have fires and cook with family like anyone else. Neat huh. Billions of poeoples all getting along on earth all at once all right now. all right now. every second of every moment of a day is happening on earth right now all at once. Its 5 pm somewhere and 10 pm other places and coffee and work starting somewhere. All 24 possiblies on earth for one location is happening right now right now all at once. Crazy. People making love and ridign bikes and some going home…. others in school others sleeping. some in space. All time possible in a day…. all seconds of 24 hours is happening now all at once. JUST WHERE ARE YOU experiencing it from. its 524 pm and supper time where i am. WHere are you expereining being alive right now…… cool huh.
    some special forms experience something even neater. I sometimes watch a live feed of sun rising now somewhere else for fun. Tech is kinda amazing too huh. anyways. SO much for my 500 to 2000 words. I wrote it without thinking and for fun. NO edit or care what it really says. it flowed as i typed with no rason really for me to try. So i mean to make no points but make something true by my personal experiecnes for me that would be fun to read by others. Strangers Ive never met. anyways just writing without thinking for fun. Aaron.

  43. That SuperDuty as a backdrop tho 😂

  44. Technically the only thing that limits the qualifications for an ebike in ontario is the top speed. (limit of 40km/h) NOT the rating of the motor, pedals or anything else. This whole video is misinformation.

  45. WaitingforDarkness1982 February 26, 2021 @ 10:24 pm

    oh boy i have mixed feelings about the e-bikes and the law. Mostly because of crazy drivers and a beginner can very easily hurt him or herself on a real serious road with like intersections and roadways. they have some e bike conversion kits that can do 60mph very dangerous because its still a bycycle with some real speed.

  46. You are a liar.I’m buying 2 Phamton Ebikes with speeds over 70 kms an hour and I can drive without a lience. Insurance and I’m paying just around ten thousand dollars for 2 and if I couldn’t do many things this liar says I can’t why would I pay ten thousand dollars. He is telling the truth.I have all the rules and I can keep up with the traffic if it’s going 50 kmh and if they try to pull me over good luck because it can reach intence speeds.My Wife and I will have our new bikes in a couple days. Happy Travels.

  47. this is my second time in here now, and I’m even more pissed then ever. to start with a lot of folks thinks they need to open there peddles to get the cops to back off,you don’t need to pull open the peddles just because of the overly interested cops, unless we wish to get our ankles all busted up. these dame overly confident cops who thinks they can just assume to dictate to us on the peddles or that how they make us ride with them is a total waste of my time and the extra 25 to 30 bucks I could had put in my pocket but no, only just because it’s easier for the cops to look for peddles rather to make it easier on us to not have on MY BIKE these FUCKING ankle busters. I was warned by my seller not to remove my peddles just because a few greedy fuck cops on the take screwed this 1 poor ebiker just because he took HIS peddles off of HIS ebike. on this point is where you pushy cops seem to miss it. I really hope a lot of cops sees this but on the peddle issue, you crooked cops need to start buying your own lunches. you clowns really need to know your limits. there’s a few issues that I really hate the cops on and this is 1 of them. because this pointless peddle issue was only craped out for taking our money scam. because if you really think on it, how not having the peddles on going to do anyone any harm? wearing your helmet is self evident. not drinking before you ride bike,ebike,motor boat,car. all self evident. anyone knows why it’s not good to drink before operating any of these following. but the peddle law that shouldn’t had ever been added is only a parking meter approach to get money just because ebikes are insure free. were on to you! look out!

  48. In Alberta it just says that the ‘Motor’ cuts out over 32km/hr. So if you have strong legs & good gears – you could get higher speeds provided your not on pathways.

  49. To oppress and enslave

  50. William Vanderpool February 26, 2021 @ 10:29 pm

    he’s wrong it’s got peddles it’s a E-BIKE no motor on them making his won laws up he’s not above the law .

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