First time seeing electric scorpion ebike in Ottawa

First time seeing electric scorpion ebike in Ottawa

My buddy is getting rid of his bajaboard in Ottawa after riding the Scorpion wow

Top speed that I got on there 45km

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Scorpion: Electric Moped-Style Bike

this was an unexpected video 馃榾 but it turned out okay

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  1. How did you get your Scorpion into Canada during this covid lock down??? I’m from Vancouver and I ordered my Hyper Scorpion before the pandemic started and now can’t cross the border to get it. Juiced bikes will not deliver to Canada. Can you give me some suggestions on getting my bike?

  2. Night Owl Native flute February 20, 2021 @ 9:28 pm

    Why didn鈥檛 he say the top speed

  3. Finally an ebike I like the look of.

  4. Patiently wait until next summer to get the hyper scorpion… good to see a Canadian with one as I鈥檓 Living in Montreal and wants the hyper to do I get eats… just hoping the borders are freed up a bit by then

  5. Press – + at the same time to unlock race mode you鈥檒l unlock the full power of the moped it takes a second to do but worth it

  6. How did you guys get it and how will Canadian get them? Is this legal?

  7. That’s very good to no.. But we would like to see them in Toronto Aswell too.. Thank u..

  8. I would like to no how much it cost for the scorpion. E bike

  9. Just ordered mine today. The headlight design element was so smart. It looks like a freaking motorcycle. Can’t wait to get it!

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