GenZe 200 Series Video Review – $1.9k Urban Electric Bike, Nice Smartphone App

GenZe 200 Series Video Review – $1.9k Urban Electric Bike, Nice Smartphone App The GenZe 200 Series (e201) is a relatively comfortable electric bike that feels well suited for shorter treks through the city thanks to its Selle Royale Free Way gel saddle, Ergon ergonomic grips, and overall frame geometry. The 350-watt geared hub motor is surprisingly zippy and able to drive the e201 to its 20 mph top speed relatively quickly, it’s compact and lightweight – balancing out the mid-frame battery. Torque sensing pedal assist and throttle only options expand the roles the e201 can play, giving riders the option to use it as a traditional electric bike or more like a moped or scooter. Integrated GenZe app provides tons of great information and functionality like built-in navigation, but the bike also has some components found on entry-level electric bikes. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Nice review, thank you.

  2. nun a u business January 2, 2021 @ 10:36 pm

    As far as the lack of suspension, the shwable tires and seat,, the bike rides pretty smooth! But keep in mind this is a road 馃毑 bike.

  3. I lost my charger..

  4. Good review, but that frame design is goofy as hell looking

  5. Liking the frame, looks to have a bit longer wheelbase.

  6. this bike is underwhelming for the price considering the competition.

  7. this guy is a good reviewer.

  8. Great review but court does it better though

  9. marcel trovarello January 2, 2021 @ 11:03 pm

    I would rather have Court doing these reviews. He鈥檚 more specific and doesn鈥檛 repeat the same things over and over. Court has a neutral look at bikes also. Court keep your channel for yourself. 馃槣

  10. It’s foolish to expect you would have done it like Court. I enjoyed your review, hope to see you again.

  11. Steve Petttyjohn January 2, 2021 @ 11:06 pm

    Compared to the lower priced Rad Power RadCity, this bike is not a very good value at all.
    I’ve noticed that the somewhat lower spec GenZe 100 series are a "road show" item at Costco for $1299

  12. Do a review on the folding Rainbow Rusty electric bike please.

  13. This guy’s awesome!

  14. It does have a USB port for you can charge your phone as your riding.

  15. It does have a USB port under the pedal assist control pad with a removable cover for weather protection.

  16. I think the reason for the big rotor at the back is the motor and it prevents the person from flipping the bike.

  17. Would you consider this vs the new Yamaha

  18. Rad and Juiced cost less, and have 750w motors compared to the GenZe 350w motor, so GenZe is a ripoff.

  19. The bottle-cage bosses went unnoticed by BOTH of our beloved reviewers! (I just saw an opportunity and jumped on it!)

  20. nun a u business January 2, 2021 @ 11:27 pm

    And there is a phone charger port. It’s under the control pads. And it comes with a cell phone holder馃槃

  21. *Really nice鈽炩槥>**褨** 聽 this bike has been an amazing commute item! High quality components for very low cost….great thing to get someone with aches and pains peddling again.*

  22. I don’t want Court’s channel to turn into a corporate channel.

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