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  1. Same as Copenhagen wheel!

  2. "You just need to be in a white room…" lol

  3. Copenhagen wheel at $950 with higher speed gets my vote. $1000 doesnt even get you a full wheel. Initial kickstarter price was $600 with the smart light. $1100 without now? Come on.

  4. The Sedrick Channel January 1, 2021 @ 10:35 pm

    Now this is impressive. You could go farther on a bike than you normally could.

  5. Ahhhhh you can buy a use or entry level electric bike starting at $1,200. Plus there are e-bike kits to make your own starting at $250 on Amazon and Ebay!

  6. who is willing to pay so much money just because they are lazy as hell? if you get THAT tired from a bike ride you either need to A: ride more often or B use other transportation that doesn’t involve moving your lazy but

  7. pretty cool…but price is a little steep considering student bikes love to get stolen 

  8. It’s a very smart idea, but too costly

  9. are we really going to start calling everything beginning with "smart"?

  10. TIP….If you want people to see your bike, step to the side already..

  11. yeah it tracks all the time and creates a complete tracking profile from me… this data about me can now be sold. fantastic idea!

  12. Impressive, nice, cool, ordered.

  13. The f***ing price man!!!!

  14. This is nice

  15. That price though….I’ll pass. I can deal with the sweat.

  16. …is this a joke? i see no way for it to increase speed

  17. for that price ill buy a moped or actually ride a bike for the purpose of exercise and get a better workout.

  18. Baudfaust Babelfish January 1, 2021 @ 10:52 pm

    Flykly should have designed a disk brake option.  I’m not going to go get an old 26" rim brake mountain bike frame.  Like CEO said at 2:58 a lot of people like their own bikes. Besides except for dirt cheap bikes no manufacture has made mountain bikes with rim brakes in ages.  I’m surprised Flykly didn’t design disk brake option because of that.  If they did have a disk brake option I’d order a Flykly hub today.

  19. Ugh I would like one of these. But… $1,000 is a little steep :

  20. "smart" more like "dumb"

  21. What about fat wheel bike?

  22. Haha
    it’s the Copenhagen Wheel (from Weeds)

  23. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. After waiting 4+ months and no communication I put in a request for a refund – after three emails, I finally received confirmation that a refund would be applied …and that was three weeks ago. STILL NO REFUND and attempts to communicate about it is leading nowhere.Yesterday I went by the bike shop that used to offer test rides of their product to see if I could get the contact info of an actual person only to be informed they cut off offering the product due to lack of communication poor business practices on the part of FlyKly. This company is a big fat SCAM.

  24. Only 1000$…. xDDD

  25. What about rainy days

  26. 1000$ for a wheel?
    I would rather buy that one wheel skateboard

  27. only one gear? so if i upgrade my bike i lose all my gears? confused

  28. Yeah the price is disappointing!!! The kick start price was $600 he stated he did not know what the future price would be! The new price has even been lowered from $1399 to $1099 for just a wheel and hub and you pay an extra $200 for the charger!!  So still a whopping $1299 without the light!!!

    That’s f…. double!!!

    If it contained something like fast charging Graphene batteries that will still hold a 90% charge  after 10000 cycles i would say ok it might be worth the price!? Ehh not!! Graphene batteries will be 70% cheaper to make and a lot lighter as well. So another weight reduction!!  Maybe the total will be 1.5 – 2 Kg

    He probably started his project thinking to make an affordable lightweight ebike conversion kit and then came along a partner with $$ in his eyes saying forget miss en mister regular let’s go for the Yuppie market!!

    Why not hit the big market and sell millions and make all the people happy!?!?! Put in some Graphene batteries and finally we have affordable fast charging lightweight ebikes that REALLY generates Energy ON the GO!!!.. The ability to fully charge in a very short amount of time will allow to have full advantage of returning energy! When the batteries are empty it would not take much friction to recharge it in a short amount of time with your own pedal power. But with a up to 10x times more charge it won’t be even necessary for regular commuting. It would be great for long distance traveling.

    I am thinking of making the AmsterDamm that’s cheap Wheel and say bye bye to you FlyKly!!!

  29. is this the copy of Zehus bike?

  30. Will this work with a geared bike?

  31. Ordered me one. Can’t wait. $1000 is not that bad when you are considering putting together a nice bike for daily commuting. An entry level Bianchi bike frame alone costs around $5k. I’m not saying $1000 is cheap, but for the investment it’s a steal! 

  32. I want this cycle… This is so cool

  33. Just a bit too expensive. The light $80 thing is cool….I would just buy that. Use my phone as a bike computer/navi. I get around 4 hrs with that..more

  34. First comment

  35. nah, it doesn’t work for me i need extra power only when i’m trying take a bridge during the long ride from and to work, it would be cool to use it when you want not all the time, i prefer traditional riding that help me care my health, means get sweat 🙂 but some hill and bridge killing me sometimes, anyway cool stuff can be useful for ppl, but the price !!! 😉 yahh…:/

  36. I really want that wheel. I want it so bad.

  37. "You were riding around in circles in Amsterdam, what’s that about?" Bahaha

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