Geo Orbital – Electric Bike Wheel – Shark Tank After Show

Geo Orbital – Electric Bike Wheel – Shark Tank After Show

On this episode of Breaking the Tank we are covering GeoOrbital. They have developed an electric bike wheel that you can attach to most any normal bike in seconds without any tools.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. There’s other electric wheel with battery inside it but the shark tank wheel beats them because the others have heavy rotating weight where the shark tank is the thin rim which is nice but other than that I would probably buy a whole other electric conveyance

  2. Seems like Rubbee X perfectly solves all of those problems You’ve mentioned.. 馃檪

  3. When the price drops it’ll be more reasonable, I’ve been a bike rider most of my life and know the struggles but would rather stick it out than pay that much even if I could afford it, I understand with more sales in time prices will drop gradually so we’ll see..

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