Electric Trike Review

Electric Trike Review

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Readers Comments (46)

  1. How much?

  2. Maybe I’m missing it, but who makes this trike?

  3. Do you like to ride on three wheels or two?

  4. One of my favorite "tricks" to do in front of people is stand on the left pedal with my left foot and take off riding side-saddle of sorts, like standing on an electric scooter. It’s amazing how easy it is to ride a bike standing on one side.

  5. Kyle, is there an up grade LCD for that Trike?

  6. And the price is? ?

  7. Kyle,
    First an apology for missing our telephone appt a few weeks ago… you called, I failed to answer, having been called in to cover a shift for the company ne’r-do-well. Sorry, for sure 馃槚
    Beyond that, you really SHOULD build a drift trike, with enough power for meaningful fun! I’d buy one, today, especially if it came with 2000+ watt Dapu motor and 72v30ah+ battery!
    Thanks, Ian

  8. Hey my girlfriend ordered me a Warthog 馃榿馃憦 please send speed unlock 馃憤馃徎

  9. That looks like a fun bike to ride. When will we learn who won the e-bike?

  10. The video was quite impressive. The hills here in Maine are not small, but Galaxy has a derailer, so could work out. On a cargo bike, one has to be creative with the cargo. Could I haul gasoline with a cargo bike, not as easily as with the Galaxy. Right now my money is not as fluid as I would like, so think I need to delay for awhile. There are other priorities at the moment. Galaxy could probably fit in the back of my Honda Element, a plus for a trike.

  11. When will these be back in stock? I want one (or two)!!

  12. LOVE YOUR TRIKE! I currently own an Addmotor beach cruiser that I have put 1800 mi. on in 10 mos. ( i use it to go to work every day; 8 mi round trip).When this one dies (which it will surely do) your Galaxy is at the top of my list. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  13. 2 For now! Maybe when they widen the roads I’ll get one!

  14. I’m ready to see this as a full blown sport! With a few tweaks and braking in the back you could make it happen. Keep up the great videos.

  15. Michael Sprinzeles February 11, 2021 @ 8:51 pm

    2 wheels for now. I can see 3 in my future for sure.
    Trikes drive only 1 wheel mostly for cost reasons. Turning would be different with both wheels being driven making over-steer possible but handling would generally be better other than very hard turns. A limited slip differential could eliminate any handling issues of both rear wheels being driven but would drive cost up astronomically.
    Would it be possible (or desirable) to do a dual rear hub motor setup? I always wondered about putting the power down on a front hub e-trike. Seems like unless the front is weighed down with cargo front hubs have traction issues when powering up.

  16. how much is the rear part witch looks to bolt on to a normal frame bud?

  17. Where is the battery

  18. Hi am very interested in your galaxy e bike and am wondering what it will cost and shipping to Colorado and am waiting one of your trike for my and I want one with the 4000 watt motor and I hope that you will get back to my on my email address jeffhanson28@gmail.com and I want you to know that am very interested in your trick to have it shipped to Colorado and my address is 5085 west 136th Avenue broomfield Colorado 80023 and please let me know at my email address today jeff hanson

  19. You had me at "I’m DRIFTING" Winter time Ice Video, suggestion.
    I ride 2 wheel, my neighbor in his 80’s asked about 3 wheels,
    I know where to send him The Galaxy.

  20. Umm. That is not drifting..Need lots of power an smoke em wheels

  21. Kyle you should have the color display on this trike!

  22. They sold out quick! Any chance they will be in stock soon .!!??

  23. Research the Big wheel called the Green Machine it sold in Comic books it steered with paddles drift trikes need be Low and Wide consiser building the first electric green! machine! Mind you Three wheel stability is achieved with a reverse trike!

  24. Would the 52v battery work in place of the 48v on last year’s 24" Bolton? Would it change the power/performance?

  25. Please no more videos with the sun at your back. Everything is washed out and the lens flare is horrible. Thx.

  26. Yeah Kyle you ain’t right! 馃ぁ馃榿

  27. Hello, I am having a problem with a purchase attempt that did go through (and my bank account showed it) but the page did not register it. I already went to the page and wrote and email in the contact section, is there anything else I can do? I really want either my money back or the actual product. Thanks

  28. Do you finance and what is the cost?

  29. Love the idea of a 3 wheeled cargo bike however I do really enjoy my electric drift trike. Check out https://youtu.be/nPRiRrS6wJk to see my electric drift trike in action.

  30. What an awesome little trike!

  31. U should have nsmed it Antoinvo 2 (AN 2L) Russian Bi Plane that actually can fly backwards 馃槵

  32. How much?

  33. Nevermind backwards, let’s see some turns, please.

  34. DC3 wheel

  35. Your messing around in the garage gives me no faith that you have sufficient maturity to convince me to buy from you.

  36. Omg ,, almost perfect. I do have balance issues and my 1500 dollar mtn bike is going to waste,, basically unridden. I want this bike about 10 inches wider in the rear,, 26 x 4.5 super agressive tires ,some way to have power at the rear, about 1500 watts ,30 mph top speed , 2 or even 3 giant, huge batteries. Enough power and batteries that i could ride 150 to 200 miles in the mtns or deserts without pedaling in case i was having a dizzy spell, and still having huge hauling capabilities. Id like to have regen braking and a compact ,super efficient solar setup so i could recharge if camped in one spot a few days. I really like some of the utah trikes stuff,, but this is more tradish. Id want no folding capabilties,,, and there you have the perfect 6000 dollar bike ill never be able to afford on disability. Lol and life covidly goes along. Think ill set back and enjoy a cold corona virus. Lol thank for the informative vid!

  37. When hearing the phrase "front wheel drive" I think "Scandinavian flick" automatically.

    Wonder how /that/ would work out on this thing. Heh.

    Seriously now, I’m a RadWagon owner and this trike is interesting enough to make me do a double-take.

  38. Hey Kyle, any updates back on the more finalized design for the new Blackbird, with the improvements added? Wondering to get idea for planning’s sake. Thanks.

  39. Richard Burguillos February 11, 2021 @ 9:17 pm

    馃槅馃槀馃ぃ FUN!!!

  40. How much

  41. Charles Berlanga February 11, 2021 @ 9:21 pm

    Got one on order for my wife. She has old manual trike now and is excited about the "Galaxy".

  42. Good to see a man enjoying his work 馃檪

  43. Kyle, you cad!I love the way you explain things( where is my"Lysander"?)

  44. Do you sell spare batteries for these trikes?

  45. This trike is way over priced.

  46. Heather Campbell February 11, 2021 @ 9:30 pm

    Do you have an australian distributor?

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