Giant Stance E+ 2 Review – $4k

Giant Stance E+ 2 Review – $4k The Giant Stance E+ 2 is a high quality ebike from a mainstream company with loads of dealers in North America. The purpose built full-suspension frame comes in four sizes and features internal cable routing, custom metallic paint, and all-black accessories. It delivers cross country geometry with 130mm front and 120mm rear suspension travel. Air suspension is lightweight and highly adjustable for different rider weights. Boost hub spacing with a 15mm thru-axle adds stiffness and strength for the front wheel. Interestingly, the rear hub is not Boost and uses 141mm hub spacing with a traditional 9mm axle and skewer. Quick release for both wheels and seat clamp offer easy transport prep and trail maintenance. Large 203mm hydraulic disc brakes and quad piston calipers offer quick stops and fast cooling. The motor is very quiet and offers a satisfying ride. Giant offers a smartphone app for tuning the different levels of assist and the bike is now Bluetooth and Ant+ wireless compatible for use with Garmins and other devices. Rubberized button pad is easy to reach and seems very durable, but the readouts are limited and a bit confusing in my opinion. There appears to be a kickstand mounting point for riders who wish to add one (great fo SUV type riders who park in garages and at bike racks vs. pure off-road users). No dropper post on this model, which seems like a common option for mountain bikes at this price level. Very heavy battery for the average 500 watt hour capacity… even compared to Giant’s own prior-year battery packs. Large motor casing hangs down a bit which isn’t as visually satisfying and might introduce rock or log strikes. Battery lock and charging port are on the no-drivetrain side of the bike (facing the ground when the bike is laid down) and the charging port is in the left crank arm’s rotation path. Very large and heavy battery charger, requires a dongle adapter to charge the pack off the bike.

0:00 Introduction, battery and hardware overview
17:07 Ebike control pad buttons and readouts
24:33 Optional Garmin accessory display
33:41 Ride test begins, first person perspectives
36:25 Motor closeup, on-frame perspectives
39:39 Third person ride through the forest
42:41 Conclusion and site resources

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  1. That gap is a problem. A good 3D print engineer could easily design a filler lip to cover the gap, gluing it to the battery fins, filling the fins near the motor so water doesn’t run down onto the motor connectors. Giant should have done that for you. Also, having to buy a Garmin for $370 to monitor battery level isn’t good. The bike should have a battery gauge as standard.

  2. 54.9 LB WTF is the frame made of lead. I was honestly thinking around 40 to 45 before you said that.

  3. Why are you wearing masks outside and assuming your vaccinated even more so. You are propagating the fear.

  4. Fancy dongle and chargers linked to the BMS so no aftermarket chargers can be used don’t you just luv Bosch

  5. I got Giant Fathom E+ EX (2021), which seems to me pretty much similar bike on technology wise. Main difference is that Fathom series hasn’t got rear suspension. Also the EX model has kickstand, lights, fenders and bigger 625Wh battery, which is why I chose this model. But somehow I missed that it has Ridecontrol Dash controls, which has small display and also has USB-C output for charging or additional lights. Also I got to mention when you wondered if it was possible to get back to auto assist without power cycle and at least on Ridecontrol Dash you just hold assist down button for few seconds and it will go auto mode.

  6. Good to see you doing a Giant again Court, very nice of Dave to let you review his awesome bike! As always you were very thorough and honest and what a great setting in the woods! I love my Giant Road E+1 Pro and have covered almost 15,000 miles in the 3 years I have owned it, hope to see you review a Giant road bike in the future!

  7. I own a 2020 Stance e2 and have be riding it just over year it’s a pretty solid bike! and I do mean all year it handles the weather pretty darn good and Giant stands behind their stuff not that I havn’t had problems.

  8. Too loud. Sounds like getting a tooth drilled.

  9. nice video, and also good to hear a first hand review; seems nothing wrong with the bike (maybe except the capacity/weight of battery, and strange design decisions they’ve made), but overall nice bike 😉
    Strange that now also the motor is trying to figure out what you want as support, same as with the [automatic] envolio I think they need a camera to see what is up next, before they can outsmart the bikers intuition on what (s)he needs, but maybe it takes more getting used to.

  10. Beautiful bike and video, thanks. Sign me up for a road version Giant. I want to commute with full suspension, without spending 8k. My Explore E+3 is slamming into MI potholes at 20mph.

  11. Dave Matthews May 16, 2021 @ 1:41 am

    Thanks for a great afternoon Court. Had a lot of fun and it was awesome to see how you put these videos together! Perfect day for it too!

  12. Otto VonHamburger May 16, 2021 @ 1:42 am

    HELP! Motor position sensor fault. (Bafang 740w hub drive RadRover upgrade.) Tried disconnecting then reconnecting everything. Anyone seen this and been able to fix it? Thanks!

  13. Boost 141 is a boost spacing for QR. If you swap the endcaps on a thruaxle boost hub to QR you will get a 141 hub

  14. Goobfilm cast May 16, 2021 @ 1:50 am

    Giant:Very Nice e-bike……….Giant:Price.

  15. Great review I love giant bikes I currently ride cross cycle bike tcx 2010 model.the bike is still going strong.giant always uses good components. Enjoy your ride.🚲🍁

  16. Hapizor Ismail May 16, 2021 @ 1:56 am

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  17. 141 qr is boost. It is the same as 148 ta. Giant and Trek likes to use the 141 qr.

  18. Steven Vlogging May 16, 2021 @ 2:00 am

    Rize is coming out with a road bike will you be reviewing it

  19. Court.. I have seen some mountain bikes with a smaller (27.5") back wheel and a larger (29") front wheel… They say it helps with riding trails.. What do you know about this..? My mechanic says it would throw off the geometry… But i like to sit more upright to take the strain off my shoulder/wrist. Your thoughts on these newer bikes with smaller back wheels..? rawB

  20. Wood Sculptor May 16, 2021 @ 2:05 am

    Great review! I have an old Giant Warp DS3 mtb, not electric, but one hell of a fun bike!. The best bike I’ve ever owned.

  21. I’ve got a Stance E+0 Pro…it’s a fine bike, but now I’m thinking of getting a Creo SL Expert Evo from Specialized.

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