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  1. Hex_hacker09 on insta did a wonderful job for got my password back never doubts him💓

  2. Noob video do not need to remove crank
    2 bolts to remove plastic cover

  3. is there no way to do this with some firmware flash?

  4. Hex_hacker09 on insta did a wonderful job for got my password back never doubts him💓

  5. Will this work on my 2018 cannondale moterra?

  6. Can you do this without the crank puller? My Speedbox 3 just arrived (Amazon) but now I’m seeing the installation video and it uses the puller. Now I’m finding that Speedbox actually sells it on their website but now I would have to wait awhile for it to arrive.

  7. Happy Days Together November 27, 2020 @ 7:51 pm

    Hi man. Do you know if it will work with the new trek rail 9.8 2021? Because the display .. I mean the visor is diferent. Could you help with this question please? Thanks so much

  8. Does the speedbox works with the kiox controller? If yes, can you share instructions?

  9. Installed mine 2017 scott ,bosch cx ,in minutes ,works fabulous

  10. Can this be detectable when I put my bike in for repair if any problems arise with my motor or battery ?

  11. Hi there, I’m having problems with the 3.0 speed box. Bike won’t start after installing the device. Help

  12. can this also install to Bosch active line plus?

  13. easy to install, complicated to use.

  14. Will the "Park Tool CWP-7" work to remove the crank arm on a trek rail?

  15. Channel Zero One November 27, 2020 @ 8:08 pm

    Can the dealer software detect if this was installed even when its been removed? Got a fresh ebike and dont want to void the warranty. It cuts out at 14 mph which is kind a lame.

  16. hello, it’s now mid 2020 and Bosch just had an update for the CX that upped the torque. Will this affect the way this device works or not. Thanks

  17. Do you really need to remove the pedal to fit the speedbox

  18. Just be careful, Bosch diagnostic software is pretty smart in identifying speed boxes and your guarantee is gone.

  19. Does this support topstone neo carbon 4 for Japan spec?

  20. Active Line Plus. I did not end up needing to remove the crank arm to gain access to the wiring. The placement for the connectors to the motor varied from that in the video. I ended up having to loosen the motor from the bike frame to get enough wiggle room in the wiring to remove the plugs. First ride, on the dirt track behind my house, worked great.

  21. Found an interesting post on emtb forum telling also NOT TO PLUG THE CHARGER WHILE THE COUNTDOWN BOSCH 4th GEN – 504 LIMP MODE post!

    Just wanted to share some info and insights for Bosch Gen4 motors and tuning kits and the dreaded 504 limp mode code.

    We spoke to the Speedbox factory directly about this issue, so here are some insights about Speedbox 3.0 and Limp mode:

    Speedbox 3.0 tuning motors experiences limp mode (504) when the count-down is not done correctly for 3-4 times. The count-down is the way Speedbox walks-around the anti-tuning system from Bosch. When you ride the bike, you must leave the count down go to zero on the speedometer.
    If you do interrupt the count-down for too many times (3-4 times in a row) then 504 error might pop-up. This 504 is easily fixed:
    You have to completely uninstall the Speedbox and ride for 90 minutes with speed limits. The error then disappears.
    If Bosch motor has 3 of these 504 errors – you might need to take the motor to the workshop where Bosch mechanic will reset the motor, but this voids the warranty then.
    What else interrupts the countdown?
    Once the ride is finished, you should wait till the count down stops to zero in order to charge the bike. Charging without waiting for the count down come to zero interrupts the countdown.
    Another thing, sometimes when you ride and stop at a stoplight or take a breath – there is no other way just to pedal when the countdown is started, but its ok to interrupt one or two times in a row – its important not to interrupt it 3-4 times in a row.
    Just be careful when the countdown starts to let it finish, whether it takes 10 seconds or 5 minutes

  22. What size crank puller do you use for a haibike?

  23. Wooly Chewbakker November 27, 2020 @ 8:17 pm

    “Tuning”? How is this described as tuning? Just move the speed sensor to the pedal crank arm, achieves the same thing. Just makes the Drive System think the bike is going slower than it is.

  24. 고맙습니다.

  25. Will it work on gazelle heavy duty ladies 2020 model?

  26. Wanna do this with my Tern GSD S10. Has anyone tried it?

  27. I read on the Bosch website that the motors can detect that it’s going faster than it should and goes into a low run mode that can only be reset by a Bosch technician with a code. Is that true?

  28. Wish you shipped to New Zealand

  29. Will this work on my cube reaction pro 625 and what one do i need thanks in advance

  30. Gen4 cx with latest software done, has this affected the usability of speedbox 3, are all the functions and options still available and is it detectable for warrenty work

  31. Here also with badass box 4 it ends to fail with error 504 after ~300miles
    (i have started to pay a 2021 cube cx but finally will ask for refund to my dealer until there is a good working product)

  32. I did not need to remove the crank arm on my 2020 Riese and Muller Delite.
    Just removed the two screws for the cover and voila simple install.
    First ride today and everything worked well.
    My bike does have the 85nm update.
    Thanks !!

  33. Installed mine back in January on the top of the range Trek Mountain bike. I have done at least 50 long rides with it without any problems at all, It just works every time. I don’t know what the "leave on until 0 is shown" means. Sometimes I forget and turn it off straight away without waiting for 0, but it makes no difference, it still works normally every time.

  34. So does this work on any bosch motor, or only on some specific types?

  35. Ich habe ein Cube aus 2019 … 3. Generation … ist dieser Chip kompatibel?

  36. I have a speedbox 2 fitted on my second Bosch motored MTB. This works excellent and I wouldn’t be without it. One thing I have noticed though and it happened on my KTM and now on my Cube is it knocks some mileage off your total miles? Has anyone else noticed this. Im not complaining as it keeps my mileage down and will help when I sell it 😊

  37. How best to get this installed if I don’t personally own the tools used in the video?

  38. As mentioned in the posts below, the hardest part of this install is keeping all the wires in place as you install the motor cover. I suspect this procedure wasn’t shown in the video because it is very hard to do.

  39. I have the speedbox 3.0 for the bosch performance line cx gen4 with the purion display. the speed is jumping between real speed and half speed. what can be the reason for? can someone help?

  40. Will this work with my Hitachi massager?

  41. Where can I purchase the crank puller tool?

  42. I’ve got mine today, installed on Cube stereo hybrid 140, kiox display, easy to install, no problems with fitting wires, easy to set up, works fine! The only issue is that actually it gives you boost up to +/- 50 km/h on turbo mode, so no way you can ride much faster than 50 km/h. Still I am happy to have it, more options and more fun than speed limited to 25 km/h.

  43. You should always consider liability issues. If involved in an accident and the hack is discovered, you will not be covered by any insurance. If you harm someone any liability insurance will also become void – and that could cost you millions- If you want speed get a motorcycle.

  44. Works this with Bosch Smartphone Hub ??

  45. I have a gen 4 cx cube stereo if i have a warrenty issue is this detectable once disconnected?

  46. Will this work with the new update just came out recently?
    And does it effect the EMTB mode that ensures even better control on the trail since the new update?

  47. Does it work on the Bosch active plus Japanese version?

  48. This is a report from a user that has the new software installed (85 NM vs 75NM) Displ : 4.0.0 DU: 1.1.00 Bat : 1.1.0 =>
    "I got a 3rd error not much later than my last response. After that I pulled the SpeedBox3 and battery then road it for some hours then reinstalled it and now it seems to work somewhat being that I don’t get Errors any more but it sometimes cuts out for a few second when i am over 25k then I just push the walk bottom and it takes off again. Another thing I have noticed is the display ( computer) will not shut off after 10 minutes automatically when the SpeedBox3 is installed it counts 1K ever 10 minutes even when the bike is standing still.

  49. Tuomas Paasovaara November 27, 2020 @ 8:44 pm

    Does it work on the motor of this bike?
    Also if I order from will the package include an english language manual?

  50. Does it work with cobi display? because walk button is ring ring 🙂

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