Ecotric 500W fat tire e-bike review: $850 and not bad!

Ecotric 500W fat tire e-bike review: $850 and not bad!

The 500 W Ecotric fat tire bike is just $850 ( but performs surprisingly well for its budget price. Check out my full review on Electrek here:

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  1. Garbage I ordered one last month and it did not even make it one mile before the motor broke , customer service has been a pain and it’s been 3 weeks now and customer service is still having me send videos, Warning Do Not buy they do not honor there 18 month warranty and I think they have been giving me the run-around for almost a month now so now the 30days is up so I can’t send back, this company is a scam , I had ordered 3 of these bikes sold 2 and the one I kept is a dud, this company is horrible.

  2. Does this bike have an adjustable seat?

  3. This review sold me….his review is pretty accurate. I’ve been pretty happy with it.

  4. How does it compare with Lectric XP?

  5. I have this bike it’s a great entry level efattire bike. Easily upgradeable & affordable.
    Somethings are great and something’s not so much. But the things that are questionable are easily upgradeable.
    The seat is the worst looks great though.
    I just ordered a comfort seat no biggie.
    The frame is great. The non suspension front fork not so much. It will get upgraded to a cheap 100mm oil spring setup. The pedals are metal. I don’t like them, but my friend with mountain bike does. I’ll swap his nylons for them. The tires are awesome. The seatpost not so much. Will be upgraded to a suspension seatpost. The display is good. The battery so far is great. The paint Job is great. Flatblack satin EVERYBODY thinks this bike looks hot and it does. The styling of this bike was well thought out. The straight bars are good. The grips are great and throttle is good so far. The rear brake is very good cable actuated. The front brake not so much. Cable actuated. And I think that has something to do with that so so front fork. But with just a front hydraulic setup it would be great. Comes with a bell it’s cool. All the cables are routed very well. The battery very good. One surprise is if the battery is in the bike. It will turn on. Key only locks and unlocks it from the frame. The 500 watt motor is enough for me. And I’m 6.5 250.
    It’s a large bike and a bit heavy, but not to bad. I use walk mode to crawl it up The stairs all the time. The quick release levers. One on the seat post and one on the front wheel. Not that great. They will get replaced with better ones. The 26脳4 rims there very good. But I don’t do jumps. Up and down curbs occasionally and potholes. It arrived neatly packaged and went together quite easily. The front stem on the handle bars seems very nice. The shifter and derailer seem good enough and the chain. But I don’t shift much. And obsessively clean the chain. My two biggest complaints are that seat has great style and looks great. But it’s in the top two worst bike seats I ever owned. And service and warranty work concern me even though so far no probs except maybe that front fork could be a little wonky. But great looking entry level ebike so far. Toodles
    Drove it thru a tropical storm 7 miles. Some deep water. No problem.
    Had one bad crash going down a long concrete stairway. Bike got scratched but didn’t faze it. I took a bad beating though.
    It’s a solid ebike.

  6. What do you think about it looking for a e bike for trails and cruising first time buyer looking for something decent not too expensive too was looking at rad rover

  7. This bike should be delivered tomorrow…i am a avid rider of a marin 2xl commuter bike.. I hope this bike isnt too little for me.. When I think of 26 inch bike i think of the ones walmart sells
    I bought this bike based on what people have said about it.. Since it is my fist e bike I disnt want to break the bank any more than its already broken lol
    I can ride 20+ miles now without a e bike so I’m totally expecting a much further ride
    Since I’m way passed my off roading and bmx days and pretty much just ride to work once in a while and on the trails as much as I can.. I’m thinking this bike will be a great addition .. I got the orange rims… I am hoping to be able to take the decals off for simple look

  8. Can anyone please help me with the size guide ? I’m 5’6" can I ride this bike ?

  9. Do the different pedal assist levels correspond to the top speed that can be achieved or how much power is being used?

  10. I bet it rides pretty rough with no suspension at all…

  11. Also did you not read what’s included in it? It sounds like you were shocked there were no break lights and…whatja say, stickers? I turned out.
    f for this review. Thumbs downski.
    #just my opinion

  12. I have this bike since mid march with over 570 miles on.

  13. I love my Ecotric Rocket , it`s like this model but comes with a front suspension. Can be had on the website for $899 after a $100 discount coupon.

  14. So it鈥檚 shit

  15. I am poor who can buy someone for me to feel happy

  16. Daniel Navarrette November 25, 2020 @ 7:22 pm

    Just buy the Lectric XP is way better bike at $899 it comes with a Samsung battery which is hidden inside the frame. You have to remember that electric bikes are not permitted in some parks or places. So it is nice to have a bike that look non-electric and blend in with the crowd.

  17. I’m 70 years old and I bought this exact model got it for $839.00 included shipping, I looked around and the radrover fat boy was the next thing close to this and almost double the price! I love it I actually had an ezip trailz for years and of course they were a great bargain and actually faster then most think! I use mine for exercise and it’s pretty fast about 23-25 mph and I get great battery milage when this battery dies I will upgrade the battery a bit! But all in all this was perfect for me and gets the job done as I don’t do much off road anyway just a trail here and there! I keep the tires at 18psi and that works for me! I didn’t have issues with hills although I’m in FL and we don’t have to many steep grades!

  18. I have the same thing and I love it. For the price it had good reviews. I live in a small town and it’s quite enough for me.

  19. I have the Ecotric White folder….A 36 volt battery and a 500 watt hub. The bike weighs about 65 lbs and is rated for a 240 lb. rider. I weigh 300 lbs. and I’m 6’2" with a 30" inseam. The handlebars and seat have enough adjustment room to work for me.
    I can easily exceed 15 MPH on the level ( FAST ENOUGH!) with better than 15 mile range. REMEMBER: I am exceeding the weight limit of this bike by 60 lbs!
    This reviewer, based on my ownership of a similar bike, has provided a good overview of what to expect from this bike. Even though I am exceeding the weight limits of this bike, I am still enjoying it’s use.

    I paid $800 on Amazon and consider it a good value.

  20. Just got mine its money very well spent.Well made,and easy to put together. Also pretty fast.Love it to death. I will update this comment as ride more !

  21. I’m 4000 miles in commuting year round. Rain, ice, snow and all. If you want and affordable option, this is the way to go, it’s a good bike.

  22. William Penn jr. November 25, 2020 @ 7:32 pm

    I think the frame and handling of the bike is more important than the battery because new battery tech is coming out all the time, so you might as well save the money on the battery . That’s better than finding yourself looking for an entire new bike in a couple of years. Just make sure you get a bike that can withstand a speed upgrade.

  23. number

  24. I contacted these folks asking for specifications. I wanted to know what I was buying. They replied with the suggestion that I look elsewhere. I took their advice. Lots of bikes don’t last a thousand miles before becoming a repair and maintenance nightmare. I ride a lot. Most bikes are a joy when they are brand new. They are fine for people who are never going to put very many miles behind them. I would like to see reviews of bikes with more than fifty thousand miles on them. I have one. It is 34 years old. It still looks good and is a joy to ride.

  25. Is this too tall for a 5’7 person?

  26. William Penn jr. November 25, 2020 @ 7:38 pm

    Since I’ve never ridden an e-bike before I don’t see how any of them would not be impressive, So if a guy who’s ridden dozen of high caliper bikes says its good then that’s good enough for me.

  27. Over volt it say with 48/52 volt battery certainly would give it a bit more Gide up.

  28. The Ecotric Rocket costs $1000, but with a coupon you can get it for $900, nearly the same price as this. And it has front suspension.

  29. How鈥檚 the battery life ? If I get 48v12 the battery 馃攱 can hold for 4 hours ?

  30. If my budget was ~$1k, what fat tire would you recommend?

  31. can you upgrade the brake system with a top name brand like Shimino ?

  32. My state law only allows 500 whatt

  33. This review makes no sense. Every time he says "it’s not bad" he’s comparing this sub $900 bike with bikes 2 to 3 times the price! Look. For what you’re paying, you’re getting a considerable amount of bike! Used to be you couldn’t touch an ebike for under $2k, less under $1k! And this one is way below that even! I’m sure that the "pro ebike" rider wouldn’t even look at this bike. But for the casual weekend rider or suburb rider…this is more than sufficient!

  34. i like the fat tire bike &850

  35. Still feel like the Ecotric Flash 500w matt black is the best 799$ budget mountain bike. front suspension included!

  36. Is this an ebike that can be slowly upgraded?

  37. I love my Ecotric! 鉁岋笍馃槑

  38. i lke electrek bike

  39. Take that money and buy kit and make a better bike

  40. I always wondered what this bike would do with a 52 volt battery. Would it be awesome, or would you just fry the controller?

  41. Great video! I have done two ecotric bike reviews on my channel. Check them out! One when I first got it and then I did a follow-up review at 2000 miles. I love this bike! Cheers 馃檪

  42. You should not be reviewing bikes if you’re suprised that a lower power bike is lower power than high power bikes lmao. The worst part of this bike is your review. It’s okay butttt. This is nice buuut. You get what you pay for, my lady.

  43. Can I have the bike

  44. I have dual 500w motors

  45. Great review, so question what would you suggest in the a day ebike for $1200 or less?

  46. Call me 6392208749

  47. How fast can it go?

  48. Do you know any details on this bikes BMS? how many amps can the battery delivery safely? I have a hard time researching anything about this bike and theres no customer service…… they couldnt even tell me the dropouts…. they have no idea…. it feel like they bought these bikes from someone slapped stickers on them and resold them.. I want to do modifications to mine….. like all wheel drive with 2 10 amp controllers or 2 20 amp controllers… something like that…

  49. how much does it way?

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