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  1. Title made me stop- thought it “Broke Down”! Lol

  2. Gabriela Eisenberg February 11, 2021 @ 8:45 pm

    Could’ve should’ve mentioned tires? I noticed a difference betweeen the last two bikes especially but you didn’t mention it

  3. for me there isn’t going to be a next time.

  4. How do we turn on walk assist on the bike??

  5. next time show the whole bike in all angles!! whats the point of only showing the front??

  6. I purchased the 1500.00 pedal assist go townie 5 weeks ago From my local bicycle shop.
    It’s very easy to use and I absolutely love the color, Turquoise, I get a lot of compliments as I’m riding around town. It was really going well until I came down with a flat After a week of owning it And of course it was the rear wheel where all the components are, Unfortunately! Took it back to the bike shop and they fixed the flat tire. When i rode it again it didn’t seem the same as it did before the flat tire! ONE WEEK LATER , I Started out for a long bike ride and 10 minutes into to
    my ride I get another flat with the SAME REAR TIRE!!!!! I was stranded and after an hr. some nice people picked me up and the bike with their pick up truck and gave me a ride to the bike shop where I had it fixed with the 1st FLAT. My pedal assist has not been right since the 2 flats,
    It seems to be lagging going uphill like someone is grabbing the rear tire and then letting it go,
    So basically what I’m trying to say there is a hesitation of go and drag . Brought it back to the bike shop and they said they fixed it but it really is doing the same thing. I really love this bike but since I had the flats it’s not the same bike. At why would I get 2 flat tires in one week, Are these tires that badd that they can take a little bit of Street gravel!!!!
    Very disappointed in this go townie bike. Any feedback?
    I would appreciate anyone’s help on this. This bike was 1500.00, not cheap!

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