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  1. I got my Wheel last Friday, and took it out for a spin. A few comments.
    1) The installation went smooth for the tire, but the cable and the controller was a bit clunky. I had to get my own allen wrench tool for the side pin to rotate as the Z shaped tool used on the face was a different size. It would be nice if the throttle cable had the ability to be disconnected, rather than a permanent connection. it would make some things easier, including the option to mount one controller on each of my two bikes, then just swap the tire.
    2) Range: I am about 240lbs. After a full charge I tested out my wheel for a round trip commute to work (10mi round trip exactly), going for minimal effort and not break a sweat. During the last mile or 2, it struggled a bit going up a slight hill (3% grade). but I got home I figured with both some rise and fall, the elevation should balance itself out (regenerative breaking on all downhills, 190ft elevation change from peak to valley). Charge left when I got home was fully in the red, Next time I’ll ride it until it dies for a full test of range, but I’m pessimistic that it will reach a 15 mi range for me.
    3) Solar or other Charging? Is there any feature you have looked at to offer another charging option, such as a solar backpack with a spare battery charging inside?
    4) Charging Time: I had charged mine overnight the first night, and overnight after my commute. What is the anticipated full charge time for a drained battery?
    5) lane projecting bike light for Kickstarters. Couldn’t tell which model we get, the one with the built in break activation lighting, or the basic one. It seems the basic one, but I can’t tell when riding it.
    6) What are your recommendations for care, cleaning & Tuning. How to we care for this to get the most life out of this tire? Add that you a video please!

  2. Hope they come out with 750w or 1000w .

  3. As a Kickstarter supporter it has taken longer than anticipated to receive my wheels. I’m hoping to see it before the end of February.

  4. Sure, a disc brake adapter

  5. Have you had any feedback from the customers who have received their wheels? Are there any problems, like with loose gravel, sand, dirt, or something that might get caught between the rim and the motor?

  6. Will the disc break adapter be sold separately? so I can get the wheel now and later on the adapter once it comes out

  7. Would like to see more folks that received their wheel, give their 2 cents. Pro and Con’s. Hope to see my wheel this month as I was told that shipping would be Nov. 2016, then Jan 2017, and now Feb 2017. Seems like a long delivery delay.

  8. Agustin zaragoza February 16, 2021 @ 9:44 pm

    hola yo compré una pero el motor ya se desgastó donde va metido el rin y Yano corre bien

  9. Hi, i got one of the two wheels i ordered, a 26 inch one, but the friction on it seems really high. i.e. when i am not using the wheel (not throttling it) it is so much more difficult to ride the bike. Is that expected, is there a way to reduce that frictional load

  10. conor mcnamara-reid February 16, 2021 @ 9:50 pm

    yes its all good on a sunny day but what if it just suddenly started lashing rain or you drove through a huge puddle with it? would it just break? I really want to get this but what would be the point if it just broke in a shower. so my question is, is the geoorbital wheel waterproof or even water resistant? If not, work on it. if it is, sign me up

  11. steve linbergbaby February 16, 2021 @ 9:52 pm

    sometimes good things come to those that wait ✌️

  12. @Geoorbital please keep them made in the west and not made in china or they will end up making fakes

  13. steve linbergbaby February 16, 2021 @ 9:57 pm

    I am still building various gas bikes, but it will be sweet to leave the gas behind🤗

  14. Good morning. I purchased a wheel thru kickstarter. As we all know the wheel is pretty pricey and we all want to secure our investments. What security quick release skewer or locks do you recommend? Also what size skewer do we get? Some of us might need to lock the bike outside. Obviously taking the wheel with you would be the safest choice.

  15. I got my wheel….Yes it is easy to install and a push of the lever and away I went….nice and smooth and checked my GPS and was doing 19.57 mph on my Specialized Hybrid ….Wheeee

  16. Purushotham Venky February 16, 2021 @ 10:04 pm

    Hi sir i am from India, i want Geo Orbital wheel, may i know how much is the cost in Indian Rupees?? and how can i order wheel through online?? Please any one help me…

  17. Your mounting video show the quick release lever on the right side of the bike, typical is the left. Is the quick release hard mounted to the wheel or did some one just not realize this when the video was made?

  18. How to I find out how much to ship to Nova Scotia Canada

  19. Still waiting on information about a disk brake compatible model. I am ready to order as soon as it is ready.

  20. So working out the math with the battery, it seems the 700c version will get about 18 miles on battery only. Have you thought about coming out with a larger battery? I ordered a second battery, but would be nice to purchase a larger battery in the future. Thanks for the video, really can’t wait to get mine.

  21. steve linbergbaby February 16, 2021 @ 10:15 pm

    I ride up to 100 miles a day – who needs a car anyway?

  22. Does the wheel spin free on its own for cases when I just want to pedal or the battery runs out of power?

  23. steve linbergbaby February 16, 2021 @ 10:16 pm

    +GeoOrbital who is the shipping Carrier?

  24. Thanks for the update I ordered the penny farthing and the 26" wheel. I live in Japan. Can you give me a more accurate timeframe for getting my wheel. The video was good but still quite vague on this issue. Thanks.

  25. Hi, I am in Taiwan and may I know when I can get my 700C silver wheel. Thank you.

  26. The Earth is Flat and Freemasons are satanists February 16, 2021 @ 10:20 pm

    Put a link up top where we can order. Do you deliver to Canada?

  27. I just want to ask when I will receive my wheel here in Belgium? I have pre -ordered it in november 2016.

  28. Do they make ’em 20"? thanks

  29. Rıfat Erdem Sahin February 16, 2021 @ 10:23 pm

    I have a foldable bike. Would this work with that

  30. Are you guys actually answering these questions?

  31. I’d REALLY like to know how the pedal assist works.

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