Go Cycle GS Electric BIke Review – Stowable E-Bike

Go Cycle GS Electric BIke Review – Stowable E-Bike

GoCycle brings their great innovative design and quality to a more approachable price point! The GD is stripped of some bells and whistles, but still packs the great power and range that the G3 offers, and most importantly the same lightweight and portaiblity! Check out more details on the GS here: https://www.nycewheels.com/gocycle-gs

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  1. *This is a really great electric bike◔◔>>**share4.photo/ebicycle?28のC** I paid extra to have a bike store check it over after I’d assembled it, and I’ve gradually upgraded the seat, tires, derailleur and added new lights, etc. But this is a great price for a good bike that gets you where you want to go. Battery range is excellent and the fact you can remove it to charge is convenient. I would recommend this bike for anyone looking to start with a solid, reliable electric bike.*

  2. His coat looks smudgy.

  3. How would anyone be able to park this? Look at that frame lol

  4. Good review.

  5. The GoCycles don’t look like they can last a decade and the bicycle design itself is questionable.

  6. Wow those shoelaces 👊🏼

  7. awesome video, top notch, don’t see stuff this good every day, wow

  8. Does it fold?

  9. $2,799? 😂😂😂

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