Easy Set Up Of The 1000w FOXBAT Electric Bike

Easy Set Up Of The 1000w FOXBAT Electric Bike

Order a Foxbat here: https://boltonebikes.com/collections/mid-drive-ebikes/products/1-000-watt-mid-drive-fat-bike

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. So excited for my wombat! I mean Foxbat!

  2. I like this!! Nice..cheeRz for de review brO.. Good stUff!! Hehe!!😁😊😎👊👍😚👌🤙💯!!

  3. Did you order your Foxbat yet?

  4. Can you send me uno bike to puerto rico ? And how much it $$$

  5. Just ordered a ‘Foxbat’ . Currently riding a 2018 RadRover.

  6. Thank you Kyle !

  7. Relax and Explore February 9, 2021 @ 8:32 pm

    At 1:55 that box looks massive compared to your body. It’s big enough to deliver a house in.

  8. Are U still using the motion sensor vs. the torque sensor for the motor?

  9. Sultry Pineapple February 9, 2021 @ 8:34 pm

    Man your bikes are really nice, leagues ahead of what’s here in Australia. Well done on providing a pretty decent product man!

  10. my Radcity may not have as much power, it has better power control and all the power that i need. . love and peace


  11. Great Video. Thank you.

  12. Why an unboxing of a bike that’s unavailable now?

  13. Is it my imagination or did you hook up the headlight incorrectly? The wires for the headlight plug in on the left side of the light. The right side terminals are for a wired rear taillight. It says “rear” on the right side.
    When I set up my bike, I ran all the wires through the center of the front fork rather than left or right of the fork. You do have to slide off the throttle, brake levers, and display to fit everything through the center.

  14. Alibaba.com or the alibaba.com app…save some money instead of having to go thru a third party (bolton ebikes)

  15. Hello big fan I need your help I got a juice scorpion in my wood like to put an extra battery extender any recommendation thanks!😊

  16. It doesn’t get any simpler than that

  17. How much for the bike

  18. I wouldn’t have a quick release on anything but my saddle. On one or both of the wheels? That just makes it easier for a thief to steal either the bike or the wheel. If a shop doesn’t have a wrench to remove the wheels, I don’t want to bother with them because they obviously are not serious about bike repairs. And there is no way I could fix a flat myself. Maybe some are mechanically inclined; I am *NOT* one of them.

  19. Your videos have been a big help in my understanding of ebikes. I have decided on the Foxbat and look forward to getting it later this month.

  20. I know why some settings are grayed out but why even show that option in SETTINGS if this is something that you don’t what te average user to change, perhaps for the SYSADMIN?

  21. Videos are incredible.. Looking forward to purchase. Following for my best fit.

  22. Your videos are the best. Hope to buy one of your bikes soon!

  23. Why does the fox bat look so “spartan”. I don’t see a logo. I think it would look even better with a logo.

  24. Received my Foxbat yesterday, used this video to set it up. The bike is awesome!

  25. Does it have a reverse?

  26. so handsdown im getting this foxbat ebike from bolton! cause i can legally drive this around Massachusetts,its 1000w mid hub motor and i like all the features and trust your store ,but i was also considering getting a motorcycle scooter for a second bike (to take out to designated ATV trails, MA has like 4 of them in the entire state lol) and i was looking at the "stealth bomber 5000w" and its going for 3500$ usd however i seen it being sold a couple places for 1300$ from "luxury world" and "dhgate" and these are chinese sellers..clearly this is just some kind of scam right? or fake or whatever.. this is the link can someone confirm to me this is indeed a fake scam? https://www.dhgate.com/store/product/new-stealth-bomber-5000w-72v-fat-tire-electric/555487052.html?dspm=pcen.st.products.12.TpI0B908JJT0VoKH4EX4&resource_id=555487052#st1-11-1|0|0;stprod|1332202315 im not like trying to advertise this im legitimately just wondering if this is bullcrap or not haha, and im definitely buying this foxbat from bolton..im just curious as heck about this motorcycle scooter "deal" ^^ im just afraid to loose 1300 bucks and want to know if im correct on this being total bull or not.thanks

  27. I just bought a NCM Moscow, love my new bike looking for more. But I have to say this bike is beautiful.

  28. Beautiful foxbat

  29. I’m loking for my first ebike up in Washington State but i cant find the requirements or restions for the different classes but i do know you cant have a bigger motor then 750w. But if i want a dual motor can each be 750 or is that the grand total? I have a bad knee from getting hit head on by a drunk driver when i was 19 so an ebike would help get me arond a lot better, but none of the bike shops up here well answer any emails or questions like they dont know if the bikes are legal or not. If im buying a bike i want it street legal. Can you help me out?

  30. Time to get some mores stock.

  31. Needs larger disc breaks

  32. Next time you record a video make sure you look at the camera

  33. Made in ?

  34. i hate this charge port type so much i broke my lithium BMS because of a stuipid open port like that 15:52

  35. These kind of ebikes are the “station Wagons” of ebikes and not the Sporty looking kind. Why not add a basket on the handle bar?? 😂😂😂

  36. You didn’t even ride WTF 😂

  37. Do you ship to the UK, please.

  38. Cool – waiting delivery of my Lancer!

  39. Received the Fox Bat several weeks ago, but due to moving across town and unpacking all the household stuff and garage shop equipment, didn’t open the nicely package Fox Bat till this morning and assembly went fine after re watching this video. This one came with a different headlight than shown here and I fumbled with the display screen settings some. Seems like no pass word is required right now and understand that adding a password would make it so some one couldn’t just ride off. Being 68 yrs. old and overweight made first ride somewhat wobbly and not been on any bike for many years.
    After the initial ride and couple adjustments and more confidence, I was able to cruise 3 miles and very happy with the Fox Bat, liking the throttle only plus pedal assist. thanks again for this video. Do see a rubber grommet that on the frame where the cables come out has fell out and will try to get it back in place. Happy to get this e bike going and get a little exercise.

  40. I am 5 foot seven 130 pounds would this bike be recommended for me my husband is 6 foot tall 250 pounds is it recommended for him also thank you

  41. Love the aviation themes

  42. What would happen if i bought one and u guys shipped it to canada? would it even be aloud into canada or not cause of the 1000W motor? was looking at buying https://rizebikes.ca/products/leisure?variant=33000671903884 but no i got no clue looking at your guys bikes lol

  43. What are the keys for ???

  44. I certainly intend to get a Bolton ebike, however I am leaning towards a normal size tire instead of the fat tire.

  45. I can’t believe Bafang mid-drives are still being sold with the “Frisbee of Death” chainring. Toss that heavy POS in the trash once you figure out what gearing is best for you and replace it with a much lighter narrow wide chainring. There must be tens of thousands of those chain dropping monstrosities in China. If you’re an importer, tell your supplier to not bother shipping with the Frisbee of Death. Your customers will appreciate it!

  46. That is one bad ass bike. I’m on a RAD City ST (wanting a fix for the battery lock) If I do this again it will be with you.

  47. Another great video, Kyle and all! You’re doing a great job.

  48. I’m looking to get an electric mtb. I like the Rad Rover but can only get 250w in the UK. Is there a way to get the Rad Rover 750w in the Uk or anything similar? Thanks in advance for any info.

  49. Are they shipped without brake pad blocks, What if the pads become a little closed during its shipment? How many amps is the charger?

  50. I enjoy watching your videos because you seem to enjoy your job. Good work sir!

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