EMTB 52V battery on the frame or in the back-pack?

EMTB 52V battery on the frame or in the back-pack?

I have been riding my Radon Swoop 170, fitted with the Bafang BBSHD 1700W motor with the 15aH 52V battery in my backpack. I have reinforced it with the motorcycle back protector. While I enjoyed the bike being lighter at the moment, I did not feel very safe…
For the tension of the cable, I have used “cable management system” from my Virtual Reality setup in the room (https://www.amazon.de/Managment-Deckenaufh%C3%A4ngesystem-Virtual-Playstation-Microsoft/dp/B0777H24ZG/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=vr+kabelmanagement&qid=1566049296&s=gateway&sr=8-3).
But it did not allow me to walk away from my bike when I want. And I would sometimes get my battery disconnected while making small jumps, etc.
A few days ago, simply looking at my bike, an idea popped up in my head. What if I reverse the shock absorber?

I went for a ride and captured immediate impressions. I believe you feel the biggest difference on your first ride.


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Readers Comments (18)

  1. Great video, and great build! I have a radon slide 150, and it works great with a normal (not piggyback) shock.

  2. Perfect for what I was looking for. Thanks for the work

  3. This is so awesome I have the same bike and would add a motor too can you tell me what motor you use maybe a link to buy and some tips how to install (watch out with your shock this can have a negative effect on your oil resorvia

  4. Simon Stickland April 4, 2021 @ 11:41 pm

    Music is terrible:(

  5. If you go from 48v to a 52v battery do you need to reprogramme the low voltage cut off ?thanks

  6. Looking for the perfect frame for bbshd is very difficult if you want full syspension and the motor high up.

  7. I have a nice backpack setup that I like. I have a downhill cannondale perp so there’s no room on the frame at all. The battery disconnect is surface mount xt90 so it’s really easy plug unplug. The battery is also not waterproof so it stays clean and dry inside the pack.

  8. Awesome build! šŸ‘

  9. Simon Stickland April 4, 2021 @ 11:50 pm

    Backpack all day long

  10. Frame

  11. Does the motor touch the floor in trails and corners?

  12. Iā€™d love to see properly how you fitted the cable to your backpack. Looks like a fantastic idea but I canā€™t figure out how you did it.

  13. which frame size is this?

  14. Brian D Howard April 4, 2021 @ 11:59 pm

    I keep going back and forth with the battery on the bike or on my back.. I do like the backpack battery, hardly notice it

  15. Nice Wheelies ! Here’s my back pack set up Same motor as you 17ah 52v a Motorbecane hal5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVFen9xS5KI

  16. I wish I could fit at least one of these battery models to my bike :Z I might need to custom build one for my frame.

  17. Nice Build!

  18. Ok guys, do not buy BBSHD kits unless you are willing to constantly solve problems with them. I have the ā€œcommunication errorā€ code 30 again. Since I bought this bike+kit I had to always fix something. I had maybe 10 problem-free rides through the entire summer. Part of it is of-course because of the seller being slow as a turtle fixing issues.
    I had faulty axle bearrings, clutch, dead battery and now communication error 30 that can be ANYTHING. And I am too pissed to try to figure out what that is. So my 4k euro ebike will be parked in a garage for the unlimited ammount of time until I get too bored with my life and decide to try and fix it again.

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