Effortless Biking With the GeoOrbital E-Wheel

Effortless Biking With the GeoOrbital E-Wheel

A bicycle retrofitted with a GeoOrbital, electric-powered front wheel demands a light thumb: Touch the throttle lever on the handlebar a little too hard, and you lurch ahead.

“You catch on in half an hour,” says Michael Burtov, the founder of GeoOrbital. I rode around for just 10 minutes, so I never quite caught on. But it sure beats pedaling.

It took Bartov less than a minute to fit his wheel to the bike and a few seconds more to slip the 3.4-kilogram (7.5 lb.) battery pack into its holder, which hangs where the spokes would be, if the wheel had spokes. Instead, its rim orbits around a circular frame, under the motive power of a 500-watt motor. That power is delivered through two rubber rollers, which grip the inward part of the rim.

The wheel is covered in hard rubber, which means you’ll be missing the cushioning effect of an inner tube. The wheel also adds some 9 kilograms to the bike, and though most of the mass is slung close to the ground, it does seem to make turning a bit harder. GeoOrbital has launched a KickStarter campaign to raise money for mass production.

Read More: http://spectrum.ieee.org/cars-that-think/transportation/alternative-transportation/riding-geoorbitals-allinthewheel-ebike

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  1. Friction motor especially in wet conditions has really poor efficiency also most of the weight is now in the front wheel which is also the wheel that you have to turn = bad for maneuvering and balance.

  2. Good marketing – they sure know how to make it look cool… LMAO

  3. Interesting integrating the battery into the hub motor. Isn’t it a problem for the battery with all those jarring shocks and bumps?

    Sadly, in my country this must be registered as a road vehicle (motorcycle), since it’s greater than 200 watts.

  4. Why didn’t they send an actual cyclist to try it out?? Shall we send someone without a drivers license to go drive the latest electric cars, so we get an honest unbiased opinion??

  5. Does it turn too?

  6. …….so, have they fixed the demonstrated propensity of the rim to deform and wobble yet?

  7. Airless wheel and front end heavy? ah.. NO.

  8. look at this dude haha look at this dude!!

  9. have fun bashing up curbs with that

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