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We wanted to answer the question of “whats the difference between this power package vs that power package?”. we finally did. this video shows what a standard industry wattage level of 250-750 watts vs Hi Power Cycles power packages of 2000w or more. Whats the real differences in real performance? we hope to answer that question with this video.

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  1. Where is your shop located???

  2. hey thats a nice neighborhood! is that the BRADY house?😄

  3. Make the sprocket on the motor bigger with more teeth and it will make your eb go faster.

  4. DJMARK ANTHONY SPECIAL FORCES January 1, 2021 @ 10:08 pm

    Wow the 9000 w

  5. The trike prob feels fast af too being low to the ground. Thing is, you can definitely build a bike with a kit and a few additional parts for a fraction of the cost. It would be uber competitive against these high priced builds as well.

  6. What about the 500 watt

  7. Dear people, does anyone volunteer with me and give me an electric bike? I am poor, I cannot buy a bike, so whoever wants to help me is very grateful

  8. SAd how the goverment wastes time establishing laws on ebikes to go only 27 mph. That’s slow and boring. Stronger ebikes could be treated like cars, and be street legal. If they can go at car speed, it should be treated as a car and have the same laws as a car or motor cycle!

  9. Sgt Schmo here; So exceeding the speed limit in a 35mph zone. It’s all on video. Your tickets will arrive shortly in the mail. Bribes are not out of the question and preferred.

  10. My 350w does better work than that 750

  11. DiCarlo Thompson January 1, 2021 @ 10:24 pm

    old video I guess, but what about gear ratios and stuff. That 750w on the right gearing could keep up with that 2000w bike easily. I know because I put a 500w motor on a scooter, overvolted it by 33% , changed the gearing and at 190 pounds did 33 mph

  12. You should add the price difference too cause that’s a huge favor

  13. I don’t think those races are accurate. Like what are the batteries’ specs? That plays a big role. You can have the biggest motor, with a shitty battery, and you’ll still go slow.

  14. Thanks this was very helpful cause I’m going to get myself a ebike soon

  15. Quietest hoons in history.

  16. But top speed come to from volts not from waat 😂😂

  17. I had no choice BUT to shop for the SALE PRICE, but guess what? got 2 great fat tire e bikes for less than $2000 from AMAZON! both fast 500W with 48V batteries but one is 26" and the other 20". Love the hell out of them in town or ON THE BEACH!!!!!!!

  18. What about local laws? I am new to this and am of the understanding that 750watts is the limit just about everywhere. That being said, do you ever get pulled over / ticketed riding 50 mph? In my state 20 mph is the limit for ebikes. I’m sure I could get away with popping over that a smidge here and there, but I think doing 45 or 50 would get me in trouble pretty quickly. I don’t even know the consequences. Do they impound the bike? Do you get licensed and insured for those?

  19. Good comparison test, but all is useless without self recharging battery, I suggest you use alternator or energy generator, converting mechanic energy to electric energy, recycle power

  20. I laughed at first 2 races

  21. yeh but…….the 750 watt is a direct drive instead of gear reduction, that would make a little difference. and there was no mention of voltage’s used. and why turn the kraken down?

  22. Hitsuga Aorusaki January 1, 2021 @ 10:39 pm

    Great informative video! It’s very helpful to see the side by side comparisons!

  23. Where are the timings. Should have done standing 1/4 mile drag. That would have been more useful than my bike is quicker than yours.

  24. Where can i buy one of these.

  25. When you spend that much money on a bike, why not just get a car.

  26. i could run faster

  27. I loved your presentation.
    Good work.

  28. 2:27
    " ill lean down to be faster!"
    friend : "hey me too"

  29. Do you have a newest product?

  30. Макс Огн. January 1, 2021 @ 10:47 pm

    Wrong values. My motor 500w made 48km/h

  31. This is completely unfair and just totally out of whack with what you should be testing on.
    Unless you use the standard "28km length" track, you can NOT make such silly comparisons like comparing buildings to oranges (although I do enjoy a juicy building, oranges come packed with vitamin ¥¶, a very important mineral for your ∆ to grow big and triangle)

  32. 9000w is basically a 150cc motorbike

  33. I bet is got some outrages price for cheap hub motor that barely moves. You can keep all the bikes.

  34. A 66cc engine I know not very eco-friendly but it would take any one of these bikes through the ringer you wouldn’t touch it and the smallest one you have that scooter you couldn’t get that for $250 you can get a nice motor gas all stock would blow by any one of these

  35. It’s over 9000! ,😲

  36. You know, these things look like a lot of fun, but I can think of many other things I would rather spend 12 k. on! Ridiculous!

  37. Awesome share4.photo/ebicycle?Ш fast and very fun. I have not yet taken the bike for a long ride as it has been snowing at my house since it arrived. Very happy with crazy quick shipping. The install video is pretty poor but if you’ve ever done bike maintenance you can figure it out. It’s definitely heavier than a normal mountain bike but the power makes up for it 10 fold. The tires don’t look very durable and won’t hold up too long in the desert out here. Overall I’m very satisfied with the product

  38. 7:20 lol

  39. All but 2 of these bikes are an absolute joke. I could pedal my mountain bike faster than this…seriously.

  40. I built a 1000w 48v ebike that does 30 for 430 dollars lol. This is big scam

  41. if people want ridiculously high wattage bikes then they should just get a motorbike

  42. they are too weak, i want comparable to Kawasaki ninja or something. electricity loses for now

  43. Where can I find a cheap 48V battery

  44. Yeah i dunno who sold you what you think are 5000+ watt electric motors, much less 9,000 claimed watts but no those arent. A 5,000 watt bike is using 10x the power of a 500 watt bike you would be popping wheelies off the line everytime and burning rubber down the straight.

  45. trashiest potato January 1, 2021 @ 10:59 pm

    Shit. U. Feel the. H gorce

  46. That trike looks terrifingly fast

  47. I suggest: testing 2 wheel bikes only, with several brands of the same wattage for each test

  48. The most silent drag races on the planet!

  49. out of business?

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