eBike Style -The Scout (Cheetah) ebike

eBike Style -The Scout (Cheetah) ebike

As stylish eBikes go it’s pretty hard to beat The Scout which is called the Cheetah in the U.S. I got my hands on one for 24 hours and here is my thoughts on this very stylish ebike.

The Scout eBike https://www.boostbikes.co.nz/
Bikes and Barbers who kindly lean’t me the bike https://www.bikesandbarbers.co.nz/
The same bike in the U.S. https://www.civibikes.com/collections/electric-bike-in-stock/products/cheetah-the-cafe-racer

My Video Gear: http://bit.ly/2hbFwqF


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  1. How is it going up hill?

  2. Hi Grant, I visited NZ recently and saw some interesting electric cruiser bikes. I couldn’t believe it when I found your excellent review of the scout. It’s only 6 weeks ago that we were in Arrowtown on a 4×4 tour with Matt from Offroad 4×4 Queenstown, he lives in Arrowtown, a great tour which included Skippers Canyon.
    I’m keen to source a Scout/Cheetah in UK but as yet there are no dealers here. There is one in Germany called Varaneo, I’m not yet sure of the motor power but I expect it will be less powerful than your 750 test bike due to European regulations.
    Thanks again for your great review video. Steve.

  3. Can you ride this on bicycle lanes?

  4. In Canada this bike is called the Cafe Racer. Sold by Krafty Bikes
    I really like mine!

  5. wait, so u dont even need to pedal, just hold the accelerator and it goes????

  6. Very nice bike

  7. Hello, Why twice the price of the vivibike and where to buy in europe ?

  8. Nice vid, thank you! Do you perhaps know ifi available in SA?

  9. I have had one of these for about a year and a half that I bought direct from the Chinese factory for $875. I put Apehanger handlebars on it and the leather saddle bags from my motorcycle and turned it into the coolest bike on Catalina Island. I built a trailer for it to pull my oldest Golden Retriever and my two younger Goldens run along side it.

  10. nice bike !! but think it needs a retro round speed display ,the rectangular display looks out of place ;O )

  11. Throughly enjoyed your review Grant. Love the look of this bike. Cheers, Craig- Gore

  12. Seems like you’re going very fast oh, are you watching for little animals crossing the path? Cool bike, not so cool price.
    and where do you go get coffee ?lol

  13. I have a fat-tire e-bike and love it. Did some additions and "adjusted" its’ looks to suit my tastes and I am really happy with the way it turned out. I really love the civi Cheetah, and a bike shop in my area carries them but…. no suspension. This is the only thing that prevents me from buying this bike. I am in PA., and our roads are bad to say the least! The fat-tires are not enough to make for a fairly good ride. My current bike has front susp. and I installed a sprung seat which makes the ride pretty good even on the rougher roads. Really cool bike though!

  14. Helmet on the head and flip flops ! What the hell – – – –>>

  15. Flip flops are a major no. Not very bright at all

  16. No removeble battery?? Bad!

  17. Copyright wise The Scout name belongs to Indian i would Like to see if this could be a copyright infringement lawsuit

  18. Looks like a great place to live and enjoy a sweet ride!

  19. Love the channel. I’m retired military luving overseas. Dont like the ebikes here. I can get a few thru our small military store (exchange). They carry 2 brand gotrax and glarewheel. Both have very VERY few real reviews. Saw they just started to carry the Glarewheel EB CH (fat tire cafe racer). Did a search… of course little info. Your cheetah video popped up. These things look identical. Maybe you could shed some light. Copies, licensed re brand, RIP off… etc. I’ll try to attach a link if YouTube let’s me. Have you even heard of this company?

  20. Motor!Motor!Motor! IT IS ELECTRIC

  21. Needs Indian style crecent moon Handle bars to complete the Early Motorcycle styling

  22. OMG I love this bike. NZ is brilliant!

  23. Hey, that looks familiar. Also tested the European version on my channel, not that professional and as elaborate as you but nevertheless 馃檪

  24. Sar bike price tell me

  25. wowww!

  26. I’m gonna get avintage look e bike soon. And it’s probably b this one. The greaser is very similar. But too clunky, chunky and heavy. Vintage electric do amazing bikes. Slightly better. But they want at least 拢5000.
    This is very good value for money. You get a great looking bike. It goes anywhere. And it saves your legs. I have a health condition that limits my energy greatly. So 75% of time I will use its electric motor.
    But for 拢2300 or so. Very good bike.
    It has a ww2 Germany army look.
    If u rode this in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, u would not get anywhere. Cause folk would regularly be stopping you with questions, compliments.

  27. Just get rid of the OFF-ROAD-Tires………Off road tires on a cruiser.?????????.Paul

  28. New Zealand looks some place. One day. One day.

  29. What pressure would you recommend in tyres

  30. Bike price tell me sir and bike give me

  31. I am from India

  32. Jennifer Slattery February 9, 2021 @ 9:10 pm

    Nice photo-bomb, very smooth.

  33. The price is double than in the US .. why?

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