Electric Bike Company Model M Review – 1.7k

Electric Bike Company Model M Review – 1.7k

https://electricbikereview.com/electric-bike-company/model-m/ The Electric Bike Company Model M is a super approachable wave style step-thru cruiser with small 24″ wheels that keep the frame low to the ground. Assembled and customized in America. Extremely well supported with great customer service and an industry leading five year comprehensive warranty! Ships fully assembled, 100% ready to ride. Extra emphasis on charger and battery quality here with extra fuses and higher quality parts. Comes standard with bright integrated lights (two 6-LED lights on the rear!) Optional rear rack comes with a blinking tail light pre-installed. Powerful 180mm hydraulic disc brakes with thick 2.3mm rotors, quad piston calipers, and large adjustable-reach levers with motor inhibitors. Color LCD display with full sized USB charging port on the side, lots of adjustment options in the display settings. Highly adjustable drive modes offer Class 1, 2, or 3 operation (pedal assist, throttle, and 25mph options). The variable speed trigger throttle is easy to use and the sealed 12-magnet cadence sensor performs consistently. Extra large saddle and long steel handlebar provide great comfort, but EBC sells an optional seat post and suspension fork upgrade for further comfort. Amazing range of upgrade options including high capacity battery pack for extended range (20ah vs. 10.5ah), paint matched steel fenders and chain cover (or real wood), MIK compatible rear rack, cup holder and waterproof speakers, bags and custom-painted baskets… Price jumps considerably if you change from the stock white color, shipping costs extra, the headlight does not point where you steer, steel parts can rust if scratched (but they include touch-up paint).

0:00 Introduction
0:36 Price and comparison to EBC Model Y
1:47 Frame, handlebar, fork
2:43 Drivetrain options (single speed vs. 7-speed)
3:04 Custom paint discussion
3:38 Wood fender upgrade overview
4:56 Rear rack upgrade overview
6:26 Bike weight and distribution
6:34 Hydraulic disc brake details
7:11 Hub motor, more drivetrain discussion
10:39 Company details and USA assembled
11:12 Grips, handlebar, saddle adjustment
12:53 Car rack compatibility
13:31 Special guest rides and interview
21:46 Cold weather discussion, bar mitts
22:38 Battery placement and charging
24:26 Enabling pedal assist (PAS) vs. throttle only
24:56 Other general thoughts
26:19 Battery details and options
27:41 Display operation and lights
30:03 Display advanced settings menu
31:02 Ride test begins
33:18 Frame mounted camera
35:38 Conclusion

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  1. Goobfilm cast May 1, 2021 @ 12:30 am

    Dude…..I’m doing a GoFundMe to raise money for your haircut

  2. Goobfilm cast May 1, 2021 @ 12:33 am

    Price – Features – Look/Frame – Accents – Color – Style….These guys know their market….My Grandma….I am not kidding

  3. Love my M

  4. Glad to see you back.

  5. Tyson Roehrkasse May 1, 2021 @ 12:47 am

    "It’s snowing and we’re looking at a beach cruiser!"

    That cracked me up XD

  6. Malcolm Duncan May 1, 2021 @ 12:48 am

    take a breath??

  7. They need to do a better job explaining the differences between the bikes on their website. Also it would be good to point out the color customization costs $400, so it’s starting at $2099 realistically.

  8. do one on sohoo e bike

  9. BRAXTON PERRY May 1, 2021 @ 1:04 am

    Gr8 review
    Pass along
    That they have
    Invented a device
    Called a center
    Stand and if standard
    Might get common
    Sense. Customer base
    Thanks aga

  10. I like the company and I actually chatted with Sean online ; he was a very nice guy. BUT, I feel the bike is overpriced and shipping is an extra 250 It does come totally assembled . That is a plus but not plus enough for the price. The warranty is longer than Rad but you actually pay for it imho. The M 1699.00 price is stock color and not blue as shown. Add in the custom color, painted basket, wood fenders and chain guard, and the rear rack ;the grand total is over 3100 with tax and shipping. I went with the RAD mini step through instead because it is a great ebike. It has much wider tires. I added a rear rack and nantucket basket for 150. So the grand total for Rad is 1750. If I got the M in white and add in the rear rack with shipping and tax it is about 2250. I dont see the benefit for me to go with the M .

  11. Michael Neeley May 1, 2021 @ 1:06 am

    I own the Model C (Classic) and after seeing the quality and craftsmanship on EBC’s products I order the Model M for my wife. She’s petite but I felt the Model M with 24" wheels would be a good fit. After your review I believe I made the right choice. Thanks for doing the review on the Model M, during winter and snowfall. Looking out the window now and we have 12 inches of the white stuff. My bike is resting in the basement until the temperature hits 52.

  12. Very interesting that the front basket doesn’t turn with the steering. Kind of look strange. Great review as usual and a very interesting bike.

  13. Could you do a video on your best bikes for mobility aids? I use an electric scooter right now because I can’t walk long distances.

    Here’s some criteria for a mobility aid ebike:
    Easy to get on – How high do i need to lift my legs?
    Best bike for tall/short people
    Comfortable seat – narrow seats can be painful
    Power – Can it take hills? Pedaling is painful!
    Weight – Lighter bikes are easier to transport

    Durability – A large % of disabled ppl are unemployed and buying a new scooter every couple of years isn’t feasable

    If you do this I would be very grateful! I’m needing to replace my scooter and this would save me so much time and $!

  14. Robert Throssell May 1, 2021 @ 1:08 am

    A gr8 review with help from the locals, nice one Court..

  15. Edmund Gaeta May 1, 2021 @ 1:17 am

    Thanks so much for your videos, they are really helpful. New bike in my area called Rebel Bikes Electric. Would love a review on it if your ever back in So Cal . The shop is located on
    Jefferson Ave. in Murrieta Ca.

  16. Andrew Enriquez May 1, 2021 @ 1:21 am

    i watch all the videos you’ve done for the last few years, and my absolute favorite videos are when you do this where you let a passerby try the bike and get their experience, it’s so much great info letting a layman try the bikes and hear their experiences. thank you for making all these!

  17. 馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋

  18. Pedro Fernandez May 1, 2021 @ 1:23 am

    How about reviewing it at Newport beach where it really belongs? And you’d be happier too.

  19. Andre Butler May 1, 2021 @ 1:26 am

    Taking advantage of poor people

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