Gi FlyBike – A smart, electrically assisted bike

Gi FlyBike – A smart, electrically assisted bike

The Gi Flybike is a high-tech folding bicycle. In addition to its quick and innovative folding style, it hosts a wide range of electronic features which are sure to make almost any cyclist happy. With a 250W motor to assist you on your travels as well as a host of features including an automatic lock and smartphone compatibility this personal electronic vehicle comes highly recommended for the fan of bicycles.

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  1. This bike because it is not easy to use or easy to transport around in an SUV. Not very easy to use even after watching ALL of GI Fly videos on how to fold and unfold the bike. Probably because I have bought other foldable bikes made from Taiwan and they are alot better and easier to use at the same price. Do not buy this bike, it is a rip off. I have 2 of these bike, I want to get rid of it ASAP. 1 is still brand new in the box.

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