Exclusive! North America's First Porsche 992 with AeroKit – 2020 911 C4S in Carmine Red

Exclusive! North America's First Porsche 992 with AeroKit – 2020 911 C4S in Carmine Red

I have a special treat for you in today’s video. In fact, an #AutoAmateur exclusive for all your car enthusiasts and Porsche nuts! My friend Chris took receipt of a brand new Porsche 992 C4S in Carmine Red recently. The very first person in North America to take receipt of a #992 with the full aerokit! Love the wing or not, you can’t argue with the incredible power of this car and sheer shock-value of how easily it left me for dead in a head-to-head from a standing start in my Porsche 991.1 C2. I’m still blown away by how quickly it got away from me. It’s hard to imagine how the Turbo or upcoming GT cars will perform in comparison to this. Surely they can’t get any faster?! Check it out, I sincerely hope you enjoy this video and watch it a dozen times. I can’t keep my eyes of this red beauty.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Damn that car is beautiful, can’t wait to get one in 4 years once that car is less expensive LOL. Actually, I am kinda surprised in the race that as you got up to speed you looked like you were holding with him. Your older model…non S…and 2 wheel drive. I actually thought he would pull you EVEN more than that. As you are carving canyon roads at speed he won’t pull you like that and that’s why I love my base 991.1. I can rev the crap out of it all the time 🙂 If he tunes that car watch out, scary fast!!!

  2. Beautiful car Chris.

  3. The aerokit look so good, it changes the car entirely!

  4. Mountain Rally Productions February 18, 2021 @ 9:35 pm

    Gotta get some new music

  5. You are going to get yourself an aerokit soon aren’t you?

  6. You got a tracking drone, or someone flying it from a chase car?

  7. I want a base carrera 992

  8. Love that drone view on the intro drag race. You’re very proficient. How many hours experience would you say you have?

  9. Big fan of your channel! 👌🏽 this video was fun to watch

  10. The beauty of the C4S is you get real door handles, seats in the back and a sunroof and still look like a GT3

  11. WheresTheAnyKey1 February 18, 2021 @ 9:47 pm

    where have we seen Chris before guys? also, carmine red shows differently in this camera right? coulda sworn it was a deeper red

  12. Nice video James! You’re getting really good with the drone. These aerial images look quite professional!

  13. Agree. I think the front axial lift option is important if you have opted for the sports PASM that lowers the car by a further 10mm

  14. Very nice! Absolutely love that Carmine red! Congrats Chris. Many happy miles.

  15. Has your friend had any issues with the aerokit (airflow to the turbos, QA, etc)? Any bulletins or notices?

  16. This is awesome. Nice spec! I must ask, however…and sorry if I missed this, but did Chris not like something about the Targa? I’m personally a cab guy, but would consider a Targa one day. Just wondering by if he didn’t like something about the Targa that made him go coupe or was it mostly because of the winter weather in the twin cities?

  17. Thank you again for sharing!! Great looking 911 in the 992 iteration….I would have not added the spoiler, but different strokes for different folks.

  18. 🤣 OMG James, you got OWNED! Beautiful car. Major jealously ensues…. ミ●﹏☉ミ

  19. I also ordered my 911 C4S with Aero Kit and Carmine Red. Very nice to finally see a video of it.
    I will get mine next month. I can’t wait!

  20. I wasn’t sure about the aero kit on the 992 but I have to say its looking good here, definitely yes to the sport design package, great video, love your editing

  21. The calm dialogue is very underappreciated. Thanks for the filmography – you’ve improved.

  22. Im a big fan of the aerokit and this didn’t disappoint, but can i use the wing as a tray for food and beverages?

  23. Would like to know if Chris has any info on the availability of the aerokit being sold from Porsche as a part for preowned 992 cars

  24. Very nice rides!

  25. City of Gentlemen February 18, 2021 @ 10:05 pm

    Love the aero kits.

  26. Don’t get too close to the riot.

  27. Well we all knew he was going to crush you. You guys should have used launch control. Obviously it’s much more fun.

  28. Yes the Carmine red is such a great color, nice choice Chris. I would have liked to see a more interesting interior but I understand people like the hard-wearing black. I am not a fan of that Aerokit but of course many do so you should always get what you love! Nice work beautiful car.

  29. Thanks James for the great filming of a wonderful car. Extra points to Chris for the clear side markers and the aligned wheel crests 😉
    Question for Chris: will he be changing the oil himself before the initial 1-year/10k mile service interval? While the factory may know best, I did this at 3k miles on my new 718 for peace-of-mind, and knowing it can’t hurt.

  30. Give it up bro. Your wife isnt letting you upgrade to the 992 anytime soon. Lol. Wpuld be sweet if she did though.

  31. Why Chris Porsche 992 got black brake clipper covers and door seal Carrera but in the video both calling the car C4S?

  32. Michael Schofield February 18, 2021 @ 10:13 pm

    If it scraping on the driveway…back the car in on the driveway 😄

  33. What a great looking car! I wonder how long you can hold off before you buy one for yourself now 🤔

  34. Very nice! I thought at first he got the base model due to the black brake calipers.

  35. I love the understated style of the 992, but the dinner table size spoiler looks a bit like it was stolen off a riced out 240sx. Just doesn’t match the rest of a very beautiful car.

  36. It’s hard to beat that 4s it pulls and pulls like a work horse those rear drive can’t do it like that on hills thats was a great choice all wheel drive i like the PDK trans over the manual can’t beat the Computer just can’t

  37. From 0-100 mph is the same experience as a TURBO S…

  38. Great car and a great video. I love the color!

  39. If that’s my car I have to have a sunroof. I also enjoy the manual transmission. Nice car!

  40. Heartbreaker Guitars February 18, 2021 @ 10:20 pm

    His car is cool, but that blue color is pretty freaking amazing too!!

  41. Any luck on finding a 996 yet? If no, maybe you should do a Cayman project?

  42. Awesome car 👍

  43. I’ve been speccing a manual 992 C2S with the aerokit on the configurator but in guards red with the optional black rear wing and black tipped sports exhaust along with Porsche exclusive design 21" wheels finished on the inside in black.. Somehow it looks far more coherent having the wing in black along all the other black accents and offers some more contrast. Almost looks GT2 ish… Guards red also seems to fit the theme better IMO with the aerokit in place. All in the eye of the beholder of course. Nonetheless, your friends car is beautiful! cheers, Cowan..

  44. Didn’t have enough ground level side shot b rolls. Drone shots are too far away. Would have liked to see more ground level shots. Thanks

  45. The blue space ship must have trouble with one of her rocket engines 🙉🙉🙉🙉

  46. Kind of gives a turbo look to it

  47. Test Drive Scotland February 18, 2021 @ 10:28 pm

    Absolutely stunning, best colour and wheel combo for me. Wing is out there but it has the performance to back it up.

  48. waiiit the torque doesnt come in till 5K? : O

  49. not the first 992 with Aerokit in NA. but great V

  50. Looks awesome. And that color… 😍

    Will there also be an Aerokit for the 992 Turbo S?

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