Enduro E-Bike with Mid-Drive (BBSHD) Custom Build Walk Around (Updated & Improved Audio)

Enduro E-Bike with Mid-Drive (BBSHD) Custom Build Walk Around (Updated & Improved Audio)

Enduro E-Bike with Mid-Drive (BBSHD) Custom Build Walk Around

Hi, Just Finished my Enduro E-Bike Frame Build, “Mid Drive” BBSHD with:

– Shimano 11Speed (M8000 XT) Drivetrain

– Lekki Bling Ring HD 46T Front Sprocket

Note – Recently Changed to 42T Luna Eclipse Chainring) for “increased Torque” for Better Hill Climbing Ability as well as keeping Motor/Controller Tempertures running cooler & Slightly “Better Chain Line”.

I Found using the 42T Luna Eclipse Chain ring with a single spacer offered a better chainline (about 3-4mm more offset) than 42T Lekkii Bling Ring HD did.

– Sunrace Rear Cassette 11 – 46T (All Steel Gears)
(Great for good top speed & Excellent hill climbing ability

– 203mm Shimano XTR Rotors (Icetech ) & XT Calipers with Magnetic Cut-off switches fitted

– Harley Davidson 3 position Ignition switch fitted

– Solid State Relay for Control Work, USB, & Led Headlights (100A 80v Dc to Dc Relay)

– Rims (Mavic EX 729) with Maxxas Minion 26 x 2.5″ Tyres

– Front Hub (Shimano Zee HB-M640)

– Rear Free Hub (Shimano ZEE FH-M645 32H) EFHM645D50B ….
It’s a 12mm axle and 150mm OLD and 32Hole (couldn’t get 36Hole Rim at the time of purchase)

– Rear Shock (Rock Shox Vivid R2C (240 x 76mm)

– Front Forks (Rock Shox RC 200mm Travel)(Dual Crown) Thanks Luna Cycles

– 15S / 10P custom made Battery Packs (without BMS) 1x 8S/10p & 1 x 7S/10p

– Made custom Enclosures with Soviet Miltary Plugs for Cell log 8M portable Voltage Checkers to monitor All Battery Voltages while out on the Trails

– Modified IP54 German Power outlets (cut out guts of outlet and used flip style Ip54 Black cover faces to house my Charging/Balancing Plugs – 1 x Charging, 1 x Balancing & 1 x Charging & Balancing for the Aux 3S/3P Battery which operates Solid State Relay, USB, & LED Headlights

– Total Bike Weight (Including Batteries) = 32.9Kg

– Total Distance Travelled to Date = over 1000km (with No Mechanical/Electrical Issues or Chain Derailment at all)

– Only Failure was a “Shimano Aluminum Derailer Hanger” which I replaced with a Custom made 8mm Steel Hanger (See Other Video)

Big Thanks to
– Rodney (Luna Mate)
– Gary/Paxtana from Luna Cycles
– Micah Toll (E-Bike School.com)
– Andy Kirby (Great Enduro E-Bike Videos) U-tube

for all your help & Knowledge during my Build. 馃憣馃徎馃憤馃徏馃槉

For a full Description of Parts & Photos of my Build, “Copy & Paste” the Title Below through Google –

Enduro E-Bike (BBSHD-Mid Drive) 11Speed Custom Build (No BMS)

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  1. Hi Patrick 馃檪 Very nice ebike.
    I would like to buit the same with ERT ASI BAC800 2500w ,24×3" tire ,Sunrace 8v modified to 3v (30/36/42) with Luna 30T, I hope chain alignment will be good.
    BBSHD 100mm or 120mm ? Need spacer ? Need custom made caliper for standard shimano zee 203mm and rear shifter on your enduro frame ?

    Thanks you very much !
    Good ride ! 馃檪

  2. love it.

  3. Enduro eBike Addict December 7, 2020 @ 8:18 pm

    Hi, Patrick, I’ve seen your build on https://electricbike.com/forum/.. I have the same EEB Enduro Frame and is planning to switch my Hub Motor to Bafang BBSHD also. I noticed that you had to cut the frame where the kickstand normally attached, was there a reason why the Bafang could not be mounted straight down? Was it because you needed to because of the custom BBSHD Brace you added on the swingarm, or you did this so it is more toward the front for a better look or for ground clearance? Thank you for your input. Dan

  4. Hey mate thanks for your reply. I鈥檓 currently shopping for an enduro frame and just noticed the bb is 100+mm. I guess my 68-73 bbshd won鈥檛 fit right? I would have to get another met from Luna 馃寬 Cycle 100mm. What size is yours?

  5. What modifications were done to fix the mid drive unit. I am also trying to do the same . Any inputs will be of great help .

  6. Nice bike. I have the same motor. I am presently searching for my second battery for it. I now have the 48v but was thinking on upgrading to the 14s/52v battery. I read somewhere the max cell for this motor is 14s & won鈥檛 run if over 60v. My question to you is do you have a 15s set-up? If so is it because your top volt per cells is 4.0 (4.0×15=60) ? Thanks for your reply.

  7. one of these with a cyclone 6000w and an 8 speed internal gear hub is my dream ebike

  8. Fantastic build, thinking of doing something similar, have seen one where a guy fitted a 3000w cyclone to the same frame,

  9. If I were to build my enduro frame bike with a hub motor, I was wondering what you would go for with a 72V battery? and what peak rating would you go for on a hub motor, as I would be using this mostly for road use, as I already have a Cube Reaction Hybrid, with a BOSCH motor and battery 400 so am ok there if I want to go riding, on dirt roads, but the enduro build, I would take off road, if I had to….
    what type of forks did you use on your ebike, they look great.?

  10. Wattage of mottor?

  11. https://youtu.be/o77ZcixtWe8?t=112
    That is one angry looking bike!
    Very nice!
    Keep up the good work!

  12. really good video, thanks for the info…
    most of the items for the bike build wondering where you got them mostly, as I would be into building one like this, but of course with the hub drive, but also a freewheel cassette at the back for use as a normal bicycle as well….the hub mount would be mostly used as a backup, or turn off completely and use it as a hybrid system.

    The lights in the front great, was wondering where you got them from and was seeing why you didn’t have one mounted on the rear…

    bloody good build, question though with the 2 batteries, why you need to balance them while charging, is there a special cable for that, what is the go. thanks. I like the YSB socket on the handlebar, is that plugged into the dc/dc controller as well, how is it wired, good idea really.

  13. What width crank do you need and what motor bracket. Plus what controller

  14. Whats top speed you ever get it to?

  15. Who is it that makes that frame.. on alibaba there are some for $145 to $199 and then there are others that have "that logo" that are from $250 to over $400.. trying to find one that will accommodate a 26" X 4.0" wheel as that some say 26" but then are at 3.0" width.. which for my wheel is under sizes.. yes size does matter.
    I would be looking at doing the same for a mid drive, have one now on the fat bike I have.. 250w shit for up hills as a street bike.. fuck Aussie laws are shit.. hill climbs are a cunt.. get off and walk rides.

  16. How fast does it go?

  17. Hi nice bike. I plan to build one like this too, but with fatbike wheels. Is it possible with that frame?

  18. Michael Roberson December 7, 2020 @ 9:06 pm

    Hi, what front wheel did you use? It’s the last part I need in my build.

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