Ebike Hack!! Derestrict your ebike! Ebike Tuning. Free!!!

Ebike Hack!! Derestrict your ebike! Ebike Tuning. Free!!!

This works on Giant Trance Ebike and any other ebike that has a sensor on frame with magnet on the rear spokes. This is only for fun, and could void any warranties. After I re positioned the magnet onto the crank the motor would not shut off after 18mph it is awesome!!!
2019 Trance E+ SX Pro with yamaha motor. hit me up if you need help doing it. Have fun!!

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  1. Hi, thanks for the Hack, works a treat, I have noticed on my Giant that if I have it in Turbo mode pulling about 45kms it will throw it into a safe mode. Control light flashing red and not in any one of the five modes. I just turn on and off and all is good. If I run it in economy plus and do about 35km an hour it will keep going. Have you had this happen to you?

  2. Max boosted speed after this mod?

  3. It worked on my Kalkhoff. There is another hack i saw without moving the sensor or magnet. Change the wheel size from 29 to 18 inches and change miles/h to km/h this will read the cut off at 25 km/h but actual speed is 25mph on odo

  4. Also if you can change your wheel circumference on your settings it is the Same principle but still not sure if it affects the climbing ability

  5. This will work on all motors with magnets as the sensor but how does it go up the hill pretty sure it affects the torque on it so doesn’t climb as well

  6. Aight…. Aight i was septic and i test it…. Guy 45km/h top speed wow just hope no futur issue because of that other than that i love it and even on that speed the bike so stable!

  7. Carried this hack out on 2019 giant fathom e 2. It’s works, but at the expense of lower end sensitivity. That acceleration feel has kind of gone and it just kind speeds up smoothly.

  8. I tried the same trick.
    Works great
    Use only one of those super bar magnet
    More than that and your readings go all over the place

    Add your own speedometer to get correct speed
    The bike should read out about 8-9 mph at 20mph


    Super easy to do

  9. Dude show us gps speed on your phone

  10. Wait, your not going any faster but the motor doesn’t cut out ??
    That’s absurd. I have my bosch cx motor tuned with a Bad Ass tuner and i can go waay faster .

  11. Cuz…

    Thank you for this!
    Added this hack to my Giant E+Pro 2 and it works like a charm!
    Appreciate all the videos please keep them coming.

  12. Good day…checking to see if the magnet adjustment is still working for you. No issues with motor shutting down or any other glitches?

  13. That’s rad!

  14. Hello i tried to do this on my giant fastroad e+ but it has a special screw on it.. its like a torx with a hole in the middle and i would like to know if anybody else has this screw and if so do you have a method of getting it out?

  15. what magnet did you put on the crank???

  16. Street Fearfactor January 23, 2021 @ 8:02 pm

    bruh these fuckin youtube scammer ass commercials piss me off….."here i am in my billion dollar office with my gold chair. i can show you what steps to get here…..ahhhh shut the fuck up

  17. This works for a while, but the computer realises that when freewheeling downhill the magnet is not passing the sensor, as it would if it was still on the wheel, you will eventually get a fault code

  18. Mullumbimby madness X212 January 23, 2021 @ 8:08 pm

    Can you do this with any e bike

  19. Can I do this hack on Rocky Mountain power play 2019 model?

  20. Just fyi this will make your bike go into safe mode everytime you stop pedalling because the motor doesn’t sense the rear wheel coasting.. so no coasting… deal breaker for me..

  21. Giovanni Andricciola January 23, 2021 @ 8:11 pm

    Ma poi la velocità effettiva non cambia visto che la rotazione del pedale viene fatta per molto meno della metà della rotazione della ruota.

  22. This is all well and good, but stuff like this gives more fuel to the anti e-bike folks.. I would also bet that the engineers at Giant are working on a fix to this hack..

  23. I had no idea there were emtb’s in the US that didn’t go up to 20mph. I just got a 20’ Commencal MaxMax Power yesterday w/ a Shimano e8000 and according to the sticker it only goes 32kmp. I’m pretty annoyed b/c Commencal didn’t even mention the speed limit in the specifications. I guess I’ll really know when I take it out.

  24. 1:24 There you go. If you ever get stopped by the cops for riding too fast on an "unrestricted" e-bike, you can just explain to the officers that it was done for S A F E T Y .

  25. Thx you bro bless.

  26. DaddyFranky Show January 23, 2021 @ 8:19 pm

    Can i do this on my Giant Fathom E+3 2019 ? With Yamaha Sinc Drive Evo ?
    I’ve never seen before a Tork Screw with a Metal Pillow in the Mid these Type of Screws i’ve never seen im 34 years

  27. why not hack it same go so not need paddle LOL or dont spend money buy one. stole ebike from strret they rent. you can hack then its just bluetooth. i cant rent ebike no cost.wont share! lol

  28. Hi, which torque key do you use please ?

  29. Hello
    have you already disassemble the crank tray side?

  30. Couldn’t you just change your display to the smallest wheel size available & get the same effect? Did you leave the wheel diameter setting factory set to your wheel size?

  31. If it’s not going any faster what’s the point?? I don’t get it…. ;-

  32. Thanks for the helpful video, I can confirm this worked on Shimano too!

  33. Does it ruin the bike in anyway?

  34. this will work on my 2019 turbo levo you think? has anyone tried on their specialized

  35. Raymond San Gabriel January 23, 2021 @ 8:28 pm

    just wonderinf if i can use a circle magnet instead of a rectangular?

  36. Always wondered if someone ripped out the ESC from their bike and installed something like an ASI BAC350 or Grin Phaserunner?

  37. Fuck ya I’m getting 1 tmr

  38. Can I do this by are giant fathom e3 2019?

  39. florentino garcia January 23, 2021 @ 8:33 pm

    Thanks for the helpful video I’m going to install it on a shimano engine in the focus jam2

  40. Has it messed the motor or battery up at all since you have done it ?

  41. Wonder if you move Magnet & it Goes past 20mph if Police will use speed gun & Give you a Ticket?

  42. I have a Giant Dirt E and my dealer unrestricted it in 2 seconds but I did not watch what he was doing but. a few months later I removed the battery for a while and for some reason this resulted in the bike being restricted to 20km/h. I spent some time searching the net but could not find much. But one site mentioned some key combinations that you have to press.
    Pressing the light button 5 times in rapid succession did the trick for me. My bike is now totally unrestricted and I tried it to 50km/h and was still getting assistance from the motor. I asked the dealer again but they were not prepared to tell me what they do to derestrict the motor.
    So try the 5 times light button, it worked for me.

  43. What is size/ name of the bolt holding on the speed reader and where do I get somthing to undo it

  44. So you’re saying E-Bikes are for Grandpas?

  45. Is there any secret buttons or like a speed limit change on a Momas Jason bike?

  46. Giant fathom e+ 3. It’s not working. System is error.

  47. Has the battery range decreased now?

  48. 18?! My Road E+ pro stops assist at 15mph. I love my bike but I just wish I could bump that assist drop to 17 or 18, that would be perfect.. anybody know if there is a way to actually SET the limit? Id rather that than constant assist..

  49. 3:50 kids throwing rocks at car?

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