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  1. Voravut Ratanakommon December 24, 2020 @ 10:15 pm

    The red one!!!! Love love love!!! 馃樆馃樆馃樆

  2. Can I get it now IN Amazon in India

  3. how much for the 27.5"?

  4. Where can I get it now

  5. can you create a video what happens when you drive this wheel through mud and mud gets onto inner side of the rim… between the rim and motor…

  6. I had my first commute on my new GeoOrbital wheel yesterday! ( It made a tremendous improvement to my commute. One thing I noticed was that the foam tire was super rough on the road… it has very little bump-absorption. Normally I run 700x32c tires. How can the foam tire be replaced with a normal 700c tire?

  7. How long to charge battery? 3 hours? or less?

  8. buy an extra battery lol

  9. Does the wheel spin free on its own for cases when I just want to pedal or the battery runs out of power?

  10. Thank you for addressing the rattle! that was very useful. I will definitely give it a shot next ride.

    I tried to put the geoorbital on a single speed and I would recommend against it. pedaling with it feels awkward in all aspects. i think some gears will resolve this, but in general, are most riders feeling the need to always be using the throttle to combat the wheel resistance?

  11. Christopher M. Todd December 24, 2020 @ 10:57 pm

    Would you update my order to be red. Thank you.And confirm this request please with a reply.Cool extension add on…Thank you.

  12. My bike has a transmission ? can i use the geo orbital wheel on this bike?

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