Electric Bike component tester – the perfect troubleshooting tool!

Electric Bike component tester – the perfect troubleshooting tool!

Check out a simple and easy way to check ebike components with this one little tool! For more tips and tricks about electric bikes, subscribe to my email list: http://bit.ly/2zp3Hb2

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  1. George Wheeler-Brownlee December 8, 2020 @ 9:01 pm

    Thank you for the video. I ordered a tester a couple of weeks ago not knowing it was going to be coming on a slow boat from China. Strongly suspect that stocking would result in some profit.

  2. David Ross miller December 8, 2020 @ 9:01 pm

    Where did you buy the extinction adapter please.

  3. Great video. How can I check a pedal assist sensor.

  4. I’m a big believer in using the right tool for the job. I would definetely be interested in this tool. Thanks for all the great videos. Please keep them comming.

  5. I purchased a motor kit, 48v, 1000 w battery and connect but bike has a julet harness. Can this tool test wires inside the julet harness. Bike worked one day. Second day twisted throttle and front hub motor jutters back and forward. Wheel not fully spinning forward.

  6. Yes I鈥檓 interested in the component tester. On a budget of course but interested.

  7. Will like to see the review of the 2019 Radrover. Do include in the problem you had with the bike.

  8. I’m interested. A connector for g510 controller would be good for me.

  9. please put me down for one… thanks

  10. I saw a vid where the U2br put conected two ebikes w/ a seat between for a parapplegic friend.
    JerryRigEverything – Homemade Off Road Electric Wheelchair
    then I saw this vid ElectricBikeRevie – Sun Seeker Fat Tad Electric Trike
    among the list of required items – i would believe – reverse should be included.
    just an idea for you ( or anyone else ) as a crazy, over the top, but still totally cool future build.
    luv your channel for the impressive instruction vids you put out. ty

  11. did you get some of these in to sell ??

  12. Outstanding video, but and the tester looks great. However, you only briefly mentioned the adapter cable. That, so far, has been my main problem in testing my broken ebike. I have a Cyclamatic that won’t start. I have a meter but I can’t figure how to make the connections, which, on the ebike, are extremely small. Know where to get that adapter cable?

  13. Thanks sir for this video ,have you made it for your own or it is available in market?

  14. I’m interested with having that cool tool!

  15. Found this exact device on Google/eBay: (I removed the link out of respect for Kyle) – sorry Kyle I wanted one now ;~)

  16. Richard Burguillos December 8, 2020 @ 9:20 pm

    Great little tester. I agree, much easier than trying to stare at a multimeter. Take it a step further and show something failing and how one might fix it and then see how now it passes. Thanks

  17. Where did you get the adapter from?

  18. I have a Sohoo ebike 3 months old, the display comes on briefly then goes off, error code 006. I purchased one of these units still waiting for it it arrive, do you think it might prove helpful diagnosing my problem?

  19. Approximate Price $$

  20. Arrows & Pellets December 8, 2020 @ 9:26 pm

    It would be a big help, looks easy enough to use.

  21. Where do you find tha adapater cable?

  22. Great device for us to have on hand! Very interested in having one!

  23. Hi thanks! A Q about the throttle we dont use in EU or some parts not. We speed up with the use of 1-5 voltage regulater and a switch from the pedals. and when you stop pedalling it stops. Will it fit for us that device you had there?

  24. Maybe a silly question, do I need to remove my motor to test the different components of my ebike?

  25. Always good to have the right tool for the job.

  26. Okay, I’ll take it! How much and where do I get it? I got a similar one for my 48v elec scooter, but I don’t know how it works and I don’t have the adaptor cables.

  27. Cockeyed Optomist December 8, 2020 @ 9:37 pm

    yes, i would be interested in buying this. also, kindly make a video on how to test and troubleshoot one’s Lithium Ion battery (stupid, yes, but there be more to it than i currently know).

  28. I would be a good piece of equipment to have for testing of ebikes. Will they work or all makes and models of manufactures or is it limited to specific ones?

  29. Thank you. I would like to get one, later, maybe next year, when my finances are better.

  30. I would buy one depending on the price point being reasonable. PS Your videos are always so damn professional, and informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  31. Can anyone detail the adapter cables I need to test the motor?

  32. Colorful Simple Life_Art December 8, 2020 @ 9:40 pm

    Yes, I would be interested if it works with a 2018 Radrover and the price was within reason : )

  33. Like the shirt!

  34. so it can test a motor controller .. any voltages or wattage specs needed to use the tester?

  35. I’m sort of handy, but I hope my bike never breaks, because I doubt if I could fix it.

  36. Yellowdog Welding, Bill December 8, 2020 @ 9:45 pm

    Very cool. Glad there is more and more about ebikes out there. A very good time in catching up to what is going on in other parts of the world.
    Any comments on ways to get around speed limiters on ebikes? I have a Badass Box 4 mounted on a E6000 shimano set up just waiting for a couple feet of snow to melt so I can test it out. Ha!

  37. Thanks, this was very useful.

  38. Thanks for the video. Just one thing though, I’m currently having trouble with my pas sensor. My problem is that I dont know if the trouble is in the sensor or the controller. I didn’t notice if your tester had an input to test the pas sensor itself, of the sensor circuit in the controller. Does it? Many thanks

  39. Whatsup Kyle? I would definitely purchase one if you were selling them . You’re the Guru.

  40. Kyle having such a diagnostic device, make perfect sense. I have a Rad City that only has 162 miles on it. A month ago, I went for a ride on a very hot day, and parked the bike in the sun for 10 minutes. When I went to start out again, the PAS, nor the throttle worked . Rad was good with their response, sent me a controller and a wire harness, but still not working. Now waiting for a new motor and wheel. Cars have an OBD 2 diagnostic device, and it make perfect sense to have a bike diagnostic device. Thank you.

  41. Kyle,
    I think that would be a great thing to have especially if you don’t have a lot experience working on your ebike. If the cost is expensive maybe 2 or more friends could chip in together to purchase it.

  42. I love your shirt ! Very cool …

  43. Yes, please get in stock! Thanks!

  44. Is this available yet? I sure can use one.

  45. Urban Fatbike Rider December 8, 2020 @ 9:52 pm

    Nice handy little tool I would buy one

  46. Hi. I just got a Lectric Xp about a week ago and the back tire is locking up. I loosened my brake calipers and it will move about 2 feet freely and lock up again!

  47. Looks to be a handy tool to have in your box of tricks. 馃憤

  48. Good informative video….BUT….where do we get the adaptor cable from ??

  49. yesssss would like one

  50. I’d buy it

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