Focus Jam² with the all new Bosch Performance CX | First Ride | Mountain Bike Rider

Focus Jam² with the all new Bosch Performance CX | First Ride | Mountain Bike Rider

The updated Focus Jam² is the first bike we’ve ridden with the all-new Bosch Performance CX motor. Once the benchmark drive system for e-bikes, the Bosch Performance CX has fallen behind rival units from Shimano and Brose in recent years owing to its excessive weight and bulk. Well the new Performance CX is significantly smaller and lighter than the previous version, it gains a larger capacity 625Wh battery and yet retains its strong power and torque and even more intelligent E-MTB mode. For the engineers at Focus this new Bosch motor has allowed them to offer a redesigned Jam² trail bike to sell alongside its current Shimano STEPS-equipped model.

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Readers Comments (21)

  1. Thx for the review.
    Have you perhaps talked about the equipment of the JAM2 6.8 but ended up ride-testing the JAM2 6.7?
    They’re equipped quite differently:
    Kiox vs Purion
    Fox vs RockShox
    Shimano XT vs SLX

    The ride was definitely recorded on the 6.7 (purion display) while the description was of the 6.8 (Fox suspension).

  2. Thank you mbr. I think i would prefere the new bosch motor over the shimano but the shimano display looks cleaner to me.

  3. Xc tires on a long travel e bike.
    Thats how you win in corners.

  4. Globetrotter 4FR February 19, 2021 @ 9:22 pm

    Would love to hear your take on the new Sachs RS Motor. The best I have ever ridden. Bulls seem to have a model out soon.

  5. I’m definitely picking up one of these.

  6. Great review, in fact it was that good I’m going to buy a Jam2 2021, I was torn between this and the Raven Pro but I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t go for a full sus E-MTB.

  7. I think the 2021 is quite capable of shredding berms and jumping with ease with correct suspension settings.

  8. Love e mountain bikes especially now I’m over 50 nearly gave up riding dew to time and losing fitness now I can just go out when I have time and ride in eco trail or boost depending on how fit I feel 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  9. The controls and display look so dated. Let’s down otherwise a good bike

  10. What you think about the difference between the motors in the jam? Is bosch noisier or louder?

  11. Kasey Burlingham February 19, 2021 @ 9:43 pm

    I wish MBR would stay with bikes and not motorcycles!

  12. I Wasn’t a fan at the start of E-Bikes. To anyone against them.. ride one you’ll change your mind

  13. I was like take my money take money then I heard noisy and saw that controller and heads up display and instantly lost interest.

  14. Thanks

  15. Quick question bud
    When the battery dies for the e bike….. does it feel like you are dragging the motor along with it or does it ride normally without all the tension if you know what I mean

  16. Does the jam2 forks or brake levers hit the frame when turned hard as in a crash?

  17. Good review mate. Thankyou.

  18. Beautiful looking bike!if I was to get a high end E Bike I’d want one of these focus jams.

  19. Do this bike have a dropper seatpost?

  20. I’ve had my Jam2 6.7 Plus for 5 months now and have covered over 2000km with it. The majority of my riding has been off road over mountains and fire trails. I am am extremely happy with it and would highly recommend this model to anyone.
    Since I’ve had it, I have gone through many brake pads, a chain, rear cassette and 5 tyres.
    Even though it is the base model Jam2, the components are all fairly solid and reasonably spec’d. I may swap the KS seat dropper for a slightly better model at some point, but it is still working okay.
    I had the Bosch CX4 firmware updated at the shop soon after I bought it, which took the torque from 75nm to 85nm – the motor is a joy to use. I know there are a few people that don’t really like the Bosch Purion controller. I haven’t used other controllers, but as far as I can see the Purion is solid and robust and does all the things I need it to.
    Thanks for the review. Great bike.

  21. It’s not a MOTOR , it’s pedal assist! (With a motor)

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