Electric bicycle in Tokyo Japan

Electric bicycle in Tokyo Japan

My Panasonic electric bicycle has been around 40 kilometers one charge

I am traveling a lot to JAPAN
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  1. cool video bro….. I wanted a ebike but decided to get a motorized engine kit, cause I hated the range and charge time with the ebikes

  2. Nice ride man keep biking!!!

  3. Nice video! I heard that Electric bike is illegal in Japan, is that true? If yes, have you got any trouble from that before?

  4. if you want more videos like this you have to go to my other channel:

    this channel is for motorcycles…

  5. Was the ramen place at Homac?

  6. nice video. may i know where you rented the bike? I am going to tokyo next week and it is my first time, I would like to rent a bike and explore the area. thanks much.

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