E-Bikes | Everything you need to know!

E-Bikes | Everything you need to know!

Want more oooomph on your next MTB ride? E-Bikes (electric bikes) are a whole lot of fun, helping you go further, faster, longer! In this recorded facebook LIVE hosted by Chris from Trek Bicycle NZ and Torpedo7 Bike Mechanic Andrew we answer some burning E-Bike questions & share all you need to know about these fun epic electric rideables.

Questions asked & When:
00:17 – What is an E-Bike?
01:23 – How do I choose the right E-Bike ?
02:17 – How far can an E-Bike go on a single charge?
03:18 – Is there extra maintenance needed for an E-Bike?
04:30 – How easily can you remove the battery pack?
05:08 – How do you charge the battery, and when is it best to do so?
06:42 – Crossing Streams do you have to carry your E-Bike to protect the motor?
07:39 – What’s the best way to clean E-Bikes?
09:00 – Is it essential to remove the battery when transporting on a bike rack?
09:22 – Does the bike have to be from Torpedo7 to have it serviced in store?
09:46 – After a muddy ride, can you hose down an E-Bike?
10:35 – What chain lube should be used for wet vs dry conditions?
11:20 – Is it true that pedalling at a higher RPM is more efficient on battery use?
12:02 – Do you need to replace the cassette more?
13:30 – Can you pedal an E-Bike while it’s switched off?

Products featured:
• Muc-Off Bike Wash – https://www.torpedo7.co.nz/products/M9LUWN0BC/title/bike-cleaner-1-litre
• Rock’n’Roll Blue Chain Lube – https://www.torpedo7.co.nz/products/B0LUCNN02/title/rock-n-roll-extreme-blue-chain-lube-120ml
• Rock’n’Roll Gold Chain Lube – https://www.torpedo7.co.nz/products/B0LUCNN01/title/rock-n-roll-gold-chain-lube-120ml
• Trek Rail 9 – https://www.torpedo7.co.nz/products/3YEDMN1ADEP/title/trek-2021-rail-9-gx-e-bike—factory-orange-lithium-grey-s

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