E Bikes – An entertaining look at the Pros and Cons

E Bikes – An entertaining look at the Pros and Cons

Are you thinking about buying an e-bike? Maybe you already own one, how many of these love/hate things do you relate to? Leave me a comment about your experiences and maybe I’ll make a ‘part 2’

If you’re thinking about traveling with your e-bike you should definitely watch this video. As I cover the in’s and out’s of air travel.

If you are looking to go to Whistler, Squamish or Vancouver you can get a battery for your LEVO or KENEVO from Corsa Cycles in Squamish. Corsa Cycles were friendly, helpful and reasonably priced. I booked in advance of my trip.


The tailgate hack and some of the footage is courtesy of Rick at One Cut Media https://www.instagram.com/onecutmedia_rm/

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  1. Great vid enjoyed it, Just done Bedgebury Pinetum this morning and broke my bike, away getting fixed now. These things happen I suppose but I still made it all the way around.

  2. The breakdowns seem like the biggest con to me, makes me very hesitant to buy a consumer direct ebike like the YT Decoy. Why did your ebike stop working in the video?

  3. I thought it was about the physical activity? You ARE cheating yourself out of that. Nothing to do with ‘hating’, just a plain fact .

  4. I just ride on road and see absolutely no cons.
    Love my ebike馃憤

  5. Sweeeeeet!!

  6. If your not handicapped why in the world would you ride a ebike. They are dirt bikes not bicycles. Nowadays people don’t get off their ass if there isn’t a motor Movin em. Even at 80 recovering from a heart attack would I ride one. I’m a cyclist not a moto rider. Human power all the way

  7. It鈥檚 an automatic assumption that your always in turbo mode. We ride the 50 pound rentals with the battery assist off. Great workout! Then fire up turbo and head home. Cover a lot more ground in a day on an Ebike. Get to see some cool places all in one day while on vacation!
    Nice Vid. Amazing trails!

  8. 馃榾 馃榾 馃榾

  9. GOOD ONE!! Great video! ebikes ROCK – best thing out there!!!

  10. Haha, great wee video. I’m your 200th Sub! Keep putting out stuff with this humor and your channel will blow up.

  11. Loving this! I can so relate to the pro and cons, for me it’s the range that I always worry about.

  12. There’s quite a difference between cycling equipment advancements and slapping a motor on a bicycle. It’s simply not a bicycle anymore. It’s a Moped.

  13. Enjoyed this format a lot! Great vid and a new sub for you 馃

  14. WWE BABY 馃槈

  15. OK So, I built up an e-bike from my Kona Dew Plus, Disc Brakes, 700 x 35 gravel tires. Got a Bafang 500W hub motor kit with a 17.5 aHr battery. Took a bit to make it work. The disc caliber hit the hub, so I had to move it, that was trick, but got it done with a home made adapter plate of 7000 aircraft aluminum. Then the axle spun so the spacers didn’t work and the Chinese torque arrester failed, so I cut one out of 3/16" 4140 steel, works great. Love it. But more problems with Chinese steel spokes. At 300 miles they began snapping like dry spaghetti.. Almost every spoke had fatigue at the J bend and threads. Apparently they bend the spoke at the threads to make the nipple straight in the rim instead of letting the lip of the nipple make the angle, more Chinese stupid. 2.6mm 12G American made stainless spokes fixed that. Love it again. Can easily do 50-60 mile loops on the road or trail, 3000′ of climbing is no problem. It can handle some dirt but the rigid frame and weight from the battery sucks on rough surfaces. Now the big question. Should I get a dedicated e-Mt Bike?? I have several Mt bikes including an older Santa Cruz Super Lite. And a Bafang mid-drive unit is relatively cheap. I’m not riding dirt like I did as a younger man, but I think it would be nice to take this beat up old body out on the Single track and show some young bucks my dust. ( I can still handle the technical with the best of them as long as it is down, the up stops me dead)

  16. Had fun watching this and watching u edit this at home 馃檪

  17. Hating something that you DON鈥橳 want ? 馃槼 Now theres a new and previously undiscovered form of mental illness for you.

  18. Well funny

  19. Loving this dude!

  20. Being overly dramatic about picking up 50Ibs come on now!

  21. Grate video mate i have a kenevo to and found a set of Saints fixed the brake problems amd my biggest con is haters, brake downs and its as water proof as a paper bag but i wouldn’t go back to an analogue bike

  22. Enjoyed. Thanks 馃檪 Just gonna get out on mine….. Plenty of smiles per mile

  23. love em got 4 of them 3 turbo levos and a xx Kranked Santa Cruz nomad.i don’t care what anyone thinks or says i’m busy having fun

  24. Ok I鈥檓 getting an E bike

  25. 2:05 Bitter much?! Was it an official race, if not, where’s the cheating here? Isn’t he cheating against people who are walking up? Aren’t walkers cheating over people crawling up on hands and knees? I don’t understand the attitude to be honest.

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